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Questions About 7/7 The Tanweer Video Doesn't Answer

Posted in the database on Friday, July 07th, 2006 @ 13:26:56 MST (3676 views)
by Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones    PrisonPlanet.com  

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Anniversary provokes renewed focus on bombing story that doesn't stand up

By now we know the drill - pardon the pun.

'Al-Qaeda' only chooses to release its video productions at the most politically expedient times to maximize the benefits enjoyed from them by the Bush and Blair administrations.

The schedule is so scripted, timed and orderly that Brian Ross at ABC News now reports days in advance when a new tape is about to be released.

Therefore it was no surprise to learn of the Shehzad Tanweer video, released to coincide with the anniversary of the 7/7 bombings in London.

Blair has been on the ropes for months fiercely resisting the call for an inquiry into 7/7, even one headed by an establishment shill like Hutton, what better time to have a convenient voice from the grave prop up the government's crumbling version of events and in the process validate the occupation of Iraq?

Is the Tanweer video for real or a mock-up created by 10-year-old special effects that enabled us to see Forrest Gump shake hands with President Kennedy?

In a sense it doesn't matter because even the Metropolitan Police admit that the alleged bombers were dupes set up by someone else and didn't know they were about to die. The videos could have been filmed under the proviso that the role players were just acting out another scene in the script of their MI5 training exercise - after all, the ringleader Mohammed Siddique Khan was on the payroll of British Intelligence.

Here are some other questions not answered by one grainy video.

- Why was the supposed ringleader of the attack Haroon Rashid Aswat working for MI6?

- Why were exercises targeting the exact same locations at the exact same time taking place on the morning of 7/7?

- Why was an innocent Brazilian electrician whose behavior offered no signs that he could be a suicide bomber shot multiple times in the head by undercover police on July 22nd?

- Why did eyewitnesses on two separate trains describe the bombs as exploding up from under the carriage and saying no Muslims with backpacks were in the immediate vicinity?

- Who warned Israeli Finance Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to change his travel plans before the first bomb exploded, meaning he avoided the Liverpool Street site?

- Why were Israeli officials ordered to not talk to the media about 7/7 after details about the bombing emerged from Israeli sources before the British police had even released information from the bomb sites?

- Who profited from short selling the British pound in the 10 days leading up to the attacks?

- Why did the alleged suicide bombers have return train tickets and why did their behavior at no point suggest that they were about to die?

- If the ringleader Khan's Honda Accord was bugged by MI5 prior to the bombings how can they claim no prior knowledge of the attacks?

- How can we reconcile four individuals hell-bent on destruction of the western ideology, as portrayed in the videos, with universal rejection that this was a part of their personality by everyone who knew them?

- How can we also reconcile this portrayal with the words of the father of Hasib Hussain, who said, "No-one has shown me any evidence that he did it."

- How does the Tanweer video answer a plethora of other burning questions that the government refuses to have addressed by means of an independent investigation?

Today's minute's silence in honor of the victims should be acknowledged with a resolve to pursue every angle of the attacks and pinpoint exactly which organization used the 'dupe' bombers to wreak havoc in London one year ago today.


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