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The Zero Tolerance Militarized Police State

Posted in the database on Tuesday, June 20th, 2006 @ 12:35:52 MST (2291 views)
by Paul Joseph Watson    PrisonPlanet.com  

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Nagin's National Guard mandate model for post-9/11 cammo law enforcement

Mayor Ray Nagin's order that National Guard troops be used to patrol New Orleans is a method of law enforcement quickly engulfing major US cities as crime becomes terrorism and men with machine guns and camouflage become the vanguard of a militarized police state.

Acting at the mayor's request, Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco ordered 300 National Guardsmen and 60 state police officers to patrol the streets after five teenagers were shot dead in an SUV in a gangland style killing.

Curfews are also to be enforced in addition to the militarized patrols, a flagrant abuse of posse comitatus and a frothing over-reaction to a handful of murders.

Earlier this month, Cleveland City Councilman Zach Reed labeled some teenagers "terrorists" and said that "the time has come to make Ward 3 a police state and submit a true zero-tolerance policy," having been handed federal grants for off-duty police patrols and surveillance camera systems.

The homogenization of common street thugs and drug dealers with terrorists has enabled the federal government and local government officials to enact dictatorial policies that would not look out of place in Fallujah.

The Fallujah-Louisiana parallel is clear - after four US government contractors were killed and dragged around the streets of Fallujah by Iraqi citizens, many establishment Neo-Cons called for the entire city to be nuked.

If a serial killer is on the loose in your city, is the answer to just wipe out the entire city?

Should the bill of rights and the American way of life be trashed for the sake of a couple of gang murders?

How can the government justify these measures in the name of protecting a law-abiding population whom it completely disarmed during Hurricane Katrina, as criminal gangs and looters stalked neighborhoods?

The precedent for mass gun confiscation in times of real or manufactured emergency was set during Hurricane Katrina when police and national guard patrols forced homeowners even in areas unaffected by the hurricane to hand over their legally owned firearms at gunpoint as is detailed in the video below.

National Guard Confiscating Guns in New Orleans

Click here to view video

New Orleans Police Chief Superintendent Warren Riley recently reiterated his desire to confiscate legally owned firearms before having to back down under threat of a lawsuit.

New Orleans was turned into a hellhole laboratory where the future zero tolerance crackdown, in times of real or manufactured crises, was beta tested under the pretext of chaos, after the federal government deliberately sabotaged relief efforts.

Meanwhile, a nationwide FEMA program is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.

This program has already been activated in 1300 counties and is set for completion at the end of August.


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