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Houston, Texas : Home of CIA-Mob-Bush Crime Family

Posted in the database on Thursday, August 25th, 2005 @ 11:16:40 MST (6825 views)
by William H. Carr    Conspiracy Planet  

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The Dean of South Texas Law School, Mr. Gerald Treece, appeared on TXCN news, a Texas-only-news cable channel last week to say that the clean-up of the (Houston) Harris County DA's crime lab is the most important local news item to come down the Pike in some time.

If Houston, Texas weren't, thanks to the power of oil and the military industrialist complex that defends it, the shadow capital of the world, I'd say Mr. Treece was right. Instead he's wrong.

The Houston Crime Lab is the printing press for Mob and CIA get-out-of-jail-free-cards and liscenses-to-kill.

This is the biggest local, state, national AND international news story to come down the Pike in the history of the Republic. Period. NO national scandal compares...not Tammany Hall, not the Texas Veterans Land Board Scandal, not Watergate, not Iran-Contra nor the S&L Scandal..though the Iran-Contra and S&L Scandal are part of this story.

Iran-Contra was operating out of Texas and Louisiana and thanks to a qui tam law suit involving former Under-Secretary of State at HUD, Catherine Austin Fitts, we learned that Houston was also ground-zero of the S&L slime pit.

Drug money was being funneled through HUD loans to fund the Contras.

KBR, Halliburton, Temple-Inland (on whose board sits the CEO of the Carlyle Group), Air Products and Chemicals (on whose board sits L Paul Bremer), etc. all have a substantial presence in Houston and Ellington Field, Houston, was not only home to Claire Chennault's Flying Tigers during WWII, whose mercenary efforts were funded by Indo-China's drug money, but home also to key Iran-Contra personalities in the 80's including James R Bath, GWB's Texas Air National Guard buddy.

Chennault's Flying Tiger Airline provided planes to Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation and David "Tex" Hill, was not only a Flying Tiger, but head the Texas Air National Guard when GWB and Bath were there together.)

Michael R Bromwich of Sargent Shriver's Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobsen Law Firm in New York...who is now asking for more money to uncover the Harris County Crime Lab debacle?

His work for the Justice Department confirmed the findings of the San Jose Mercury New's Pulitizer Prize winning author, Gary Webb. Webb, who supposedly committed suicide on the anniversary of Patrick's death five days after I sent letter to fellow Presbyterian ministers uncovering this mess, discovered that the CIA had funded Iran-Contra with money from the drug cartels.

Now Bromwich, who was the Justice Departments' point-man for the Iran-Contra investigation is going to uncover the problems at the Harris County Crime Lab? Really?

His investigation during Iran-Contra didn't lead to the dismantling of America's narco-money-laundering schemes and now drug money is going to clean up the problem at the Harris County Crime Lab? My nose isn't particularly sensitive, but this stinks.

Seargent Shriver's fellow patriarch of the Kennedy Clan, Joseph Kennedy, was drilling oil wells in Texas with one of the Iran-Contra personalities related to former Harris County DA, Johnny B Holmes, John H. "Jack" Modesett.

It was really under Holmes' watch that the Houston crime lab turned to mush. It's Holmes' hand-picked successor, Harris County DA, Chuck Rosenthal, who is offering to use confiscated drug money to un-stick Bromwich's "independent investigation" which has run short of cash. Two million wasn't enough. He needs three million to filter the fiasco. My best bet is that next month it will be four.... and the bucks are sure to be there!

Read former Houston Chronicle writer and author, Peter Brewton's book, THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH and look up "Kennedy, Joseph P" in the index. It's all there. Which is why Brewton's work was the most censored book in American in 1990 and why the mainline media ignored him and why this talented, award winning author is now a journalism professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock.


You know that four Bush biographers have supposedly committed suicide? Four? One journalist/statistician/actuary wrote a recent article on the probabilities of this happening. He concluded that it was as close to totally impossible as possible.

