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The Philosophy Of Leo Strauss Is The Foundation Of The North American Union

Posted in the database on Wednesday, June 28th, 2006 @ 12:20:20 MST (3197 views)
by joyfulwalker    Age of Tyranny News  

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I. Summary Statement

Leo Strauss was a University Of Chicago philosophy instructor. His students left the University in search of political power; formed neo-conservatism, became known as Neocons; these rose to power in the White House displacing CFR multilateralist lynchpins such as Richard Haass and George Shultz http://tinyurl.com/qotay now full-blown Straussism directs domestic and foreign policy.

Despite having been displaced from the Oval Office, the CFR created http://tinyurl.com/omaak and submitted to the Neocons, the Security and Prosperity Partnership Of North American, it is the manifesto for the North American Union.

The North American Union was created on March 23, 2005 when George Bush, Vincente Fox and Paul Martin signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) at the Baylor University http://tinyurl.com/eey4x

The North American Union will be installed by Coup d'état when NORTHCOM responds to manage a continental wide emergency http://tinyurl.com/knlyp

An examination of the documents and statements surrounding the North American Union reveals that the philosophy of Leo Strauss is the foundation for the North American Union.

Once the North American Union is installed by military force, there will no longer be life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the only thing there will be is tyranny – the rule from above called for by Leo Strauss.

II. The Person Of Leo Strauss And His Disciples

Philosopher Leo Strauss, was born in Germany in 1899. Leo Strauss watched the Weimar Republic dissolve into chaos. As a Jew, he was forced to flee Germany and he eventually ended up at the University of Chicago, where he developed a cult following from some the brightest students.

For Strauss, the demise of the Weimar Republic represented a repudiation of liberal democracy. Liberalism, to Strauss, equals relativism, which necessarily leads to nihilism. Strauss longed to return to a previous, pre-liberal, pre-bourgeois era of blood and guts, of imperial domination, of authoritarian rule, of pure fascism.

These views resonated with Straussian disciples such as Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William Kristol and Harry Jaffa. They took these ideas out of the classroom and translated them into actual political doctrine: the neoconservative manifesto of the Project for a New American Century. Straussian principles would be implemented on a global scale, and 9/11 provided the perfect pretext. Paul Wolfowitz, who attended Strauss's lectures on Plato, became the architect of the Iraq War, using hyped intelligence concerning WMD's as the "noble lie". http://tinyurl.com/of2p4

Paul Wolfowitz rose in the White House ranks. Acting under orders of Donald Rumsfeld, he established NORTHCOM on 10-02- 2002 in Colorado Springs, where he said: "Each one of you here will help America and her allies win this war. And let there be no doubt, we will win this war." http://tinyurl.com/g6z99

Paul Wolfowitz, in establishing NORTHCOM, affirmed the work of the Bi-national Process Group (BPG) in merging Canada's military with that of the United States. Clearly his actions were outside the boundaries of Constitutional Law which require that any such treaty agreements go through the Senate treaty ratification process http://tinyurl.com/hmfhj

Although Paul Wolfowitz transitioned out of the White House to become president of the World Bank in 2006 http://tinyurl.com/m2rgn the Neocons fully embrace and manifest the philosophy of Leo Strauss.

III. The philosophy of Leo Strauss, as seen through the Bush administration's actions and documents, are the foundation of the North American Union.

1) The Few Must Rule The Many

John Locke and the American founding fathers held “the natural law tradition” which holds that man possesses natural rights to life, liberty, and property and that the state is always and everywhere the greatest threat to these God-given rights. To the founders, this meant that government should be "bound by the chains" of the Constitution, to paraphrase Jefferson. If men were angels, there would be no need for government, Madison wrote in defense of the Constitution. But men are not angels, Madison continued, which is why government power must always be limited.

Leo Strauss rejected this view of natural rights in favor of Plato’s “philosopher-king” model of government; the “philosopher kings” exercise the “rule of the wise”. Straussians assign dignity to the few. The superiority of the “ruling philosophers” is an intellectual superiority and not a moral one.

Only the elite few: the three presidents and their inner circle, together with Robert B. Sloan Jr., President of Baylor University were present at the signing of the SPP http://tinyurl.com/f32mg

2) Virtue Is Defined By The Elite: It Is That Which Is “For The Public Good”

The elite few are to have unlimited state power who use it to pursue “virtue” with virtue being, their own vision of "the public good." Moral virtue had no application to the really intelligent man, the philosopher. Moral virtue only existed in popular opinion, where it served the purpose of controlling the unintelligent majority.

