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Israel, Mossad, Iran & Nuclear False Flag Attack

Posted in the database on Monday, August 08th, 2005 @ 02:44:00 MST (5462 views)
by R. LELAND LEHRMAN    Conspiracy Planet  

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On April 18th of 2005, I released a public advisory, reproduced below, regarding the danger of a faked nuclear attack on America, to be staged by rogue British, American and Israeli Mossad operatives, assisted by select criminal, compromised, drug-addicted or mind-controlled "Muslim" patsies and designed to support a global war against Iran and Islam.

With Congress in recess and Bush on vacation, the exact conditions preceeding the 9/11 attacks are now being replicated. The attack would also be used to further legitimate the building of the genocidal wall in Jerusalem and possibly even an expansion of, rather than a pullout from, the settlements in Gaza and the West Bank in furtherance of total Israeli dominance in the Middle East.

The attack would be aided by Israeli partisans in the United States, and will be stage-managed in the Congress by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and its attendant PR firms and media empires.

As a descendant of Russian Jews, I consider it a particularly important civic responsibility to expose the deception and danger of Zionism and its terrorist agency, the Mossad, who will probably furnish the patsies.

The Mossad is a leading candidate for architect of the 9/11 attacks.

This suppressed German Intelligence Document reveals how senior Israelis knew in advance about the attacks and "urgently wished that no attempt was made to prevent the attacks." Here's a longer quote:

"It is very evident from surveillance conducted against Mossad agents in the Federal Republic as well as interceptions of Israeli diplomatic communication from the Federal Republic to Tel Aviv, that the Mossad has successfully penetrated various extremist Arab groups in both the Federal Republic and the United States.

These investigations disclosed in late May of 2001 that an attack was to be made against certain specified targets in the American cities of Washington and New York.

But it was apparent that the Mossad was not only fully aware of these attacks well in advance but actually, through their own agents inside these Arab groups, assisted in the planning and the eventual execution of the attacks.

That the Israeli government was fully aware of these attacks is absolutely certain and proven. Diplomatic traffic between the Israeli Embassy in the Federal Republic and the Israeli Foreign Office made it very clear that Minister President Sharon was fully aware of this pending attack and urgently wished that no attempt was made to prevent the attacks.

Although the Israeli officials were instructed to warn the American intelligence community that some kind of an attack might be possible, at no time were the specific dates and targets (known at that time to Israeli officials) to be given to the Americans.

The rationale for this attitude was expressed in a conversation on August 1, 2001, between the Israeli Military Attaché in the Federal Republic to a member of the Israeli General Staff.

There it was stated that Israel believed an attack on the continental United States would so inflame American public opinion that they would permit Israel to "cleanse" their state of "Arab terrorists and those who support such terrorists". This "cleansing" was explained as the expulsion of all Arabs, and even Christian groups, from the Palestine area."

The physics911.net website has additional supporting evidence for Mossad involvement in 9/11 in its background information section. Although the Mossad has been caught perpetrating fake terrorist operations, most people still don't know about it.

It is often asserted that Israel and Zionism are in fact themselves patsies of the Anglo-American establishment, but given the fact that Talmudic Zionists like the Rothschilds have controlled international central banking and freemasonry for centuries, I am not convinced of that hypothesis, though I include it here for balance.

Interestingly, at the very core of secret Freemasonry doctrine is what is known as British Israelism, an assertion that the British are in fact a lost tribe of Israel and that as such Britain is included in the proverbial covenant of the Chosen People.

Who is at the top of the Pyramid? Why, Lucifer himself of course, whether you acknowledge it metaphorically or literally. All the "identifiable groups" are expendable within the divide and conquer methodology.

Since the US Army War College already acknowledges that the Mossad "has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act," it may well be that the FBI has finally realized how dangerous the Israeli Fifth Column is, having begun to tighten the noose around the legendary Israeli spying operation in America by arresting Larry Franklin, Doug Feith's deputy in the Office of Special Plans, origin of the fraudulent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction intelligence.

Not yet indicted, but identified as Co-Conspirator 1 and 2 along with Franklin are the two top AIPAC operatives to whom he passed higly classified intel: Steven Rosen, head of Policy and Keith Weissman, Iran specialist. Israeli sources expect Weissman and Rosen to be indicted for espionage in the coming weeks.

Perhaps the two largest factions of the New World Order, Skull and Bones and the Zionists are now going into open warfare, as the Bush Administration attempts to clean out the neoconservatives, discipline the Israeli military and enforce the two state solution.

Predictably, the word in pro-Zionist circles is that the FBI investigation by Counter Intelligence Chief David Szady into the Larry Franklin affair is anti-semitic and driven by a CIA old guard. Some "Russian" security sources which cannot be confirmed provide tantalizing intelligence suggesting the same thing, and repeat the meme of a nuclear terrorist attack in the USA, staged by the Zionist/Skull and Bones hierarchy including their neoconservative covert agents.

Victor Ostrovsky, Mossad defector, has indicated that George Bush Senior may have been targeted by Mossad for assassination due to his attempt at enforcing a two state solution through cancellation of American loan guarantees to Israel during a "peace process" he started. George W. Bush continues at least the appearance of peace talks as related in The Jewish Press: "Bush made his position clear: Israel's settlement expansion in the West Bank must stop. “I told the prime minister of my concern that Israel not undertake any activity that contravenes "road map" obligations or prejudices final-status negotiations,” Bush said, referring to the “road map” peace plan his administration launched three years ago. “Therefore, Israel should remove unauthorized outposts and meet its road map obligations regarding settlements in the West Bank.” Of course, staging a fight is an easy thing to do when you are a professional deceiver, which description suits both Zionists and Bonesmen quite well. After all, the source for Ostrovsky's allegation was most probably former head of Mossad Ephraim Halevy, now national security advisor to Ariel Sharon and the author of a recent call to perpetual world war with Islam. Halevy's other famous warning was that "should one of the more severe scenarios come to pass, the United States will have no choice but to deepen its presence in the Middle East. To that end, it will have to renew the draft, to ensure that there are enough forces to deal with developing situations in countries like Saudi Arabia."

