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False Flag News Alerts!

Posted in the database on Monday, August 07th, 2006 @ 14:49:14 MST (7311 views)
from False Flag News  

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RED ALERT: US-Canadian exercise "Vigilant Guardian" Aug 17-26 (same exercise run on 9-11)

(FFN Editors note: These same "Vigilant Guardian" drills were being run on 9-11 in order to deplete the NORAD air defenses and set up fake hijackings. More coming soon on these drills in August...)

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(NOTE: see below for 2 more upcoming war games alerts)



Daily News Friday, August 04, 2006

Media Invited to Embed with Canadian Army

Members of the broadcast and print media are being invited to embed with the Canadian Army, and to experience a "battle rhythm" of combat-related activities and exercises.

Some 2,500 soldiers from across Ontario will be involved in what's called a "practise Full-Spectrum Operation" during EXERCISE VIGILANT GUARDIAN '06, to be held in Petawawa, ON from Saturday, August 19 to Sunday, August 27.

The exercise is described as a chance for reporters and news crews to experience the embedding process and to get an inside look at life in a Forward Operating Base; living with, patrolling with, and reporting on Canadian soldiers in an operation-like setting.

Opportunities include: cordon-and-search operations, presence patrolling, raids and vehicle checkpoints. As well, there will be opportunities to cover artillery live-fire and armoured reconnaissance.

Embedding media can sign up for as long as they want, up to the duration of the Exercise.

There will be high-speed Internet connections available at an Exercise Public Information Centre to assist media in sending/filing their stories from Petawawa; media are advised to bring their own laptop computers for composing stories.

For embeds, the ideal is to plan for a two-and-a-half day embed, with a first half-day for orientation prior embedding on the first evening. The second day reporters would integrate with soldiers as the troops ready themselves in a planning and preparation cycle. Reporters are given insight into battle procedure, and will accompany the soldiers on assignment the third day.

The exercise will involve all 40 of the Reserve units of Land Force Central Area (LFCA), the Army command in Ontario. Air Force, Communication, and Field Ambulance Reservists will also deploy to support the exercise.

Full-spectrum operations can include simultaneous combination of humanitarian assistance, stabilization and/or peace support operations, generally set within the context of medium-intensity fighting, exercise spokepeople describe. As the culmination of a year of training, Vigilant Guardian '06 is designed to demonstrate the skills and cohesion of the units involved and will simulate as closely as possible actual overseas operations.

A suggested packing list of personal gear and clothing for media is provided to the media, with notes on clothing to be worn and suggested items for a small knapsack.

Packing List for Embedded Media – based on a 48-72 hour embed:

Clothing to be worn
(All clothing should be of a neutral colour – especially avoid white, bright or fluorescent colours.)
Sturdy hiking-type boots
Heavyweight socks & lightweight socks (A "sock system" of a lightweight synthetic sock on the inside and a heavyweight wool blend or heavy cotton blend sock on the outside helps keep feet drier and reduces chaffing on longer hikes.)
Pants – khaki
Shirt – long-sleeved
Tilley-type hat
Water bottle (at least 1L size) and carrier
Media ID

In a small knapsack for hiking
(Line the knapsack with garbage bag to keep contents dry.)
Change of socks
Rain suit (rain pants and rain jacket – green or brown, not yellow or red)
Foot powder
Insect repellent
Sun block
Lip balm
Camping knife-fork-spoon combination
Plastic (melmac) plate
Plastic (melmac) cup
Compact flashlight

In a lockable dufflebag with lock:
(Pack items in plastic garbage bags or ziplocks to help keep them dry.)
Change of footwear
Change of underwear x 3
Change of socks x 3
Change of T-shirt x 3
Shirt – long-sleeved
Light jacket (Jacket should be able to go over the sweater for cooler weather.)
Bath towel
Hand towel
Face Cloth

Toiletries (pack in a separate kit and store in the duffle bag)
Shaving gear or feminine protection
Shower shoes or flip-flops

Sleeping Gear
Sleeping bag and valise (Line the valise with a green garbage bag to keep the sleeping bag dry when packed.)
Small pillow
Thermarest pad

Media Gear
Any gear that you require for your job as a reporter or photographer, including cameras, laptops, cables, notepads, pens, etc.