Since the SPP’s signing, the business elite and the political elite have continually met behind closed doors in ‘working groups’ to determine trade and commerce regulations for the new North American Super-State http://tinyurl.com/n9q8c

3) The Strong Must Rule The Weak

Strauss taught: “The strong must rule the weak”; this was presented quite well in Jim Lobe's article 'The Strong Must Rule The Weak' http://tinyurl.com/qtlnn

4) Only One Natural Right: The Right Of The Wise Few To Rule Over The Vulgar Many

Those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is neither God nor morality and that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior. Human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, is not one of freedom, but of subordination. Strauss divided the history of political thought into two camps: the ancients (like Plato) are wise and wily, whereas the moderns (like Locke and other liberals) are vulgar and foolish.

5) “The Rule Of The Wise” Is Unquestionable, Authoritarian, Absolute and Covert

Unquestionable: The rule of the wise is not to be questioned: one is not to raise questions about classic values such as justice or constitutional principles.

Authoritarian and Absolute: The rule of the wise cannot involve any consideration of the unwise: Leo Strauss said: “It would be equally absurd to hamper the free flow of wisdom by consideration of the unwise wishes of the unwise; hence the wise rulers ought not to be responsible to the unwise subjects." Majority-democracy would result in the subjection of what is by nature higher to that which is lower. Strauss’ reading of Plato comes down to this: a majority-democracy is an act against nature and must be prevented at all costs. Under the Straussian autocratic system, dissent is not only dangerous, it is seditious.

Covert: The rule of the wise must take place from a shroud of secrecy; stealthy and furtive operations are facilitated by the overwhelming stupidity of the gentlemen. The more gullible and unperceptive they are, the easier it is for the wise to control and manipulate them.

The SPP document, being the manifesto for new governance; and the SPP Next Steps document and the Cancun Summit Leaders Statement, being the action plans for that new governance are the singular most important documents since the signing of the US Constitution.

The Press and Members of Congress have been complicitous in silence about the stellar nature of these documents, enabling a furtive Coup d'état to be initiated by the White House neocons. http://tinyurl.com/mrwo8

6) The Three Classes: The Wise-Few, The Vulgar-Many And The Gentlemen

The wise are the lovers of the harsh, unadulterated truth. They are capable of looking into the abyss without fear and trembling. They recognize neither God nor moral imperatives. They are devoted above all else to their own pursuit of the “higher” pleasures, which amount to consorting with their “puppies” or young initiates.

The vulgar many, are lovers of wealth and pleasure. They are selfish, slothful, and indolent. They can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe.

The gentlemen, are lovers of honor and glory. They are the most ingratiating towards the conventions of their society, that is, the illusions of the cave. They are true believers in God, honor, and moral imperatives. They are ready and willing to embark on acts of great courage and self-sacrifice at a moment’s notice.

7) The State Is Omnipotent: It Manifests Militaristic Nationalism.

Strauss believed that human aggression could only be restrained by a powerful, nationalistic state. He believed that such an omnipotent state can only be maintained if there is an external threat, "even if one has to be manufactured." This is why Straussians believe in perpetual war and is another reason why they have formed a cult around "the church of Lincoln," whom they hold up as "the greatest statesman in history." Lincoln manufactured many "threats," including the truly bizarre notion that representative government would perish from the earth if the Southern states were permitted to secede peacefully. In reality, peaceful secession would have been a victory for self-government, keeping in mind that neither Lincoln nor Congress ever said that they were launching an invasion for any reason having to do with liberating the slaves.

Strauss taught that war – any war – will restore our “moral seriousness”, "clear away the fog of unthinking relativism," enable us to see evil, restore virtue, heroism, valor, and a sense of sacrifice, allow us to die for our comrades, country and faith, avoid the "hazards of civilization," make us more thoughtful, force us to "consider our loyalties," make men "decisive", and "place greatness within the reach of ordinary men."

“Because mankind is intrinsically wicked, he has to be governed," he once wrote. "Such governance can only be established, however, when men are united – and they can only be united against other people." Thus, the only way a political order can be stable and not deteriorate in hedonistic pleasure is if it is united by an external threat. Wealth, freedom, and prosperity make people soft, pampered, and depraved. War is an antidote to moral decadence and depravity. Thus war is held to be redemptive.

8) Maintain A Culture Of Lying And Carry On A Perpetual Confusion Campaign

Maintain a culture of lying through a compliant media and professional spokes-liars, and carry on a perpetual campaign to confuse the public and keep it ignorant of the elites political designs. The result of this is that Elite operate from a shroud of secrecy; thus their reasonings and logic is nontransparent.