The AIPAC affair is only the tip of a giant iceberg that goes back even beyond the Balfour Declaration and the role of Zionists in precipitating America's involvement in World War I. It is now generally acknowledged that Lord Balfour's letter to Lord Rothschild - allowing for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine - led to a massive shift in allegiance by international elitist Zionists from the Axis to the Allies. The British, under "Lawrence of Arabia" managed to convince the Arabs to fight with them against the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which allied with Germany. However, the Palestinians were betrayed to the Zionists and the "United Nations" after Britain's attempts at keeping the peace were destroyed by Israeli terrorists such as eventual Prime Minister, Menachem Begin. The Balfour Declaration also led to the massive pressure applied by American Zionists like Louis Brandeis and Bernard Baruch, head of the War Industries Board, on President Woodrow Wilson to enter the war and to create a one world government [League of Nations] as prophesied by David Ben Gurion in Look Magazine, 1962. Indeed, Benjamin Freedman, a high-level Jewish defector from Zionism who was part of the Wilson administration stated openly that International Zionists guaranteed American assistance to the Allies in World War I in return for the Balfour Declaration. The thesis certainly fits the facts. Here is Freedman's statement: "They [the Zionists] told England: 'We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war.' In other words, they made this deal: 'We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay us is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.'" Freedman goes on to state that even Zionist leaders such as Nahum Sokolow acknowledged that "the feeling against the Jews in Germany is due to the fact that they realized that this great defeat (WWI) was brought about by our (Zionist) intercession and bringing the United States into the war against them." Freedman also acknowledges the British use of Zionism in furtherance of its own aims.

Peering back into history with Freedman, we watch as Freedman paints a vivid scene: "I was 'confidential man' to Henry Morgenthau, Sr., who was chairman of the Finance Committee, and I was liaison between him and Rollo Wells, the treasurer. So I sat in these meetings with President Wilson at the head of the table, and all the others, and I heard them drum into President Wilson's brain the graduated income tax and what has become the Federal Reserve, and also indoctrinate him with the Zionist movement. Justice Brandeis and President Wilson were just as close as the two fingers on this hand, and President Woodrow Wilson was just as incompetent when it came to determining what was going on as a newborn baby. And that's how they got us into World War I, while we all slept."

This background is necessary because those without a grasp of it will be less able to understand and assimilate what I must now relate, which is that the plan to take American into a war with Iran, which is supposed to be a global war with Islam to precede one world dictatorship, continues apace with increasing warnings from the military, the press and the research community regarding a nuclear or other major attack on America, perhaps as soon as this August.

Fortunately, due to the heroic efforts of the alternative media, the London bombings have now been exposed as another terrorist exercise gone live by executive New World Order. We have now seen two terrorist attacks masked by what are called drills: 9/11 and 7/7. When is the next terrorist attack drill slated for the USA?

This August.

What type of attack does the drill "simulate."

A nuclear attack.

According to Dr. Stephen Sniegoski, writing for the excellent website War Without End, and elsewhere on the internet, "Richard Perle was the big hit of this May's AIPAC conference in Washington with his call for an attack on Iran. The danger of Iran was featured in an AIPAC multimedia show, "Iran's Path to the Bomb." As the Washington Post's Dana Milbank described the multimedia show: "The exhibit, worthy of a theme park, begins with a narrator condemning the International Atomic Energy Agency for being ‘unwilling to conclude that Iran is developing nuclear weapons’ (it had similar reservations about Iraq) and the Security Council because it ‘has yet to take up the issue.’ In a succession of rooms, visitors see flashing lights and hear rumbling sounds as Dr. Seuss-like contraptions make yellowcake uranium, reprocess plutonium, and pop out nuclear warheads like so many gallons of hummus for an AIPAC conference."

Worse still, former CIA/DIA agent Philip Giraldi exposes current US nuclear preparations for a response to another 9/11 type attack:

"Philip Giraldi, Deep Background

The American Conservative August 1, 2005 p. 27

In Washington it is hardly a secret that the same people in and around the administration who brought you Iraq are preparing to do the same for Iran. The Pentagon, acting under instructions from Vice President Dick Cheney's office, has tasked the United States Strategic Command (STRATCOM) with drawing up a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States. The plan includes a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons. Within Iran there are more than 450 major strategic targets, including numerous suspected nuclear-weapons-program development sites. Many of the targets are hardened or are deep underground and could not be taken out by conventional weapons, hence the nuclear option. As in the case of Iraq, the response is not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States. Several senior Air Force officers involved in the planning are reportedly appalled at the implications of what they are doing—that Iran is being set up for an unprovoked nuclear attack—but no one is prepared to damage his career by posing any objections."

It is certainly gratifying to see that American Conservatives like the magazine doing the above reporting are as aware of the current administration's dangerous tendencies as American Liberals. But will Americans from all political persuasions join together soon enough to thwart the danger?

It's up to you.

