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Al-Zarqawi Circus Sideshow Continues Unabated

Posted in the database on Sunday, June 11th, 2006 @ 12:38:42 MST (3031 views)
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire  

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It is sincerely a corporate media circus, a multi-dimensional propaganda effort designed to convince the public al-Zarqawi was indeed alive and then killed by our fearless soldiers in Iraq. As we know, al-Zarqawi was killed some time ago, prior to the neocon invasion of Iraq, and his image was subsequently adopted by the Pentagon, refashioned, and trotted out by Colin Powell at the United Nations. All manner of super-human nastiness was attributed to the ghost of al-Zarqawi, from ricin attacks to a spate of gruesome beheadings. Somewhere along the line, the propagandists in the Pentagon decided to kill al-Zarqawi, and thus chalk up a victory against those who hate our way of life and our freedom to stand in line to use Diebold voting machines.

Now we are told an “autopsy on al-Zarqawi, the leader of the terrorist group al Qaeda in Iraq,” will be performed by “personnel … familiar with background and cultural concerns,” presumably of Muslims and Arabs, never mind the two 500lb bombs dropped on the “al-Qaeda” safe house, reduced to scattered rubble, would have rendered al-Zarqawi to little more than strewn hamburger meat. But then, of course, we are talking about Bushzarro world here, where corporate journalists, basically Pentagon stenographers, never question the absurdity of neocon lies and fantastic fabrications (recall Saddam’s model airplanes, colorfully named “drones of death,” claimed to be “robot aircraft designed to spray poisonous toxins over civilian areas,” and the corporate media sucking it up like a slurpie through a straw, and then asking for more).

As the Bush Ministry of Propaganda, CNN division, would have it, the al-Zarqawi patsy “survived the attack Wednesday in which an Air Force F-16 dropped two 500-pound bombs on a safehouse near Baquba where he was holding a meeting with associates…. Al-Zarqawi was placed on a stretcher by arriving Iraqi police and was still alive when coalition forces arrived, some by helicopter…. Two coalition troops interacted with al-Zarqawi; one began administering first aid, while the second attempted to talk to him.”

However, this is at odds with accounts provided by other witnesses. “An Iraqi man who was one of the first people on the scene of the U.S. airstrike targeting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi said he saw American troops beating a man who had a beard like the al Qaeda leader,” reports CBS News. “The witness, who lives near the house where al-Zarqawi spent his last days, said he saw the man lying on the ground near an irrigation canal. He was badly wounded but still alive, the man told Associated Press Television News…. U.S. troops arriving on the scene wrapped the man’s head in an Arab robe and began beating him, said the local man, who refused to give his name or show his face to the camera. His account could not be independently verified.”

Of course, the CNN version cannot be “independently verified” either, but then it came out of the Pentagon where stories are never questioned, or if they are the journalists doing the questioning are not allowed near the press room again, or are reassigned to research stations at the North Pole.

Al-Zarqawi “obviously had some kind of visual recognition of who they were because he attempted to roll off the stretcher, as I am told, and get away, realizing it was the U.S. military,” Maj. Gen. William Caldwell told Pentagon stenographers via videoconference from Baghdad.

Nice touch, an appropriately climatic end for the al-Zarqawi fairy tale, a manufactured PSYOP program, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald. Naturally, in the rubberneck frenzy to report the demise of the leader of Iraq’s “insurgency,” the corporate media does not bother to reference this story, reported in April.

Reading the details of the al-Zarqawi fiction, we are expected to suspend all doubt, for instance the stupidity of terrorists and the inability of the Pentagon to catch or kill the stupid terrorists. “In an exclusive interview, an Iraqi army colonel told CNN Friday that intelligence from cell phone technology helped U.S. forces find and kill al-Zarqawi…. Col. Dhiya Tamimi said he worked with U.S. forces to monitor al-Zarqawi and his associates’ cell phones, helping to lead to Wednesday night’s airstrike.” Now, if you were a hunted terrorist with a $25 million bounty on your head, would you be casually using a cell phone? Obviously, this al-Zarqawi guy wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. If al-Zarqawi and his associates were such blithering idiots, why didn’t the Pentagon catch them long ago? Not even Osama used his satellite phone after he caught wind of the United States snooping on him, or so we are told.

