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9-11 -

911 Demolition Conclusive

Posted in the database on Saturday, September 02nd, 2006 @ 12:59:54 MST (6110 views)
by Estanislao Carter    Alchemy.org  

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With a growing base of evidence, it finally seems we can officially make a case for a controlled demolition of the World Trade Centers, buildings #1, #2, and #7. So much happened, and didn't happen on that day that it is to easy to get lost in the woods. To not see the proverbial tree right in front of us.

Does proving a demolition cover the Pentagon, Al Quada or the War with Iraq, no it does not. But it is the very first domino we must fall. If we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that America's icons came down via controlled demolition instead of the official story it is the spring board, it is the gateway to all the other anomalies that happened that day.

As a result one would have to ask, "if demolitions take weeks to set up, how did they do it and on who's watch?" I'm sure you can see how this could quickly become a major ordeal.

Let me begin by saying, what I offer is expert testimony backed by eyewitness accounts. I am not addressing motive, I am simple proving that the 3 buildings came down via controlled demolition, nothing more.

The official line is that the plane impacts plus fire caused the collapse of two sky-scrappers in less than a hour.

Problems with the Offical Explaination:

Our Solution to the Problems:

1. Architects designed the building to take multiple impacts. The endo / exo-skeleton structure would not be compromised by even 2 airplane strikes and the floors were designed to take 10x the maximum load.

1. The endo / exo-skeleton structure would not be compromised by even 2 airplane strikes per tower. The Empire State Building was hit by a bomber without causing any major structural damage. Historically, no high-rise has been significantly damaged by an airplane strike. The WTC was designed specifically with this in mind and was over engineered for extreme situations.

Their Position: alter the WTC center model without the 47 interior pillars.

Our Position: The airplanes nor the fires were the cause of the collapse.

2. engineers attest that jet fuel cannot nearly create enough heat to even compromise the steel. 2. Steel is a conductor of heat and any local heat disapates throughout the entire structure, failure by jet fuel fire is improbable. Also, they had recently upgraded the water sprinkling system.
Their Position: disregard engineering standards Our Proof: Industry standards of melting points proves the fires were not hot enough to even compromise the steel. Eyewitnesses say there were only two pockets of mild fires.
3. other buildings hit by planes and burning for days never collapsed. 3. Steel high-rises or sky-scrappers do not succumb to fire.
Their Position: bigger planes, bigger buildings Our Proof: The WTC tower had caught on fire before and had burned for a day without any structural damage what-so-ever. No structural steel high-rise has even collapsed due to fire or air-plane strike.
4. fire-fighters report only small pockets of fires that could be easily put out. 4. Only small pockets of fires were a result.
Their Position: disregard eyewitness testimony Our Position: The fires were not the cause of the collapse of both towers in less than an hour.
5. survivors are seen in the impact hole unaffected by the alleged white hot raging fires. 5. The fires were only mild as reported.
Their Position: disregard Our Position: The fires were not the cause of the collapse of both towers in less than an hour.
6. molten "iron" pours like lava from the damaged corner 6. This is the result of demolition thermite molten iron.
Their Position: That was the melted airplane Our Proof: melted airplane aluminum is silver grey like Mercury. Thermite produces red/orange molten metal and white ash smoke.
7. Jet fuel burns at 1800 degress F. Yet pools of molten steel 2800 degrees F are found in WTC 1, 2 and 7 for weeks after. 7.The entire center columns of both WTC's and building #7 would need to be sliced into 30' pieces. With 47 interior columns that's approximately 188 cuts with thermate producing large amounts of molten iron and steel at extremely high temperatures.

Their Position: That was the melted airplane and steel.

Disregard building #7

Our Proof: Thermite and sulfur together make a much hotter Thermate - this was found on WTC metal.
8. concrete is pulverized into fine dust. 8. Only explosives and Superthermite is powerful enough to vaporize concrete into fine dust.
Their Position: disregard

Our Position: Only volcanic flows and demolition produce pyroclastic flows like the ones seen during 911.

Our Proof: Physics also agrees that a structure can collapse from gravity or it can explode, there is not enough laten energy to do both. The WTC collapses do not conform to Natural Law. Eyewittnesses say only a CD sized piece of a telephone remained. Everything else was pulverized.

9. WTC 1, 2, and 7 all fall at near free fall speed voilating the laws of physics.

9. The WTC collapses did not violate physics or the Laws of Nature. A controlled demolition crippling each floor just before a pancaking impact, is the only way for a building to meet absolutely no resistance.

Take a quick test:

In the photo on the left, which piece would hit the ground first?

Their Position: It was a pancaking. Disregard physics. Building #7 was an unknown anomaly. Our Proof: An object cannot fall through 47 concrete reinforced steel columns as easily as it falls through thin air. Projections indicate that a natural collapse, albeit unheard of, would take at least 100 seconds and not the 9.6 seconds seen on 911.

10. Chemical analysis of WTC steel shows sulfur enriched thermite or thermate and melted iron.

10. A combination of Thermite, Thermate and Superthermite were used to bring the WTC towers and building #7 down in their own footprints. Setting up the controlled demoltions would be unique and time consuming. Total access would need to be given for weeks. Bomb sniffing dogs could not be allowed access. The main foundational columns would need to be compromised and then the floors taken down in succession. The metal would then need to be removed and recycled without a criminal investigation.
Their Position: N/A Our Proof: Weeks prior to 911, major work crews had unlimited access. One week prior, bomb sniffing dogs, a standard safety precaution, stopped their routine. • The WTC buildings came down by what can only be, by the laws of nature, a controlled implosion or a controlled demolition. • The metal was illegally removed and specifically blocked from investigation. Thermate and molten iron was found on steel beams taken from the WTC.

"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous -
he simply cannot believe it exists"

- J. Edgar Hoover

We have photos of sliced and melted center columns (above). We have volumes of eye witness accounts describing secondary explosives, large basement explosions, multiple successive explosions and multiple flashes of light all common in controlled demolitions. We have Mr. Silverstein owner of the WTC announcing on network TV that they "pulled" building #7. Again slang that is common in controlled demoltions. We have video of the collapses themselves - Building #7 representing a textbook demolition, and the WTC towers emulating controlled demoltions. We have absolutely debunked the official story with its circumstances voilating imperical natural laws and the laws of physics. And now with the work of Dr. Steven E. Jones we now have imperical conclusive proof of the use of Thermate, used only in controlled demoltions and specifically used for this high strength steel.

We are no longer "conspiracy nuts", we are the patriots we knew we were all along. And if it comes to name calling then the label of bubble baby, ostrich or sheep may be in order. The days of insults and trecherous willful denial may soon be over. And I would only say to our Nation divided, remember well and hard how you cursed the truth. How you eagerly gave up your rationalization. And how you so easily gave up your freedoms. But there is finally light and we now need your lucidness more than ever, for this root of treachery is unbelievalby engrained into our society and even our laws.

Educate yourselves. Read my book. Visit some websites. Watch the internet blockbuster LooseChange2. Go see Aaron Russo's new movie America - from Freedom to Fascism. Find out why and where your opinions were created and for the sake of America, re-evaluate your rational.

Estanislao Carter, www.ealchemy.org and books at www.lulu.com/ealchemy

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