Writing in the Washington Post, William Arkin echoes the military nuclear theme with an in depth expose of America's Strategic Command and its new nuclear directive:

"A confluence of events, beginning with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the president's forthright commitment to the idea of preemptive action to prevent future attacks, has set in motion a process that has led to a fundamental change in how the U.S. military might respond to certain possible threats. Understanding how we got to this point, and what it might mean for U.S. policy, is particularly important now -- with the renewed focus last week on Iran's nuclear intentions and on speculation that North Korea is ready to conduct its first test of a nuclear weapon.

Global strike has become one of the core missions for the Omaha-based Strategic Command, or Stratcom. Once, Stratcom oversaw only the nation's nuclear forces; now it has responsibility for overseeing a global strike plan with both conventional and nuclear options. President Bush spelled out the definition of "full-spectrum" global strike in a January 2003 classified directive, describing it as "a capability to deliver rapid, extended range, precision kinetic (nuclear and conventional) and non-kinetic (elements of space and information operations) effects in support of theater and national objectives."

This blurring of the nuclear/conventional line, wittingly or unwittingly, could heighten the risk that the nuclear option will be used. Exhibit A may be the Stratcom contingency plan for dealing with "imminent" threats from countries such as North Korea or Iran, formally known as CONPLAN 8022-02."

The Financial Times reports on covert operations against Iran in this illuminating piece:

"Books Add to Rightwing Campaign to Demonise Iran

Published: July 8 2005

Two new books in the US - Countdown to Terror and Countdown to Crisis - accuse an incompetent Central Intelligence Agency of failing to recognise the potentially catastrophic threat posed by Iran through what it alleges are close ties between Iran and the fugitive Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

Serialised in the conservative media and popularised on talk-shows, the books have arrived in the midst of a rightwing campaign to demonise Iran - and expose the CIA - at the same time as the Bush administration is exploring ways of funding and backing Iranian opposition groups.

In Countdown to Terror, Curt Weldon, a Pennsylvania republican congressman and vice-chairman of the House armed services committee, charges that Iran will carry out the next terror strike on the US, has a bomb that can kill more than 100,000 people, and is giving refuge to Mr bin Laden.

Mr Weldon's information comes from "Ali", said to be a former senior official during the Shah of Iran's rule, whom he first met in Paris in April, last year.

Mr Weldon says he was driven to write his book after the CIA dismissed Ali as a fraud even though, Mr Weldon claims, many of his predictions came true.

Mr Weldon's secondary target is George Tenet, the former CIA boss, and what he calls the old intelligence community elite. Mr Weldon accuses this elite of waging a propaganda war against George W. Bush in the run-up to the 2004 presidential election.

Mr Weldon strongly defends his old friend Porter Goss, who replaced Mr Tenet last year, and his efforts to purge the agency. He concludes that the US would be justified in launching a pre-emptive war against Iran. But since this is not feasible, Mr Weldon argues that the US should give financial support to Iranian groups preparing for regime change.

The ferocity of Mr Weldon's accusations have driven Bill Murray, the former CIA station chief in Paris, to go public with his side of the story - that Ali was a fraudster well known to the agency. The CIA has responded by declassifying a letter to Mr Weldon, in which it says Ali was a fabricator who embellished press reports. "He has provided no information to date worthy of follow-up," it said, adding that it spent hundreds of man hours evaluating his claims.

Mr Murray told the Financial Times that he had informed Mr Weldon that Ali was a known fabricator who wanted money. He said Ali was "totally dependent" on Manouchehr Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms dealer discredited by the CIA for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s.

James Woolsey, a friend of Mr Weldon and former CIA director, praises the book as "a case study of an intelligence failure in the process of happening, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the United States." Mr Goss has not commented on it in public.

The CIA has not commented either on Countdown To Crisis: the Coming Nuclear Showdown With Iran, by Kenneth Timmerman, a journalist and author with close ties to exiled Iranian opposition groups. A CIA spokesman said the agency was too busy to read it.

Mr Timmerman, quoting alleged high-level defectors from Iranian intelligence organisations, says Iran plotted the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US together with al-Qaeda, and is also protecting Mr bin Laden.

"Because of the arrogance and wilful blindness of our nation's top intelligence officers, America's leaders were misled about the threat from Iran until it was too late."

The problem for us in the above story is that not only is Ghorbanifar a known liar, but he was the conduit between Israel, the US and Iran during the Iran-Contra affair, and is very close with Michael Ledeen, spearhead of the Nuke Iran gang as you will see below. His collaboration with Italian Intelligence, or SISMI links him to the Propaganda Due [P2] operation in Italy which has terrorized Europe for decades and is now collaborating with Ledeen and Co. again:

"In the 1980s, a number of books and articles fingered Michael Ledeen as a member of Italy's fascist P2 "lodge," a pseudo-Masonic power group founded by former blackshirt and SS liaison officer Licio Gelli. Gelli's fascist cabal infiltrated, and largely controlled, SISMI. According to reports published in the 1980s, Gelli had created an organization within the organization, jocularly labeled "Super SISMI."

But it wasn't just books and articles that fingered Ledeen, in fact, "Ledeen is identified in the [Italian] court documents as an agent of SISMI," and even the Tower Commission set up to investigate the Iran-Contra affair "concluded that the CIA should permanently terminate its relationship with Ledeen and his associate, Ghorbanifar."

"His attachment to Israel, reflected in his JINSA connection, may have influenced his pursuit of the hostage deal with Iran (Israel favored such a transaction), and his former boss in the Pentagon, Noel Koch, asserts that while Ledeen was in Italy the CIA station chief there took him to be "an agent of influence of a foreign government."