Peter Grojean mentioned below, son of R. Adm. Charles "Chuck" Grojean from Southeast Missouri and San Antonio, a director of the Nimitz Foundation? He was married in Houston by Louis Zbinden, pastor of FPC, San Antonio and board member with you and Edgar Smith at Austin Seminary. I always wondered why Zbinden was less than cordial, but sitting in SA with Sessions, Revell's boss, and thinking the Presbyterian church was getting a close examination from one of its own is enough to make anyone's paranoia level soar. No? It would have paid to have put me on the same page. Not that I'd prefer to be there and that I don't have sins of my own to deal with. At least then I'd had the freedom to politely walk away and say... "HEY. MORE POWER TO YOU!"

0607364 GROJEAN PETER FRANKLIN M ZAUNBRECHER NANETTE MISS F 28 29 10-25-1979 10-27-1979 461020199 101879 101879
2811 NEWMAN ST HO 2811 NEWMAN ST HO 102579

David L. "Tex" Hill? Chennault's ace who became the head of the Texas Air National Guard when GWB and Bath were at Ellington Field, the place where Patrick's body was found? He was an Austin College Graduate in Sherman, TX.. This all makes Peter Brewton's work (seeing that Pete is also an Austin College Grad, not to mention an award winning Houston Chronicle and Post journalist and now journalism professor at Texas Tech) that much more significant and why his book was the most censored publication in America in 1990.


Claire Chennault was a 32nd degree Mason in League City, TX. His fellow Flying Tiger "ace" was David L "Tex" Hill was the son of Presbyterian missionaries to China, like the Bells, Grahams and Junkins.

Hill became the head of the Texas Air National Guard where both James R Bath and GWB served together at Ellington Field where Patrick's body was found.

Hill lives in San Antonio on Elizabeth Street near George A Olson, a cousin of Sarah Norris in whose home Patrick attended a party a couple of weeks before his murder. Nearby is the Argyle Dinner Club where Louis Zbinden and others dine with William Sessions, the head of the FBI when Revell was there. Too, too many coincidences.

Another of Chennault's "aces", "Hap" Arnold along with Chennault's commander, General Stilwell, wanted Chennault brought up corruption charges. Instead they made him a general. "Hap" Arnold was hardly a choirboy. This was how the covert operations were funded in China years ago. Nothing changed. It was the same old story with Iran-Contra. Problem is that when you do business in this way, there's no getting out. Sad, but this is how America's Military Industrialist Complex works. We will all be judged for it.


David Stitt did the marriage for Richard B Westerfield of 5455 Jackwood to Amelia Norlean Robison. Robert Cizik is a board member of the University of Texas Medical Center, Houston and was CEO of First City Bankshares, now Air Products and Chemicals where L Paul Bremer is also on the board.

You remember Bremer. L. Paul Bremer III was named Presidential Envoy to Iraq on May 6, 2003 and in this capacity was the Administrator of the Coalition Provisional Government.

Cizik is on the board of Temple-Inland with Carlyle Group's president, Afsaneh Mashayehi Beschloss, and he's also on the board of Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida where the Halliburton/Dresser boat was moored before being brought to Texas...the one Patrick was on the night he died.

Robert Cizik is also on the incorporation records of WINGATE PARTNERS which has a Harris County DBA of 3027 Marina Bay Dr. #110, League City by Southshore Harbor Marina where the Halliburton/Dresser boat was moored that night. Robert Cizik's kin, Greg Cizik, was a VP with Ed Smith's Commonwealth Mortgage. SEC records show that Ed and Thomas Smith of Grace Presbyterian have 14% controlling interest of First City. This was my reason for asking Harper if he knew Greg Cizik, being that Harper is now a parish associate pastor at Grace and his son is executive pastor at FPC where Modesett teaches Sunday School. Harper said "no, I'm not acquainted with Cizik," but that he usually knew the bride's family. Okay. Let's follow that line of reasoning and see where it leads:



