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Did you know?
by Gabriele Zamparini    The Cat's Blog
Entered into the database on Tuesday, July 25th, 2006 @ 16:15:25 MST


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“I, Tsilli Goldenberg, Israeli citizen

'Accuse you - Ehud Olmert, Prime Minister of Israel, Amir Peretz, Minister of Defense, Dan Halutz Head of Staff Chief Commander of the Israeli Army, of committing this bestial barbaric slaughter in Lebanon.

I accuse you of committing Crimes against Humanity towards the Palestinian People. I accuse you of deserting our soldiers, when their lives could be saved by negotiations, and I accuse you of starting an unjustified war in my name.” - Tsilli Goldenberg, Masarik 11, Jerusalem 93106 Israel

Did you know that “the daughter of Israel’s newly elected prime minister added her voice to those of the anti-Israel [sic] forces around the world when she actively participated in a demonstration outside the home of IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, calling him a ‘murderer’”?

Why not?

Did you know that “45% of those killed in Lebanon are children and of the 500,000 people who have fled to safety, some 200,000 are children”?

Why not?

Did you know that Israel bombed “the nation's biggest private network, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation”?

Why not?

Did you know that a “big milk factory in the Bekaa region called ‘Liban Lait’ was completely burned and destroyed by direct attacks from the Israeli Air Force.”? And that a “food storehouse called ‘TransMed’ in Choueifate, in Beirut’s southern suburbs, was totally destroyed”?

Why not?

Did you know that “Lebanon's president accused Israel on Monday of using phosphorous bombs in its 13-day offensive and urged the United Nations to demand an immediate ceasefire”?

Why not?

Did you know that “the bodies of 13 Lebanese fighters were taken from Maroun al-Ras and buried in Israel to use in future negotiations over the release of Israeli prisoners”?

Why not?

Did you know that “Israeli military has said it will destroy 10 buildings in predominantly Shia south Beirut for every rocket fired at the Israeli port of Haifa, army radio said Monday”?

Why not?

Did you know that “The delivery of at least 100 GBU 28 bunker busters bombs containing depleted uranium warheads by the United States to Israel for use against targets in Lebanon will result in additional radioactive and chemical toxic contamination with consequent adverse health and environmental effects throughout the middle east.”?

Why not?

Did you know that what's going on is “subject to review by Israel's chief military censor, who has - in her own words – ‘extraordinary power’. She can silence a broadcaster, block information and put journalists in jail”?

Why not?

Did you know that “[a]ccording to the Lebanese police force, the two [Israeli] soldiers were captured in Lebanese territory”?

Why not?

Did you know how the “cross-border” myth originated?

Why not?

From the beginning of this new chapter of the old madness, many people have been following on the internet this shame. We are a peaceful army of world citizens, working for free and moved by solidarity, compassion and an inner drive for justice. Not anger!

But even among the elites of the anti-war movement and the so-called “left”, too many have never been listening to us. Let alone important journalists working for the “pro-Israeli” mainstream media who still believe that the “internet is a new thing, and it's also unreliable.”

More than sixty years ago George Orwell wrote in The Freedom of the Press, a Preface to his political novel, Animal Farm:

“But at least let us have no more nonsense about defending liberty against Fascism. If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. The common people still vaguely subscribe to that doctrine and act on it… it is the liberals who fear liberty and the intellectuals who want to do dirt on the intellect…”

This Preface was censored when the book came out in 1945 and it was only published in The Times Literary Supplement on 15 September 1972. Twenty seven years after Animal Farm was first published.


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