You see, Ledeen is a self-professed "Universal Fascist," the title of one of his books:

"Ledeen, as he wrote in his book Machiavelli on Modern Leadership: Why Machiavelli's Iron Rules Are As Timely and Important Today as Five Centuries Ago (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2000), is a believer in "total war" through "creative violence." There is no such thing as peace between nations, he maintains; peace is just an interlude between wars.

Ledeen fits the profile of a "Synarchist," or "Nazi/Communist," as those concepts were discussed in World War II-era documents made available to EIR by military intelligence and other sources during the 1980s (see Jeffrey Steinberg, "Synarchism: The Fascist Roots of the Wolfowitz Cabal," EIR, May 30, 2003). Particularly relevant to this characterization is Ledeen's work with both "Red" and "Black" terrorists in Italy, and his support, along with Henry Kissinger, of the Propaganda Due (P-2) Freemasonic Lodge of former Nazi collaborator Licio Gelli, which directed the NATO-related "strategy of tension" [and eventual assassination] against former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro..."

An...important mentor to Ledeen was Renzo de Felice, an advocate of the Jacobin Revolution in France which led to the emergence of the first modern Fascist, Napoleon Bonaparte. De Felice did not hide his Fascism, as he wrote in The Illuminati and Revolutionary Mysticism, 1789-1900: "There is something in common between my Jacobins and a certain kind of Fascism.... Fascism wanted to achieve the transformation of society and the individual ... [toward] a new phase in the history of civilization."

After researching in Italy from 1966 to 1967, where he met scions of the Venetian oligarchy who are "magicians" in cultural warfare, Ledeen wrote: Universal Fascism (1972); "Italian Fascism and Youth," Journal of Contemporary History, July 1969; "Fascist Social Policy," in The Use and Abuse of Social Science, ed, Irving Louis Horowitz; and, among others, Fascism, An Informal Introduction to Its Theory and Practice, by Renzo de Felice, which includes an interview with Ledeen.

Ledeen preferred unbridled, Jacobin-style fascism, such as that of Gabrielle D'Annunzio in the early 1900s. In his 1972 Universal Fascism, Ledeen criticized Benito Mussolini as being too rigid: "He never had enough confidence in the Italian people to permit them a genuine participation in Fascism."

Are you getting the picture? If this guy is saying there will be a nuclear attack on America, we'd better take it seriously. He's hooked up with the blackest of international criminals.

No expose would be complete without a word from the inestimably patriotic Major Scott Ritter, former UN weapons inspector and war-protester. His recent warning that war plans against Iran had been set for June was followed up by this piece on the media's silence and then this excellent piece on the current covert operations already taking place in preparation for a full-scale attack.

But an Iran war would never fly with the American public, already tired of Iraq and the "War on Terror." Or would it? Maybe, just maybe, with the right sort of provocation... And that's where the latest news from Northcom, or the US Northern Command gets nervewracking. They are planning a nuclear terrorism drill for August of this year. Two weeks away. As I noted before, we have now seen two devastating instances of drills used as covers for real terrorism. Is this going to be the third strike, and we're out? Read carefully:

"Exercise to focus on nuclear terror scenario
Posted Jun 29, 2005 at 1:00:PM MDT

FORT MONROE, Va. -- Here’s the scenario…A seafaring vessel transporting a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead makes its way into a port off the coast of Charleston, S.C. Terrorists aboard the ship attempt to smuggle the warhead off the ship to detonate it. Is this really a possibility?

Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS) here is planning its next exercise on the premise that this crisis is indeed plausible.

Sudden Response 05 will take place this August on Fort Monroe and will be carried out as an internal command post exercise. The exercise is intended to train the JTF-CS staff to plan and execute Consequence Management operations in support of Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IV’s response to a nuclear detonation.

Some of this year’s objectives for SR05 are to refine nuclear incident Concept of Operations, produce a CM Operation Order, refine command post set-up procedures and maintain situational awareness of multiple CM incidents.

The Sudden Response exercise has been held at Quantico, Va., in the past, but has been moved to Fort Monroe to maximize command post training time. The senior leadership felt that it was more important to accomplish training instead of losing up to a day and a half in travel time, said Paul Deflueri, J7 Lead Exercise Planner. “This will allow us to still meet our training objectives,” he said.

Some external participants may work with JTF-CS during the exercise.

“We’re trying to get representatives from FEMA Region IV as well as representatives from South Carolina Emergency Management Division and active duty soldiers from the (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive) Consequence Management Response Force to play the role of task force units,” Defluri said.

“Each time we do one of these internal exercises, we try to make it more robust and try to add in fidelity,” Defluri said. “That’s what we’re trying to do for SR05: create a good scenario and be able to replicate the effects as best we can. That way we can give the command a really good CM exercise.”

Notice the role of FEMA, who were also scheduled to be in New York around 9/11, by eerie coincidence, part of a terrorism drill called "Tripod II."

These drills are in fact common practise at Northcom, and now include drills for nuclear detonation, major hurricane and nuclear accident all at the same time. Here's another interesting drill, involving an international force off the coast of the US.

A personal connection was hammered home to me when one of my fellow travelers in the Peace and Justice Community alerted me to the following:

"A friend came by today. His relative is fairly high-level in regional counter-terrorism. My friend says his relative told him they are preparing for the strong possibility that there will be 7 U.S. cities attacked with small, backpack-held nuclear devices by 'al-Qaida types.' It sounds like the propaganda -- the cover stories for PNAC or whomever these bad guys are -- has begun."

This does not sound good.