And it does not take much intelligence for them to surmise that they are in a situation of great danger, especially in a world devoted to the modern ideas of equal rights and freedoms. Now more than ever, the wise few must proceed cautiously and with circumspection. So, they come to the conclusion that they have a moral justification to lie in order to avoid persecution. Yes Strauss goes so far as to say that dissembling and deception – in effect, a culture of lying – is the peculiar justice of the wise.

9) The Many Are Told What They Need To Know And No More.

Deception is carried on continually. Lies are to be both aggressive and perpetual. While the elite few are capable of absorbing the absence of any moral truth, the many could not cope; if exposed to anything other than the maintained reality, they would quickly fall into nihilism or anarchy.

10) Lies Are Held To Be Nobel: Develop, Maintain And Present Noble Lies

Strauss believed in the concept of “noble lies”: the conviction that lies, far from being simply a regrettable necessity of political life, are instead virtuous and noble instruments of wise policy to keep the many from the dangers of liberalism and democracy.

Plato himself advised his nobles, men with golden souls, to tell noble lies, that is, political fables, much like the specter of Saddam Hussein with a nuclear bomb: to rally the people, to keep the other levels of human society (silver, iron, brass) in their proper places, loyal to the state and willing to do its bidding

Strauss defined the modern method of noble lies in the use of esoteric messages within an exoteric text, telling the truth to the wise while at the same time conveying something quite different to the many; thus he advocated an Orwellian doublespeak http://tinyurl.com/8jxjo method of communication.

The Trilateral Regulatory Cooperation Framework = The Executive Branch Of The Forth Coming N. American Government. No specifics were given on this "framework"; one must assume the "framework" is Doublethink http://tinyurl.com/omyu4 for the Executive Branch of tyrannical state corporate rule.

The Forthcoming Executive Branch is complimented by NORTHCOM, the Military Law Enforcement Branch http://tinyurl.com/hmfhj, and the NAFTA Tribunal, the Commerce Judiciary http://tinyurl.com/myecx

11) Dissemble Democracy

Maintain true democracy that is a leadership-democracy for the Few while at the same time feign majority-democracy to the Many. Relate the principle of true democracy to the elite: the strong must rule the weak. While at the same time dissemble http://tinyurl.com/rpyod mythical democracy to the populace: the rule of the majority.

Strauss had no objections to democracy as long as a wise elite, inspired by the profound truths of the ancients. Leaders are to wrap speeches with the American flag giving the appearance of appearance of legitimacy in dissimulation and deceit.

The SPP dissimulates the words democracy and democratic; the traditional meaning of the word democracy means people vote on rulers who act in the peoples interest; the new meaning of the word democracy means stakeholders meet and make decisions that they claim to be in the be in the interests of the people.

The SPP reveals the new democratic process at work: Stakeholders met http://tinyurl.com/h2rg3 by agreement they produced joint documents which call for democratic institutions consisting of summits http://tinyurl.com/fzu2x councils http://tinyurl.com/ej2r3 and working groups http://tinyurl.com/n9q8c which in turn produce frameworks and public private partnerships

These replace sovereign nations, constitutional law and historical law. New constructs such as The Trilateral Regulatory Cooperation Framework serve as the basis for law in the New Union.

12) Nature Abhors A Contract.

The Funding Founders were concerned with inalienable natural rights; after much debate in their convention, they wrote a contract – the U.S. Constitution. The Straussians hold that contracts, being the artifacts of men, violate natural law.

The fact that George Bush has not submitted the Security And Prosperity Partnership document to Congress to Congress for review as required by the Constitution reflects that he holds the Constitution simply to be a relic of a bygone era – an artifact which does not bear upon his decision making process or actions http://tinyurl.com/9d8fw

IV. Once the North American Union is installed by military force, there will no longer be life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; the only thing there will be is tyranny – the rule from above called for by Leo Strauss.

In the Straussian view, licentious doctrines and philosophies have plagued the Many; these include: individualism, relativism, pluralism and constitutionalism.

Once the North American Union is installed, then ennoblement begins. If the Few were to give the Many, such things as freedom, happiness, and prosperity, in Strauss's estimation, this would turn them into animals. The goal of the wise is to ennoble the vulgar. But what could possibly ennoble the vulgar? Only weeping http://tinyurl.com/mtm8l worshipping http://tinyurl.com/lh2p5 and sacrificing http://tinyurl.com/mrs2n ennobles the many.

V. References for this material came from these sources and others:

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