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Is Hizbullah a Mossad front?

Posted in the database on Saturday, August 05th, 2006 @ 13:12:07 MST (7393 views)
by qrswave    The Truth Will Set You Free  

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"if you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk about it."

--The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It's been weeks of the same tired old game. Israel bombs the hell out of Lebanon, Nasrallah vows to strike deeper into the heart of the Jewish state, and for every threat he makes, Israel has license to intensify their bombing, killing dozens more innocent civilians and further decimating the Lebanese economy. Does Nasrallah ever learn or is he part of the plan? I can't help but wonder.

"Hezbollah's hubris has created an opportunity for Israel."

Indeed, two weeks ago, an IDF official announced that Mossad 'had significantly infiltrated Hizbullah.' After weeks of this tit-for-tat carnage in which Lebanon has done most of the bleeding, we must ask how significant is 'significantly'? Does it run all the way up to Nasrallah?

"Incredibly, Nasrallah is making the same mistakes as Nasser. By puffing himself up, he isn't deterring Israel; at this point, he's only making himself and his movement a bigger and more legitimate target. Hezbollah has become a prisoner of its own myth, which is that at any moment it can go one-on-one against Israel - and win. It can't, and now is the best opportunity to prove it - to Lebanese Shiites, to all Lebaneseand to the rest of the Arab-Muslim world.

At any moment in time, it is Israel that can turn Nasrallah either into a cinder or a shadow figure like Osama bin Laden, reduced to sending defiant missives from some basement or cave.

Even the few rockets that manage to inflict damage in Israel kill more Arabs than they do Israelis. In fact, I have yet to see credible photographic evidence of Israeli casualties.

So, what is really going on over here?

One of the important tools in vanquishing the adversary [is] psychological warfare, the third oldest profession and one that is closely connected to the oldest. Hassan Nasrallah has raised it to the level of an art and forged in Israeli and world public opinion several cast-iron, unchallengeable insights." . . .

"Nasrallah is credible. Nasrallah does what he promises. Nasrallah is cool and has a far-reaching strategic vision. Nasrallah is the only leader in our region who provoked the elephant and won." . . .

"It can easily be proved that each of these insights is simply totally baseless and does not meet the test of reality. However, this is not our subject and it does not matter in the least. What does matter is the fact that they have become fixed in our consciousness and engraved almost genetically."

So, is this a genuine struggle between Israel and Hizbullah?

"Israeli intelligence and the Mossad especially had very impressive successes, the fruit of many years of work, which might be able to be made public only years down the road."

Or is this largely a game of charades as cover for a land and water grab that was predicted (planned?) in painstaking detail by Washington elites almost a decade ago?"

We must conduct a crafty, sophisticated campaign. With foxes we shall play the fox. Our ability to decide this campaign, and perhaps future campaigns, too, depends in part on guile, which is the art of hiding our flaws and of revealing and cultivating the weakness of our enemy. The creation of disinformation.

The creation of a real or imaginary feeling in an organization that took pride in compartmentalization and in cohesion, that in fact, it is as full of holes as a sieve. To make even Nasrallah watch his guards suspiciously.

To create a feeling of physical insecurity and loneliness for the hierarchy of the organization and their families, because loneliness is the mother of all fears. To foment internal disputes and an atmosphere of betrayal, because there is no knife as sharp and poisoned as betrayal.

Just how successful Mossad has been we may never know - until long after Eretz Israel has been established.


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