Finally, one of a few other internet authors to posit a similar theory, an individual known only by his handle, "Skunk" or "Son of Liberty," created this speculative website regarding a nuclear false flag attack on America. It provides some compelling ideas worthy of attention. Ignore it at your peril.

And now, read on regarding the original motivations for this public warning, and take heed. Please contact me with any corroborating evidence, or for any helpful and loving reason.

April 18th, 2005 - Public Advisory

New information and threats, including this commercial video (available from the Iran Freedom Foundation home page) and other neoconservative rants regarding an "Iranian" nuclear threat have prompted an essential update to this piece regarding the extensive record of recently arrested Israeli, not Iranian operatives, often around nuclear facilities in America.

This campaign designed to prepare the American people to blame Iran for a possible upcoming nuclear terrorist attack fits the description of a Mossad false flag operation, especially because of Israel's numerous, even flagrant recent violations of American nuclear security.

Israel's long record of using terrorism and especially "false flag" terrorism - covert military operations designed to pin blame on an enemy - is extensive and well documented, beginning with the bombing of the Hotel King David by Menachem Begin's Irgun fighters, through the Lavon Affair and recently includes the bust up of a phony al Qaeda cell that was in reality manufactured by the Mossad.

For those still under the illusion that Israel has always been a US ally, please note the USS Liberty Incident , wherein Israeli fighter planes and torpedo boats nearly sunk an unarmed US intelligence vessel in international waters, and also the US Army War College's assesment of the Mossad: "Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target US forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act." - Washington Times . Even the US army acknowledges that Israel can and does engineer "false flag" attacks.

Here's why they say history repeats itself. America, doesn't this sound a bit too familiar: "As during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, the neocons have embarked on another inane search for monarchic exile groups to prop up as future leaders of a "free and democratic" Iran. This effort, according to the Financial Times, is led by a gruesome twosome -- Iran-Contra scumlord, Michael Ledeen, and Swift Boat washup, Jerome Corsi -- along with AIPAC and a laundry list of wingers in congress." - Max Blumenthal

"A prominent backer of the Alliance [for "Democracy" in Iran - forerunner to the Iran Freedom Foundation] is Jerome Corsi, well known for his role in the Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth campaign against John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate... The Alliance says it is in partnership with the rightwing Hudson Institute. Alliance members are also inspired by Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, an influential neoconservative policy group, who is a veteran campaigner for regime change. " - Financial Times

The Hudson Institute, the ultraconservative, organic food bashing home of neocon all star Meyrav Wurmser, co- author of the famous Project for a New Pearl Harbor, I mean Project for a New American Century document, Rebuilding America's Defenses provides insitutional cover for this poorly disguised covert intelligence operation. Hudson Institute features the Bilderberger criminal, "Lord" Conrad Black as one of its trustees. Here's what New World Order genius-in-chief Henry Kissinger has to say about the Hudson Institute:

“Hudson Institute is today one of America's foremost policy research centers, in the forefront of study and debate on important domestic and international policy issues, known and respected around the globe, a leader in innovative thinking and creative solutions to the challenges of the present and the future.” - Henry A. Kissinger

This recent propaganda effort streaming through wild-eyed right-wing rags like World Net Daily is well-organized and may perhaps indicate that the "provocation" designed to legitimate the planned war with Iran, is about to occur. Neocon bullhorn World Net Daily blares: "NUCLEAR WAR-FEAR: Iran nuke commercial hits TV markets. Spot depicting atomic terror attack in NYC to be seen in 20 cities."

Citizens can afford to waste no time informing the President, the Pentagon, Congress, State Officials, FBI Counter Intelligence and the press that we are aware of the intent of this propaganda campaign and are not fooled. Recent Israeli and US efforts to publicly distance themselves from war plans for Iran may be part of a campaign to appear peaceful, such that a terrorist attack falsely blamed on Iran with the full force of the international media will look all the more brutal and undeserved.

We have seen these types of "terrorist attacks" both real and imagined used to legitimate foreign military adventures that are deceptively sold to an unwitting public as if they were in our "National Interest," or "Promote Democracy." No, no, as Major General Smedley Butler put it in 1935: War is a Racket.When was the last time this Administration warned us about mushroom clouds over US cities? Where are those weapons of mass destruction today?

Read on for the details of the Israeli agents arrested near US nuclear facilities or in other suspicious circumstances. All instances documented in mainstream press. External articles rendered in Arial Font.

Israeli nationals, recently arrested all around the country, may be part of a possible false flag attack on the United States, perhaps even involving nuclear weapons or an attack on nuclear facilities. These attacks may be designed to frame Muslim nations in order to legitimate resource and world domination wars.

Look at the below published news reports and documents.

1. King's Bay Naval Nuclear Facility

The most recent incident was at King's Bay Naval Nuclear Facility. The news reports in that case describe the fact that the dogs were alerted to the scent of explosives and that there was a remote control robot in a suitcase in the van.

Here's one article:

Movers Who Prompt Kings Bay Lockdown To Be Deported
POSTED: 1:44 pm EDT May 25, 2004

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- Two Israeli men working for a moving-and-storage company who attempted to enter Kings Bay Submarine Base Friday are being held for deportation.

The two entered the Franklin gate about 10:30 a.m. Friday to pick up some items in base housing, base spokesman Ed Buczek said.

Neither was able to present valid work permits to security personnel, and one had an expired passport. Base personnel and bomb-sniffing dogs inspected the van, prompting a lockdown of the base.

St. Marys police closed access to an area one-half mile surrounding the base and called in a bomb squad, Buczek said.