0595795 WESTERFIELD RICHARD B M ROBISON AMELIA NORLEAN MISS F 21 19 06-01-1979 06-06-1979 460071410 060179 060179 5455 JACKWOOD HO 250 STONEY CRK HO 060179 DAVID L STITT PASTOR

Harris County Marriage Record:

0595795 WESTERFIELD RICHARD B M ROBISON AMELIA NORLEAN MISS F 21 19 06-01-1979 06-06-1979 460071410 060179 060179 5455 JACKWOOD HO 250 STONEY CRK HO 060179 DAVID L STITT PASTOR

5455 Jackwood is the same address for both the Stitt and Harper weddings above. Alan G Robison, Amelia Norlean Robison's kin has more than a passing interest in street drugs and the policies that effect them (see Drug Policy Forum of Texas below). He was for 20 years the head of the University of Texas Pharmacology Department. Robert Cizik is also on the University of Texas Medical Center Board and according to Houston Chronicle and Post reporter and author of THE MAFIA, CIA and GEORGE BUSH, Austin College graduate and son of Texas Presbyterian minister, Peter Brewton, the MD Anderson Foundation, also in the Texas Medical Center has been a major conduit for CIA funds.

DBA for "DRUG POLICY FORUM OF TEXAS", Harris County, TX.....

B0195366 DRUG POLICY FORUM OF TEXAS 223990694 12-18-1995 10 1445 LAKESIDE ESTATES #3004 HOUSTON TX 77042



FROM their website:


"The Drug Policy Forum of Texas [DPFT] began with the basic belief that a well informed public will choose rational policies. DPFT was formed because the War On Drugs not only doesn't work, but is also causing a great deal of unintended damage to society. Most politicians are afraid to discuss alternatives, and the one-sided information given to the public is often distorted or simply wrong.

DPFT members are simply concerned citizens from no particular political or social group, but we are fortunate to include many experts among our leaders and advisors.

Key people:

Co-founder Dr. G. Alan Robison, is a National Academy of Sciences award winning pharmacologist who chaired the department of pharmacology at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston for over 20 years.

Advisors include:

Dr. Bryon Adinoff, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Clinical Center for Addictive Diseases at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas

Dr. Ferad Murad, winner of the Nobel prize for medicine

Dr. Susan Robbins, Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Houston, teacher of a national award winning TV course, "Drugs and Society"

Dr. Malcolm Skolnick, former Professor of Technology and Health Law at the School of Public Health at the University of Texas in Houston

We work closely with many other experts here and around the world.

Our purpose is to increase discussion and implementation of better, evidence based, alternatives that will minimize the damage done by drug abuse and damage caused by the use of thoughtless policies."

There's good reason why "most politicians are afraid to talk about alternatives." Our governmental leaders are involved in it an our church provides the cover. Our church. Yours and mine.

Stone Mortgage, which handled the mortgage on Patrick C Oxford's (Bracewell & Patterson Law Firm with former Comptroller of the US Currency Robert Logan Clark) purchase of David Sitt's home in Bellaire, a company for which Patrick worked for only six weeks, was using Gregory L Gregg as treasurer. A Houston attorney, Mr. Gregg is a partner of Houston Attorney Scott Valby....

Scott Valby has connections with Youth For Christ (see Brewton concerning the connection of Youth for Christ and the S&L Scandal). Richard Secord (Iran-Contra figure) is closely tied to Youth For Christ as is Billy Graham who was president of Youth for Christ in 1944 and 1945 (Brewton pp. 273-274), which may help to explain how those close to Iran-Contra are now at the highest levels of the Christianity Today organization, ie., John H "Jack" Modesett. Mr. Gregg has also worked in the Harris County District Attorney's office where Johnny B Holmes, related to Modesett by marriage, was in charge of the Harris County Crime Lab. You know that Holmes spoke at the Grace Presbyterian Men of the Church dinner meeting in 1989 followed by Mattress Mack of Gallery Furniture.

