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Democratic Fascism

Posted in the database on Wednesday, May 04th, 2005 @ 17:20:43 MST (4162 views)
by Abid Ullah Jan    Media Monitors  

Untitled Document Does it make any difference if pictures of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini do not hang in the offices of Bush, Blair and their allies in the misnomer war on terrorism?

Does it make any difference that Nazis are not around today to gleefully celebrate Bush, Blair and company’s horrific terrorist acts and crimes against humanity?

The exploited democracy and fascism have a long, over 80-year history of collaboration based on shared ideas, practices and perceived common enemies. They abhor every way of life other than their own, fight just wars - if needs be suicidal and genocidal ones - by indiscriminate means, and fanatically go for the destruction of the perceived enemies, whether they were the Jews in early 20th century, communists until the fall of Soviet Union or Muslims since then.

Views of the promoters of modern days fascists ring some familiar tones. Daniel Pipes states that even legal activities of "the Islamists are a challenge."[1] Sam Haris goes to the extent of persuading others not to call it a war on terrorism, but to openly call it a war on Islam (Washington Times Dec 02, 2004). Diana West suggests in Washington Times to “discredit Mohammed” to win the “war on terror.”[2] Above all the US government plans to “change the very face of Islam.”[3]

Such convergence of views, methods and goals goes back to the 1920s when both burgeoning secular democracy and fascism, ideologically pre-shaped in the late 19th century, emerged as organized political movements with the ultimate aim of consolidating their global outreach and imposing their ideological and social policy precepts (in which aims fascism, of course, succeeded in the early '20s and '30s in Italy and Germany, respectively; democracy in mid-40s’ after the second World War; and secular and the most exploited form of democracy after the fall of Soviet Union.

Both movements claim to be the true representatives of some the most civilised, technologically advanced and superior nations. In the case of Nazism, Aryan “"Volksgemeinschaft" was paraded before our eyes.

In the case of democratic fascists, we see even more obscure and confused notions before us. Whereas secularism is imposed as a panacea on the Muslim world, religious fanatics are leading this war with claiming sanctions from God. Bush’s statements with regard to defending “our way of life,” doing God’s job and even claiming that God told him to invade and occupy Iraq are worse than anything associated with his predecessor: Hitler.

The Nazi ("national socialist") movement was formed on the fear that the whole world is against the superior Germans. It lead to its racialist, corporatist ideology laid out in Hitler's Mein Kampf (My Struggle). The hypocritical (secular for others, religiously committed by itself) approach of the democratic fascists was formed after the world war on the basis of the fear of “evil” communism. The fear of an “evil empire” was instantly replaced with the fear of “axis of evil” to continue and consolidate the fascist approach.

Fascist Nazi history need not be dwelt on further here. It led to the horrors and destruction of World War II and the Holocaust. Democratic fascism remains a terrorist threat and - as the US policies have demonstrated since 1990 – it retains a larger measure of political clout than Nazis had in their age. Like its ideological twin of the past, it is not a boxed-in niche force with little capability for break-out. It is set for escalating world-wide the havoc it has already wreaked based on its disregard of the United Nations and majority of their own people.

Immediately following September 11 last year, US President George W Bush declared war of “liberation” for “freedom and democracy.” What the world witnessed as a result are: re-emergence of the concentration camps, killing of more than 100,000 innocent civilians, imposing puppet regimes, a never ending cycle of violence, abuse and naked aggression. All this is worse than Nazism for the simple reason that Nazis had the guts not to lie and not to use fine labels to conceal their crimes against humanity.

The democratic fascists have unprecedented military power at their disposal. They have the will to use as well as to ditch UN when needed. They have a more effective police state in operation than Hitler or Mussolini. Imagine a state where 1 in every 138 Americans is behind the bar. The fascists of our age can confer the air of wisdom and profundity even on white lies and let what's unfathomable appear to be deep in the eyes of a brainwashed public.

But Bush and Blair and their fellow democratic fascists are not intellectual. The brains in many thinks tanks and the chief ideologue in the “mainstream media” are at their service all the while. New York Times, for example, will keep on beating the fear drums and exhort the war lords to continue their totalitarian adventures to avoid Islam from taking over the world.[4]

Without the “mainstream media” and corporate support, present-day democratic fascism as a noxious amalgam of fascist totalitarianism and extremely twisted form of democracy would not exist. Its principal "accomplishment" is to articulate the social and political practices of the neocons since mid 1940s — including support of the illegitimate, unrepresentative, fascist regimes and organizations, involvement in anti-communist, anti-Islam and pro-American or pro-Israeli actions. Apparently, the “mainstream media” is not religiously fundamentalist, but a Goebbels-style propagandist for a new totalitarianism to stand side-by-side with democratic and corporate fascism makes it worse.