"The military dogs were alerted to a scent in the cab of the truck," Buczek said. "Guards closed access to the base and notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

Nothing was found in the van, but both men, Tamir D. Sason, 24 and Daniel Levy, 23, both of Metar, Israel, were turned over to federal immigration officers as undocumented aliens. They are being held for deportation.

Here's another:

Security scare shuts Kings Bay
Bomb suspected after an Israeli was unable to give credentials for entry.
Times-Union correspondent

ST. MARYS, Ga. -- Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base was locked down for security reasons Friday after two Israelis were detained for questioning.

Base spokesman Ed Buczek said two Israeli men attempted to enter the base about 10:30 a.m. They were hired by a moving-and-storage company to pick up some household goods in base housing, he said....

"The military dogs were alerted to a scent in the cab of the truck," Buczek said. "Guards closed access to the base and notified the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service."

St. Marys police closed access to an area one-half mile out surrounding the base, and a bomb squad was called in, Buczek said. A briefcase was removed from the vehicle with a remote control robot, but nothing was found in it.

Daniel Hopsicker provides additional details here and and here.

Additional investigative reporting here at libertypost.org. An excerpt:

"Thankfully there was one subject on which the Navy spokesman was prepared to wax eloquent... The bomb-sniffing guard dogs at the base were filled with the right stuff, and possessed a high level of skill & accuracy.

"The military dogs were alerted to a scent in the cab of the truck," a base spokesman had stated. "Guards immediately closed access to the base.”

“Do they often test false positives?” we inquired.

Not at all. “The idea that they would pick up a false positive is highly unlikely,” sniffed the base spokesman."

The American Free Press actually contacted the Department of Homeland Security. Here's what they found out:

"Marc Raimondi, spokesman at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in Washington, told AFP that both Sason and Levy will be deported. Raimondi said ICE had taken custody of the two individuals and checked them out through immigration and known criminal databases. Their only offense, Raimondi said, was that they had worked illegally on visitor visas.

"Perhaps the conspiracy theory has merit," Raimondi said when asked why Israeli agents involved in criminal activities were being deported on visa violations. Raimondi was unable to answer when asked if DHS was concerned about the network of Israeli-owned moving companies in the United States, some with proven ties to Israeli intelligence.

He said the agency welcomes any information that could be helpful."

2. Nuclear Fuel Services Plant, Erwin, Tennessee

Prior to the King's Bay incident, Israeli "movers" including the son of the Likud Party spokesperson Shmuel Dahan were busted in Tennessee near the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin.

Here is the AP report:

Two men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee

The Associated Press

ERWIN, Tenn. (AP) - Two Israeli men who led the Unicoi County sheriff on a high-speed chase in a rented moving truck were placed under arrest and are being investigated by the FBI, local officials said.

SHMUEL DAHAN and Almaliach Naor, both from Israel, were being held without bond Sunday afternoon at the Unicoi County Jail. The truck, rented from a Ryder office in Mars Hills, N.C., was being held in the county garage pending an FBI investigation, officials said.

Dahan is charged with reckless driving, littering, false identification and evading arrest, while Naor faces charges of false identification and evading arrest, an officer with the Unicoi County Sheriff's Department who would not give his name said Sunday.

An investigation by the FBI is ongoing and more charges are possible, he said. A woman who answered the phone at the FBI's Knoxville office said there was no one available to answer questions about the arrest.

The incident began late Saturday afternoon when Sheriff Kent Harris noticed a rental truck traveling at a high speed along former U.S. Highway 23, a lightly-traveled highway near the North Carolina state line.

"I was really concerned because the driver would not stop after I flashed my headlights for nearly three miles," Harris said. "He was weaving back and forth and I was wondering what a large (rental truck) was doing on the two-lane highway late Saturday afternoon instead of the faster I-26 Interstate."

Harris said he saw the men throw something from the truck while they were being pursued. Officers scouring the area later found a vial containing an unknown substance along the roadway, he said.

Once the men were apprehended, officers also found a "Learn to Fly" brochure in the truck, leading Harris and others to express concern about security at the Nuclear Fuel Services plant in Erwin.


Dahan also gave authorities a fake Florida driver's license issues in Plantation, Fla., he said, while Naor produced a fake identification card.

Harris subsequently contacted the FBI, the federal Bureau of Tobacco and Firearms and other local authorities to look into the situation.

"We're not overreacting," Harris said. "We have a responsibility to protect the citizens of Unicoi County and that's what I'm going to do at any cost. I'd rather overreact, if that's what you call it, than be sorry later."

More details on that investigation, with notes on other incidents involving Israeli "movers" can again be found at Daniel Hopsicker's website:

"...the 'learn to fly in Florida' business card is that of Nissan Giat, also an Israeli military veteran, he said, as well as a free-lance flight instructor in the Miami area, working out of the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport."

3. Plymouth, Pennsylvania with a video of the Sears Tower:

2 found with video of Sears Tower

MICHELLE MOWAD, Special to The Mercury October 17, 2001
PLYMOUTH (PA) -- Two men whom police described as Middle Eastern were detained in the township by federal immigration authorities after being found with detailed video footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago.

Plymouth Police encountered the men after an officer responded to Pizzeria Uno on West Ridge Pike at 2:40 p.m. Thursday for a report of illegal dumping.

A manager there advised the police officer that a tractor-trailer was observed backed up to the dumpster at the rear of the restaurant. The manager noticed a freshly dumped pile of furniture adjacent to the Dumpster, according to police. The manager confronted the vehicle's operator, a Middle Eastern man, police said.