The deckhand Patrick was to meet after the Clear Lake Christmas Boat Parade had been a manager for Mattress Mack and was now being paid $3500 a month to worked on the Halliburton/Dresser boat which was normally moored in Freeport, TX. after being brought to Texas from Harris Corporations' home city of Melbourne, Florida.

Moored at the Bridge Harbor Marina at Freeport when it was taken to Clear Lake for the Christmas Boat Parade....a long way to go for a deckhand job to drive from his home north of the Houston Intercontinental Airport and a significantly higher salary than one might expect for a deckhand job. In as much as Brewton and others including Catherine Austin Fitts document the connection between Iran-Contra and the S&L Scandal, you have to follow the builders and mortgage bankers to see the trail. The deckhand's home was built by Spring 60 LTD which had offices next door to Craig Plumhoff, former Grace Elder whose partner, a Mr. Holladay, like Modesett's partner, Ed Baker, and like Patrick Carr, supposedly died by burning himself to death in his car...that makes three...Baker, Holladay and Patrick. What a coincidence! The subdivision north of the airport was developed by a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Charles "Chuck" Grojean from my hometown in Missouri. Appointed by GHWB to the Nimitz Foundation in Fredricksburg, TX. the Admiral also developed a trailer park adjacent to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio.

How long my family has been caught up in this sick web is only now coming out, but we've been several generations of Presbyterians. Admiral Grojean's son Peter Grojean has deals in Harris County with the attorney who was working with Dr. Ashraf Moyzayani, the Harris County Medical Examiner in charge of Patrick's case and whose crime lab is not only in shambles and was overseen by Johnny B Holmes.

The connections of First Presbyterian Church, Houston to Bell, Graham, Junkin and other key Presbyterian families close to David Stitt is well documented. When people say "this is conspiracy theory stuff, I remind you that in the 1950's the Texas Veterans Land Scandal included over 200 people and one of it key leaders, Bascom Giles, is a member of FPC, Houston.

I know of the Junkin connection to the Graham and Bell families as missionaries to China which was supported by FPC, Houston. These historic connection seems to go back as far as the 1920 and 30's to the work of Claire Chennault, relative of Sam Houston and from Louisiana who was running drugs for the Nationalist Chinese in the early part of the last century up to and after WWII.

Chennault was pumped by Henry and Claire Booth Luce, Henry also being a son of Presbyterian Missionaries and Luce being a close mentor and friend of William F Buckley whose father was sheriff of the infamous Duval County, TX. next to Jim Wells County where one of the corporate agents for the boat, now living two blocks over from FBI former Counter-Terrorism chief and my parishioner, Oliver "Buck" Revell lives in Rowlett, TX. resided along with Johnny B Holmes' handpicked replacement in the Harris County DA's office, Chuck Rosenthall.

Brewton records that Chennault's Flying Tiger Airlines was supplying air transport for Barry Seal's operation. That Chennault was trained at Ellington Field near where Patrick's body was discovered is not, in my opinion, an accident. Neither is the fact that James R Bath, who was identified by the Michael Moore film, Farehheit 911, as a figure that Bush didn't want to have exposed, owned the fuel concessions at Ellington Field. Nearby is/was Houston Gulf Manor Airport bought by Khalid Bin Mahfouz and Bath for the Bin Laden Family. After Patrick's murder this airport was dismantled and is currently being sold by Heritage Properties. Parties from the boat were traced to a home next to the Houston Gulf Manor Airport. Up until August, 2000, Robert Cizik, lived directly across the street from the man who handles Halliburton's KBR pension fund, Fayez Sarofim.