But never mind. All of this is like watching Independence Day and believing aliens might actually invade.

Anyway, the al-Zarqawi story has all but wiped the Haditha massacre off the front pages, so for our leader and the neocons it is a blessing, albeit it a manufactured blessing.


Propaganda Fonund In Zarqawi's Lair



'Propaganda found in Zarqawi's lair'


Are you making a list of all these impossibilities?

What do TWO 500 Pound Bombs do when they hit their targets?


Does the NWO think everyone is an idiot?

I guess they do. More than a few of them are probably sitting in some plush high rise or 'command centre' swilling booze, playing with high-priced nwo whores, and snorting nose candy.... mocking us... thinking of even more absurd stuff to toss out next, and then laughing their asses off when the NWO controlled media and sheeple start spouting their crapola as Gospel.

Now, tell me this.... How could two 500 Pound bombs land on Zarqawi's Concrete Hideout, and completely destroy the building -- are you guys looking at the photos?...why does nothing seems "burnt" in the immediate area? How could the skin on the corpses remain so intact without melting like a grilled cheese sandwich....?

Now they say Zarqawi was actually alive when the Iraqi military got there! -- but just had enough strength to mumble, and make an effort to jump off the stretcher and run away on his wooden leg...

And now stories about finding "women's lingerie" are surfacing (is this to embarass the Muslims?) and what about the child who was first reported killed? Now it's three women there with him? Where are the corpses?

How could women's lingiere, and a picture of Teddy Roosevelt survive the fire and blast from two 500 Pound bombs (much like a mythical passport that fell from the sky on 911) Are you people going to connect the dots here? Am I the only one in the world who sees through this shi*?

Here...have fun:

Propaganda Fonund In Zarqawi's Lair

By Michael Georgy
The Age.com - Australia

Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was accompanied by women who wore skimpy night clothing, and read magazines on current affairs and militant propaganda.

An inspection of the remains of the "safe house" in which the terrorist mastermind was killed also suggested that he and his companions - which an Iraqi army officer said included two women and an eight-year-old girl - lived with few luxuries.

The US military took reporters to the site in the village of Hibhib, near the town of Baquba north of Baghdad, three days after the death of the al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, who is blamed for beheading hostages and killings hundreds of people in suicide bombings.

At the site surrounded by palm groves, two thin foam mattresses were scattered among the debris of smashed concrete and twisted metal. There were few clues on Zarqawi's extreme ideology or the militant groups he was linked to in the rubble of the building that was pulverised by two 227-kilo bombs in a US air strike on Wednesday.

One leaflet identified a radio station in Latifiya south of the capital as an apparent target. A few metres away was a magazine picture of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Also beside the slabs of concrete was a woman's leopard skin nightgown and other skimpy women's clothes.

The US military had said the air strike killed six people, three males and three females.

It said on Friday that a wounded Zarqawi was still alive when US troops reached the site but died shortly afterwards.

DNA tests confirming Zarqawi's identity are likely to be completed in two days, the US military said.



Zarqawi Beaten, 'That's Baloney'

CBS News


"When the Americans arrived they took him out of the ambulance, they beat him on his stomach and wrapped his head with his dishdasha, then they stomped on his stomach and his chest until he died and blood came out of his nose."

Mohammed - Iraqi man who claims U.S. soldiers beat al-Zarqawi

A video image of dead al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. (AP Photo/U.S. Military)

The top commander of U.S. troops in Iraq brushed back claims that slain al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was beaten after his home was bombed by U.S. forces Wednesday.

"The way I respond to the comments of the alleged Iraqi who saw what went on there is: 'that's baloney,' Gen. George Casey said.