The man, who later identified himself as Moshe Elmakias, 30, denied that he did anything and fled the scene, heading west on West Ridge Pike... The manager was able to provide township police with the Florida registration number of the tractor-trailer and said that a sign posted on the side of the vehicle read "Moving Systems Incorporated" police said.

The area was searched by township police, and the vehicle was spotted parked on the curb in front of John Kennedy Ford on Ridge Pike. An officer proceeded to make contact with the occupants of the truck by knocking on the cab, according to reports.

A Middle Eastern man, later identified as Ron Katar, 23, exited the sleeper area of the cab and said that the operator was across the street as he pointed toward the Don Rosen Porsche dealer, reports said.

Elmakias and a white female, Ayelet Reisler, 23, were approaching the vehicle from the dealership, but the female then began walking in a different direction, acting as if she were not with Elmakias, according to reports. Reisler was detained and checked for identification. She had a German passport in her name and medication in a different name, police said. Plymouth Police Sgt. Thomas Longo was notified and responded to the incident.

Elmakias allegedly admitted to being behind Pizzeria Uno, although he said that he did not dump furniture, he was only turning around. Elmakias said that his destination was New York and that he was also coming from New York. He said he was in Plymouth because he was supposed to make a pickup in the morning and pointed toward the Storage USA facility on Belvoir Road , police said. Elmakias could not, however, provide a name or telephone number of the customer.

Township police dispatched a request for a Motor Carrier Program Inspector. Officer Gerald Schwartz of the Whitpain Police Department responded. Schwartz discovered through his investigation that the operator's log had been falsified and put the truck out of service due to violations. Inspection of the tractor-trailer's contents revealed a load three-quarters full containing household items, including furniture and boxes. Among the items in the truck was a Sony video camera. Plymouth Police Officer David McCann reviewed the tape found inside the camera. The tape had video footage of Chicago with zoomed-in shots of the Sears Tower, according to police.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation was notified of the incident and all three subjects were transported to the Plymouth Police station. FBI Agents James Sweeney and Richard Tofani arrived at the station and proceeded to investigate both the subjects and their belongings with the assistance of Immigration and Naturalization Services. All evidence collected by Plymouth and Whitpain officers was transferred to federal facilities. Special Agent Linda Vizi, a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia FBI, could not be contacted for comment on further investigations.
Mirror: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/sears2.html

4. Whidbey Island Naval Station

On May 7th, 2002, two Israeli "movers" were arrested for speeding after midnight near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station and Oak Harbor, Washington. The Jerusalem Post gives the cover story:

FBI clears Israelis suspected of carrying explosives

Jerusalem Post; 5/15/2002; MELISSA RADLER

Wednesday, May 15, 2002 -- NEW YORK - The two Israelis arrested last week in Washington State on charges of having traces of explosives in their rental truck were cleared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation yesterday. The FBI said further tests found no trace of explosives.

Officials attributed the false positive to the presence of diesel fuel, which was used to fill up the van.

News of the incident spread like wildfire on Fox News and TV stations in Israel.

The Israelis' saga began on May 8 when they were pulled over in Oak Harbor, Washington, and a trace amount of TNT and the plastic explosive RDX was apparently found on the gear shift and steering wheel of their vehicle and on one of the Israeli's clothes, Fox News reported yesterday.

According to an FBI spokesman in Seattle, Ray Lauer, local police who pulled the Israelis over for speeding became suspicious after one of the men was found to be in possession of an altered passport, and the other was unable to produce any identification other than an Israeli driver's license. Suspicions were heightened since the Israelis were close to Whidbey Island Naval Station, and the driver insisted they were moving furniture - a claim that did not seem to mesh with the late hour.

Military personnel who were called in from Whidbey Island to conduct tests on the vehicle dispatched sniffer dogs and ionizers that indicated the presence of explosives in the car. The men denied any connection to explosive material and were hauled off to INS custody for violating immigration laws.

"They did not have explosives on them," Lauer said. "The tests that they conducted appear to be false positives."

The Israelis are currently being held in INS custody on immigration violations, including entering the country illegally and working without proper documentation, according to Garrison Courtney, a spokesman in Seattle's INS office.

"The two gentlemen that were stopped were held on immigration violations. They are in the custody of the INS. We are only charging them with immigration violations," Courtney said.

Since September 11, dozens of Israelis have been detained by the INS and deported to Israel for violating a variety of immigration laws, including overstaying their visa and working without a permit.

The Israeli consulate in San Francisco, which has jurisdiction over Washington State, did not return calls seeking comment.

The Palestine Chronicle gives the detail:

"...The report by Carl Cameron goes into detail about the event and the facts as they unfolded after the stop by the local Oak Harbor Police Department.

The report states that the police stopped a Budget Rental truck for speeding after midnight just outside the entrance to the NAS facility and close enough that the military left the base and participated in the investigation on a public Oak Harbor street and that Naval Intelligence is involved in the subsequent investigation. The question that comes to mind is just why and under what authority, would the MP's leave a military facility to assist the local police in a routine stop for speeding on a city street? Why? Why would Naval Intelligence get involved in the investigation, given the wording of the final report as it was provided to me this afternoon, by those close to the investigation? If there was nothing to be made of any of it, why are they interested?

According to the report of Carl Cameron and confirmed to me by investigating authorities, a bomb-sniffing dog was called to the scene. For a speeding violation? Now here comes the sketchy parts.