I need to know if the Presbyterian Curries in Texas are related to Lauchlin Currie who was responsible for the covert activities of Louisiana resident, Claire Chenault, whose work in China via the "Flying Tigers" and in Louisiana via "Flying Tiger Airlines" is also documented by Brewton with connections to Barry Seal's Mena, Arkansas CIA activities. Lauchlin Currie died outside Bogota, Colombia where he was supposedly raising cattle. I have read elsewhere that an attorney with the Rose Law Firm, William Kennedy, was jailed for his role in Seal's Mena, Arkansas operation. I have previously told of how Patrick was going to Stuttgart Arkansas on the Monday Morning after his death to Wingmead Farms owned by Frank Lyon, the benefactor of Lyon College and the only Coca-Cola distributor in Arkansas. Brewton documents that Coca-Cola and Walter Mischer provided Oliver North his Contra training facility on 700,000 acres in Belize. That Lyon also made a fortune as an RCA distributor via contracts with Walmart (another Presbyterian connection) and that Richard Cizik was the CEO of RCA which also owned most of the major media outlets in this country and which has close ties to Viacom's Sumner Redstone who just purchased The Houstonian. None of this is coincidental. The Houstonian was not only the address of GHWB while he was in Houston, but has been the home address of a number of other significant and mutually known personalities including the Carollo family. Before it was known as the Carlos Marcello family, the New Orleans family was the Carollo family.

In investigating Pat's death the Chenault/Chennault name continually comes up and particularly with a Corpus Christi oil pipeline inspection company that flies along the Texas-Mexican border. Some of this may explain why Doug Harper feels that being a pastor is superior to being a prophet, why Billy Graham always addressed citizen's personal conversion to faith without ever speaking harshly in public about the Military Industrialist Complex behind the Vietnam War or Iran-Contra or now the money-making ventures in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places, and why novelist Pearls S Buck really bolted from the Presbyterian Church after spending a lifetime in China. That Brewton documents the connection of Coca-Cola to Walter Mischer and Coke and Mischer's connection to Oliver North's Contra training ground in Belize and that Modesett's pastor at FPC, Houston moved into Peachtree Presbyterian where Frank Harrington continually touted his connection to the Coca-Cola CEO is also no accident.

I have read that in the province of Haichow, where the Junkins, Bells and Grahams worked as missionaries, that the opium/morphine dealers were using Formosan credentials provided by the Japanese and that these dealers were given Japanese protection. Even after Chennault moved from the US to defend China and his proposed bombing Japan five months before Pearl Harbor....a proposal endorsed by FDR....it has been documented that Chennault continued to run drugs for the Nationalist Chinese to help underwrite his covert activities. Gee. Where have we heard that scheme before?

That's exactly what Gary Webb uncovered in his work in LA, showing that the crack cocaine epidemic in LA was funded the CIA, leading to John Deutsch's appearance in LA and for which Webb paid with his life on the anniversary of Patrick's death.

You know that Deutsch followed his work with the CIA as a board member for Schlulmberger Oil. D


I spoke with Doug Harper on Sunday night, July 17th, 2005. Doug couldn't remember doing the marriage for Gregory Cizik. He said that normally he'd do the wedding for the bride's family and not the groom's. That makes sense, but there does seem to be a pattern with the bride's family as well, in as much as David Stitt seems to have married another Westerfield at 5455 Jackwood, Houston. Robert M Poteet, your associate, married a Mary Jo Westerfield to Carl T Wimberley, the former Executive Pastor at Modesett's FPC, Houston. Doug told me that his son is now the Executive Pastor at FPC, Houston. Here are the Harris County marriage records:



0595795 WESTERFIELD RICHARD B M ROBISON AMELIA NORLEAN MISS F 21 19 06-01-1979 06-06-1979 460071410 060179 060179 5455 JACKWOOD HO 250 STONEY CRK HO 060179 DAVID L STITT PASTOR

Now the reason I am concerned about Greg Cizik is that he was a VP with Commonwealth Mortgage which purchased Sessions Mortgage during the S&L Scandal effective hiding Sessions from implication. William Sessions was Buck Revell's (Revell was FBI General Deputy, head of Counter-Terrorism, point-man for the FBI's Iran-Contra response along with the CIA's Thomas Tweeton and member of my Plano Church whose grandson died the morning after Patrick) boss during Iran-Contra.

