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Israeli Bombardment Of Lebanon Escalation For World War Three

Posted in the database on Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 @ 12:37:00 MST (3058 views)
by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones    PrisonPlanet.com  

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Hyped incursions, kidnappings designed to trap Syria and Iran

The Israeli bombardment of Lebanon is the next escalation of a conflict that is being orchestrated according to a set roadmap that leads directly to World War Three.

Israel, the United States and Great Britain have been caught red-handed on numerous occasions staging terror attacks and false flag provocations in the Middle East for over 50 years.

How can we any longer believe anything our governments tell us about their actions in the Middle East?

Immediately after Bush's ultimatum to Iran which was rebuffed, conventional and normal captures and military incursions on both sides, when measured against the bellwether of the usual temperature of chaos in the region, are suddenly hyped beyond all proportion by the world media.

Israel's bombardment of the length and breadth of Lebanon has been characterized by its targeting of innocent civilians - including two incidents in Marwaheen and Taire where civilians were ordered to leave an area whereupon their escape vehicles were deliberately pulverized by Israeli Hellfire missiles.

At their root these are the very characteristics of a terrorist state engaging in terrorist attacks upon innocent populations.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah's limited response has impacted mainly military targets - with many suggesting that the often recycled pictures of damage from Hezbollah rockets betrays the notion that thousands have been fired as the Israelis claim.

Some would go further and finger the Israelis for attacking their own interests to maintain a false scapegoat and justification for further evisceration in Lebanon. Israel's documented history of manufacturing phony Al-Qaeda groups to demonize the Palestinians is without question.

Israel's insistence that a ground war and an advance into northern Lebanon is not out of the question could bring the Syrians and their Iranian allies into the conflict which would in turn would present the saliva-drenched Neo-Cons with their long-awaited pretext to take Assad and Ahmadinejad out of the game.

This is nothing less than a cooked escalation for war.

As reported by New Yorker magazine, US troops and special operations forces have been active inside Iran for over a year waiting for the right opportunity to enact destabilization tactics once the green light is given.

This is simply another fuse that has been lit to ignite the order out of chaos agenda that has already turned Iraq into a hellhole only stable enough for one foundational precedent - a limitless occupation and an endless slush fund of no-bid contracts for US government affiliated corporations. In addition, tight control of oil flow and jacked-up prices to promote artificial scarcity worldwide continue to benefit blueprints laid out by oil companies many years before.

Whether it stops in Lebanon or rolls into Syria - this is the orchestration of World War 3, World War 4 to Neo-Cons - if only on the level of a trial balloon to judge how events will play out when a similar hand is dealt.


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