The dog did - as reported by several sources - detect the presence of explosives in the cab of the truck and on one of the men. At that point High-Tech detection equipment was brought in and it was determined that traces of TNT and RDX (plastic explosives) were found. What aroused the suspicions to bring in a bomb-sniffing dog in the first place? Just because a truck was speeding? It confirmed the presence of explosives as did the high-tech stuff. The 'official' spin that I got today from those involved with the investigation was that the dog did not react at all to anything. There was nothing and a completely benign reaction. It was confirmed that the high-tech equipment was used, but no mention of those results were offered.

Upon further questioning it was then stated that the dog did in fact have a reaction, but that the investigators (those reportedly involved were all of the intelligence branches/authorities - FBI, ATF, Naval Intelligence, Counter Terrorism and some unidentified participants) did a 'swab' test of the suspected contaminated areas and it was determined that the traces of explosives were just residue of diesel fuel. Boy, that is a stretch. First the dog had a reaction, then it didn't, then it did, but what it detected was plain old diesel fuel oil. If that were the case, the dog would have had a reaction just passing by the vehicles fuel tank which was full of diesel. This particular dog would be of no value as a sniffing detector if it would react to the presence of diesel fuel. Almost all of the vehicles it would be required to respond to are diesel powered type vehicles. IT would react positively every time it scented diesel. Then it was explained to me that the composition of TNT is similar and easily confused with diesel fuel.

Here's the rub. Just the fact that TNT and RDX were mentioned as being present is extremely worrisome. These two compounds together are used strictly in military explosive configurations. Projectile boosters, landmines and 'special' clandestine type explosive arrangements. Why was a dog brought to the scene? Why such a determined effort to determine the presence of explosives and who made the TNT/RDX connection, that it was present and did they all ready suspect, or even know that these explosives and these two detainees had these type explosives and they were being pursued? Who concocted the story? There is absolutely no other way to spin the events, they must have happened and they are now trying to cover tracks, or public awareness for some unknown reason.

It was easy to dismiss the reaction of the dog, it can't argue back. But their explanation that the dog confused military explosives with diesel fuel is absurd. What gave them away is that the way to test for the presence of TNT/RDX is through swabbing, or a gauze wipe test with acetone. It will determine the presence of this extremely powerful explosive compound, but cannot determine whether diesel fuel is present. Why was the dog brought in and then backed up with high-tech detection equipment and then gauze wipe tests performed if it was just diesel fuel? Why was the military off base in the middle of a routine speeding stop, already being handled by the Oak Harbor Police and who called them, they certainly didn't? Why was the truck speeding away from the Naval Air Station and why was Naval Intelligence involved? Pursuit? Had they been involved in a theft on base? What exactly was going on?

I asked about the moving furniture story and was told that the investigators claimed that they followed up on this angle and said that they did talk to an elderly lady at an elderly care housing facility that claims that she had furniture delivered in the middle of the night by some guys whose description fit those of the two stopped for speeding, but there again is another confusing explanation. Supposedly this lady was angry because the two tried to extort money from her for the moving of her furniture, but she angrily refused and the two just dumped her furniture outside on the ground. Just how did she manage to get it all inside and so quickly in the middle of the night? Or is it all a ruse?

The information I got was provided by the Oak Harbor Police Department and they were highly skeptical of the explanations and versions they were instructed to give to anyone that asked. Apparently the two arrested individuals - both of whom were Israeli nationals, one here illegally and the other on an expired and altered visa - were remanded to the custody of the INS and disposition is unknown at this time. However, the Oak Harbor Police informed me that the only charges against these two were probably going to be minor.

Calls to the Border Patrol/INS, ATF, FBI and others have gone unreturned. I tried to contact Naval authorities, but they claim they have absolutely no record of the incident and referred me to the Naval Public Affairs Office...

5. Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Excellent work regarding the Cloudcroft and other Israeli arrests can be found in the article, Mossad and Moving Companies: Masterminds of Global Terrorism? With Commentary by Laura Knight-Jadczyk

Here's the news story:

Cloudcroft chief stops Israelis with suspicious cargo
By Michael Shinabery
Staff Writer, Alamogordo Daily News

CLOUDCROFT — That they were speeding through the school zone first got his attention.

That they had Israeli driver's licenses and expired passports made him suspicious.

Cloudcroft Police Chief Gene Green stopped the 2-ton van on Thursday, for speeding. Initially, Green thought the truck was commercial because of exterior markings. But when he found it was out of Chicago, he asked for documentation such as logs books and manifests.

"They said this is a U-Haul truck and handed me a rental agreement (for) in-town delivery only in Illinois, (which) had expired two days before," Green said.

He called for backup, and Otero County Sheriff's Deputy Billy Anders, who patrols the Sacramento Mountains, arrived, along with Capt. Norbert Sanchez and Det. Eddie Medrano.

"We got them out and started digging a little deeper," Green said, "got permission to search the truck. They claimed they were hauling furniture from Austin to Chicago."

When officers advised the men they were not exactly en route from one town to another, Green said the two men claimed they were Deming bound.

"But they couldn't give us an address in Deming they were going to," he said. "Once we got into the truck, they had some junk furniture I wouldn't have given to Goodwill."

Also inside the vehicle were, Green said, "50 boxes" they claimed was a "private" delivery, but the men insisted they had no "idea what was in them."

At that point, the officers called for drug-sniffing and bomb-sniffing dogs. The men were turned over to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, and U-Haul recovered the truck. Contents of the boxes remain unknown, pending investigation.


Israel, Mossad, Iran and a Nuclear False Flag Attack
by R. Leland Lehrman
505.982.3609 - leland@33o.com
Updated: July 28, 2005

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