Cizik has business dealing with USA Environmental Inc., which has business dealings with Hub City Environmental Inc, a company whose owner was on the Dresser/Halliburton boat that night. When brought to Texas the boat was moored in Melbourne, Florida, home of Harris Corporation, a major CIA contractor for which my sister's sons work/ed. My wife brother had worked for John Mecom, also a known CIA co-conspirator during Iran-Contra along with Modesett, Walter Mischer and Charles W. Duncan...Duncan head of Coca-Cola and a Houston resident with connections to Peachtree Presbyterian, Atlanta (you can read about this in Peter Brewton's Houston Post and Chronicle articles and in his book about the S&L Scandal).

Greg Cizik has deals with Robert Cizik's Temple-Inland. On the board of Temple-Inland is the CEO of the Carlyle Group and USA Environmental is a company that removes unspent ordnance from American military war zones in Afhganistan and Iraq. Robert Cizik, now with Air Products and Chemicals for which L Paul Bremmer works, was also CEO of RCA which is VERY significant when combined with Coca-Cola's connection to covert CIA activities. The only Coca-Cola distributor in Arkansas and also the leading RCA distributor in Arkansas is Jack Lyon.

Patrick Carr was packed and ready to go on a hunting trip with his uncle...the one who worked for Mecom...to Stuttgart, Arkansas on the Monday morning after his murder, December 11, 2000. The place, arranged by his uncle Kevin, was Wingmead Farms, owned by Jack Lyon the benefactor and namesake of Lyon College. Wingmead and other Lyon companies use Rose Law Firm, the firm of the Clintons whose legal advisor, Vince Foster, supposedly committed suicide.

There were two other boys who were murdered when they got too close to the Iran-Contra network. That happened at Mena, Arkansas (GHWB was VP at the time and Clinton was governor) and you can read about these boys on the internet if you'd like. Mena was run by Barry Seal whose biographer, Daniel Hospicker, told me about the connection of Iran-Contra to the Bush and Clinton families, Mecom and the others.

Carl Wimberly has a real estate deal in Houston with Cadillac Devmt Corp which was already turning up in my investigation into Patrick's death.

File No: J271162 Grantee:WIMBERLEY CARL T JR ETAL Grantor:CADILLAC DEVMT CORP FC: 067820406 Date:19831208 Type:W/D Desc:INSTR Section: Lot: Block: Misc: Vol-Page:

The reason that I need for you to have the Rev. Dr. Doug Harper call me concerning Greg Cizik is that I need the FIRM connection between Greg and Robert Cizik. I know that Greg's Cizik's company does work for Temple-Inland, and that Robert Cizik is on the board of Temple-Inland.

Also on the board of Temple-Inland is the CEO of the Carlyle Group, Afsaneh Mashayehi Beschloss. Cizik is also on the board of Harris Industries for which my nephews work/ed. Robert Cizik is now the CEO of Air Products & Chemicals and on that board is L. Paul Bremmer, former head of Counter-Terrorism for the US State Department before being given his assignment in Iraq.

My parishioner, Oliver "Buck" Revell, was head of Counter-Terrorism for the FBI. It was his grandson who died the morning after Patrick in Dallas.

Greg Cizik has an address in Houston of 5455 Jackwood co-owned with Melanie Westerfield.

Douglas M Harper did the wedding for Greg Cizik. David Stitt married Westerfield's father and Presbyterian minister "Buck" Oliphant did a later marriage for Richard B Westerfield.

0595795 WESTERFIELD RICHARD B M ROBISON AMELIA NORLEAN MISS F 21 19 06-01-1979 06-06-1979 460071410 060179 060179 5455 JACKWOOD HO 250 STONEY CRK HO 060179 DAVID L STITT PASTOR


The Halliburton/Dresser boat Patrick was on in Clear Lake had been in Melbourne, Fl, home of Harris Industries a major CIA contractor. On the boat that night was Rudy Johnson of Hub City Environmental Inc. in Pearland.