Hitler's early 1933 accession to power in Germany was widely cheered by the present fascist regimes. Bush’s family links to Nazis has resurfaced recently. When the "Third Reich" spook and horrors were over 12 years later, many refused to allow Jews to land in their own countries and simply bemoaned the fact that the Nazis' "final solution" to the "Jewish problem" had not proved final enough. In 1914 with Balfour Declaration and in 1948 through the establishment of Israel, British got rid of the “Jewish problem” of Europe forever. Jews were run out of every country in Europe for 1700 years.[5] Muslim countries never experienced a “Jewish problem,” nor the Jews have ever been thrown out of any Muslim country.

Substitute national (corporate) interest for racial purity, the idealized democracy of the rule of the Bush and his minions for the mythical Aryan "Volksgemeinschaft", and most ideological and organizational precepts of Nazism laid out by chief theoretician Alfred Rosenberg in his work The Myth of the 20th Century and by Adolf Hitler in Mein Kampf, and later put into practice, are in all essential respects identical to the precepts of the fascist, corporate democracy after its initial phase of forced implementation in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This ranges from radical rejection of any other way of life, any standard of living or governance to endorsement of the use of terror and assassinations to seize and hold as many Muslim states hostages as possible, and all the way to concoction of fantastical anti-Islam conspiracy theories linking the message of the Qur’an to instigating violence, living by Islam to radicalism, “Islamism” all-encompassing Muslim world control.

Not surprisingly then, as Zionist fascism sought greater stakes in the Middle East, close collaboration between Zionists and democratic fascists ensued. During the establishment of Israeli state through naked terrorism, British and US fully supported the Zionist terrorists.[6]

The present day secular, corporate democracy, or fascism with a humane face, was born with and of the urge to dominate the world during the Cold War period. It proved (and improved) its fascist core convictions and practices through collaboration with the corporate world’s interest, the neocons and the war lords in the “mainstream media.”

This multi-stakeholder-fascist collaboration did not cease with the Cold War's end as everyone can see.

The modern day fascists have intellectually failed to prove how Muslims’ living by Islam in their own countries could be a threat so large to the future of humanity that annihilating any number of Muslims associated with this cause is fully justified. They would never say that it is not Islam or democracy that has made Muslim masses desperate; that it is actually repression of the despotic regimes these fascists have put in place that has made people prefer death over life.

For confirmation, read a report of recent attacks in Egypt, where witnesses and observers claim that the incident took place because the culprits simply wanted to avoid the regimes’ torture to death.[7] A simultaneous report, however, reads: “Egypt forces arrest 200 after attacks.”[8]

This happened despite the fact that General Fuad Allam, former head of Egyptian security, said the attacks were poorly coordinated and executed and not the work of a terror organisation: “I believe that this is an individual act.”[9]

The no-less-than-Saddam Hussain’s security apparatus has already have up to around 20,000 detainees in the prisons. All the political powers are circumscribed. The security forces have done everything that can be done. The American and European fascists would, however, never utter a single word as long as the undemocratic, fascist regime of Mubarak, Musharraf, Karzai, Sauds, Sheiks and Kings serve the interest of the US and Israel. Islam is a scapegoat. Islamism is the title which these fascists have given to the scapegoated Islam.

The hatred spread by these fascists against Islam rapidly acquired wide acceptance in the Western world, especially after the despicable crime of 9/11 that was instantly blamed on Muslims, taken as proof of the depth of depravity to which Muslims standing against the despots in their respective countries had sunk. For instance, Saudi regime is not labelled as fundamentalist, despite it apply all Shair’ah laws, including chopping hands and heads on regular basis.

However, those who stand against them are instantly labelled as Muslim fundamentalists and Islamists. It shows the fear is not of Islam or application of Shari’ah as such, but of those who might have the guts to say no to the corporate and neocons exploitation of the Muslim world.

Looked from this perspective, we can safely conclude that Islam or full application of Islam has nothing to undermining anyone’s interest as such. If the financial system of the corporate world, for instance, collapses due to 1.5 billion Muslims’ refusal to deal in Riba (interest), it would be collateral, not intended.

On the other hand, the corporate democratic fascism of our age is a form of fascist madness - the same type of madness which one of Hitler's closest confidants, convicted war criminal Albert Speer, saw during the Fuehrer's final days. In his Spandau prison diary entry for November 18, 1947, Speer recollects:

"I recall how [Hitler] would have films shown in the Reich Chancellory about London burning, about the sea of fire over Warsaw, about exploding convoys, and the kind of ravenous joy that would then seize him every time.” Compare these words and feelings with the footage aired by the BBC of President Bush preening before his speech announcing war that would kill more than 100,000 people and begin the cycle of never ending violence. The video shows Bush smiling and overwhelmed with the same Hitler kind of ravenous joy while having his hair primped and readied by a female stylist.[10]


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by courtesy & © 2005 Abid Ullah Jan

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