STRATCOM Global Strike nuclear exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled Oct. 24 – Nov. 8 (Iran invasion?)

STRATCOM Global Strike exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled October 24 – November 8

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(FFN Editor's note: This is a major nuclear warfare drill and could be used to bootleg an attack on Iran. This information was taken from the following MUST READ white paper from STRATCOM, which describes in depth their plans for nuclear war, space war, and Cheney's CONPLAN 8022 to be used against Iran following a terror provocation: Click here to read the full report. Just a small sample of the report is listed below to source the information and date of the drill.)


Global Strike: A Chronology

November 2010: Full Operational Capability planned for the conventional Trident D5 missile.

November 2008: Initial Operational Capability planned for the conventional Trident D5 missile.

December 2006: The Department of Defense is scheduled to award a contract for the Integrated Strategic Planning and Analysis Network (ISPAN) which is used to develop, verify, and produce OPLAN 8044, CONPLAN 8022, and theater support plans<./p>

24 October – 8 November 2006: STRATCOM sponsored Global Strike exercise Global Lightning 07 scheduled.

October 2006 (early FY 2007): The Enhanced Effectiveness (E2) Demonstration Program was scheduled to culminate in a Trident II flight test and provide final demonstration assessment report and recommended transition plan to the Navy and STRATCOM for increasing the accuracy of the W76/Mk4 to GPS-like accuracy. Congress cut funding for E2 in 2004, but the Navy and Lockheed Martin continued the program with other funding.

30 Sep 2006: Joint Functional Component Command for Space and Global Strike (JFCC S&GS) is scheduled to achieve Full Operational Capability (FOC).

April 2006: STRATCOM exercise Global Thunder is scheduled. GlobalStrikeReport.pdf

(FFN Editor's note: Here is more on Global Lighting. This was how they ran last year's exercise)

(from William Arkin 2005- http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1108990/)

Global Lightning practices the American nuclear retaliation after Vigilant Shield. This year's is the second of an annual exercise series allowing the Omaha-based command to flex bigger muscles assigned by President Bush. In 2003, the President assigned STRATCOM overarching responsibility for missile defenses, "strategic" information warfare in support of national operations, and global strike missions -- nuclear and conventional.

Global Lightning exercises, according to STRATCOM documents, practices "nuclear combat readiness, proficiency and training" and "provides a bridging exercise between nuclear and non-nuclear forces." In other words, it practices escalation from conventional to nuclear war and implementation of the Bush administration's new global strike war plan, named CONPLAN 8022.


Operation Vigilant Shield, year's largest terror drill, to take place December 4-14

(FFN: We now have the dates of the biggest CENTCOM drill of the year, Vigilant Shield, which simulates a nuclear strike from North Korea and the ensuing martial law shutdown. These link to the Global Lightning drills that we published before.)

From William Arkin's "Early Warning "Washington Post blog: http://blog.washingtonpost.com/earlywarning/2005/10/nuclear_war_in_alabama.html

Though Vigilant Shield is officially a "homeland security" exercise, the focus is military and federal government "consequence management" after spectacular terrorist and North Korea nuclear strikes, and the resulting, not kidding, global nuclear war....

Scratch the surface of Vigilant Shield and it's clear that fighting the war on terrorism domestically is only fun when it is part of the senior varsity of administration interest: global nuclear war. In addition to the North Korean missile attack, as best I can piece together, the Vigilant Shield scenario includes the administration and Rumsfeld favorite ballistic missile defenses (trying to) shoot down incoming missiles, implementation of continuity of operations plans and evacuation to alternative command posts, mobilization of the 18-wheeler mobile command center to test emergency Presidential communications, the intercept of Soviet-like long-range bombers entering U.S. and Canadian airspace, and military "consequence management" after missiles land on Washington. There are a few modern day twists -- terrorist attacks, cyber warfare or what the military calls "information operations."

Global Lightning practices the American nuclear retaliation after Vigilant Shield. This year's is the second of an annual exercise series allowing the Omaha-based command to flex bigger muscles assigned by President Bush.



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