Hub City has dealings with a Greg Cizik related company called USA Environmental Inc. which extracts land mines and unspent ordnance in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Patrick's uncle had worked for known CIA-Iran-Contra asset, John Mecom. For my son to be anywhere near these people put him in extreme danger. That fellow Christians did not tell me of that danger is beyond reason. That I was so naive is my own cross to carry.

David Stitt's home was sold to Patrick Oxford of Bracewell & Patterson Law Firm and Patrick Oxford used Stone Mortgage Company to fund his purchase. Patrick Carr had worked only six weeks for League City based Stone Mortgage...with no offices near Oxford's old or new Stitt home.

Bracewell & Patterson is the law firm of the former Comptroller of the US Currency during Iran-Contra. A qui-tam law suit filed by former HUD Undersecretary, Catherine Austin Fitts, has revealed the connection of McClennan County-based First City Financial, J-Hawk and Harbor Mortgage to a pattern of narco-dollar laundering which Fitts said needed the knowledge and compliance of the nations highest banking regulator, the US Comptroller of the Currency. I have already explained the connection of these companies to elders at Grace Presbyterian Church.

The release of evidence in Fitt's suit in May, 2000 just as the Halliburton/Dresser boat was being put into some kind of covert service in Texas, having been ferried back to Texas from Melbourne, put my son in extreme danger along with Revell's grandson.

Respected CIA agent, Robert Baer, author of SLEEPING WITH THE DEVIL: HOW AMERICA SOLD ITS SOUL FOR SAUDI OIL, chronicles the relationship between the CIA's chief spy, Thomas Tweeton and Buck Revell. Both men helped orchestrate the CIA and FBI connection/s to the Iran Contra drugs-for-weapons-for-hostages fiasco.

According to Baer, Tweeton's son-in-law, Matthew Gannon...also a CIA agent, was on his way back to the USA from the Middle-East on December 21, 1988 to ask the CIA why field agents had NOTHING on the Moslem Brotherhood...the organization which spawned Al Qaeda.

The Brotherhood started in Egypt, ventured through Syria where it was squelched by Assad and ended up in Saudi Arabia where it nurtured by the Saudi Royal Family and used across the Middle-East to do CIA dirty work...a fact known only to the CIA and FBI within the CIA and FBI....which is why those organization are now in an ideological morass.

On December 21, 1988, Gannon boarded Pan Am flight 103 which blew up over Lockerbie Scotland. Buck Revell's son...the one whose child died the morning after Patrick....was scheduled to fly on Pan Am 103 with Gannon, but changed his flight a few days before the event. Revell was put in charge of the investigation.

I want to get to the bottom (or top) of who in their right minds would kill two boys to cover their tracks in defending democracy around the world. Similar murders took place in Mena, Arkansas near Barry Seal's Iran-Contra Airport there.

The San Jose Mercury New writer who discovered that our CIA was selling drugs to America's youth, Gary Webb, died on the anniversary of Patrick's murder, December 10, 2004...five days after I sent a letter to Presbyterian ministers across the country outlining my discoveries and making the connection between Texas to California via Webb's story. Ruled a suicide by the California medical examiner, Webb had supposedly shot himself twice in the head. The key witness in Webb's story, Ricky Ross, was moved from a California prison to one in West Texas.

Doug Harper said to me once "Be a pastor before you become a prophet." You tell him for me I said, "Yea, but then be a truth-teller...DAMN IT!"

Do I want the investigation into Patrick's death reopened. OF COURSE. But who in Harris County would do it? The DA, hand picked by Johnny B Holmes whose crime lab is in shambles, Chuck Rosenthal...also from Alice, Texas...home of Hub City Enviromental Inc's Rudy Johnson's business partner, Quitman Lindley who lives two blocks over from Revell in Rowlett, Texas ? Plus Holmes is related by marriage to FPC Sunday School teacher and now head of Billy Graham's Christianity Today Magazine, Jack Modesett, mentioned by Houston Chronicle and Post writer and Texas Texas Journalism Professor, Peter Brewton, as another Iran-Contra CIA asset.

I can't make this stuff up!

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