An Iraqi man who was one of the first people on the scene of the U.S. airstrike targeting al-Zarqawi said he saw American troops beating a man who had a beard like the al Qaeda leader.

Speaking on Fox News Sunday, Casey said al-Zarqawi died while American soldiers were attempting to save his life.

The witness, who lives near the house where al-Zarqawi spent his last days, said he saw the man lying on the ground near an irrigation canal. He was badly wounded but still alive, the man told Associated Press Television News.

The Iraqi, identified only as Mohammed, said he lives near the house where al-Zarqawi was killed. He said residents put a bearded man in an ambulance before U.S. forces arrived.

"When the Americans arrived they took him out of the ambulance, they beat him on his stomach and wrapped his head with his dishdasha, then they stomped on his stomach and his chest until he died and blood came out of his nose," Mohammed said, without saying how he knew the man was dead.

His account could not be independently verified.

U.S. authorities changed their initial account of the al-Qaida in Iraq leader's death, first saying he died outright in the airstrike, then saying he survived, but died soon after.

A U.S. military spokesman on Thursday said U.S. troops arrived at the scene of the airstrike in Hibhib, saw that al-Zarqawi was conscious and tried to provide medical treatment before he briefly struggled, then died.

On Sunday, two U.S. military forensic specialists finished their autopsy on al-Zarqawi's remains, part of the investigation to reconstruct the last minutes of his life, the U.S. Command said.

"The autopsy is completed. However, we are not releasing results yet," Maj. William Willhoite said.

Also Sunday, al Qaeda in Iraq vowed to carry out "major attacks," insisting in a Web statement that it was still powerful after the death of al-Zarqawi.

The statement did not name a successor to al-Zarqawi, but it said the group's leadership "renews its allegiance" to Osama bin Laden.

Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, a spokesman for the U.S. military in Baghdad, said Saturday the decision to fly in forensic experts was made shortly after al-Zarqawi's death. The airstrike also killed five others, including al-Zarqawi's spiritual adviser, Sheik Abdul-Rahman.

"I think if we don't do a full autopsy then that might irresponsible on our part," Caldwell said. "I think we sort of owe that just for this reason: How did he actually die?"

He said the U.S. government thought it was important enough "that we grabbed two people in the last 48 hours and told them pack up and move to Iraq."

No other witnesses have come forward to corroborate the Iraqi man's account that al-Zarqawi was beaten. U.S. officials have only said al-Zarqawi mumbled and tried to roll off a stretcher before dying.

In announcing al-Zarqawi's death, the U.S. military said Thursday he was killed outright when two 500-pound bombs were dropped on his hideout. On Friday, the military said al-Zarqawi survived the bombing, which ripped a crater in the date-palm forest surrounding the house just outside Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad.

"It's not going to be 100 percent accurate all the time, but the first reports are going to be a little confused. There are going to be some conflicting stories," Caldwell said, adding that the military should have an accurate chronology ready by Monday.

He said Iraqi police reached the scene first and found the 39-year-old al-Zarqawi alive.

"The coalition forces arrived on the scene. The Iraqi police were there. They in fact saw a person on a stretcher. They moved to that person immediately. A medical person started immediately applying first aid to that person. Another person was trying to talk to that person, to try to identify who this was. They were trying to talk to him and ask him who he was," Caldwell said.

AP footage of the scene showed a wide swath of destruction.

Debris, shoes, sandals, and a woman's slip was scattered over concrete blocks and twisted metal. Trees were ripped from their roots. Charred dresses, torn blankets, thin sponge mattresses and pillows were in the crater blasted by the bombs. A cooling unit and part of a washing machine also were in the area.

Lt. Col. Thomas Fisher of the 1st Battalion, 68th Armored Cavalry said his men showed up at the site about five minutes after the blast and cordoned it off. He said a patrol was in the area already.

"We didn't know it was Zarqawi, we just knew it was a time-sensitive target," he said at the scene early Saturday. "We suspected who it was."

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