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New WTC Complex Photos Highlight Bizarre Building 7 Collapse
by Paul Joseph Watson    PrisonPlanet.com
Entered into the database on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006 @ 11:29:40 MST


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Buildings 5 and 6, closer to towers burned throughout but did not collapse

Previously unseen photos provided to us by an annonymous rescue worker who was at ground zero on 9/11 highlight the implausible implosion of WTC Building 7 in comparison with buildings closer to the towers that sustained significantly more fire and debris damage yet did not collapse.

Above is a map showing the relative position of the buildings in the WTC complex. Though Building 7 was hit by flying aircraft parts, it was not significantly effected by the collapse of the towers due to it being shielded by buildings 5 and 6 - which despite being closer to the towers and suffering far more extreme fires - did not collapse.

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Building 7 to the right of the picture as Building 5 burns in the left background. From this image, which building seems the more likely to collapse? The 47 story behemoth with limited fire in a few floors - or a nine story shell completely engulfed by fire and flames from top to bottom? Yet it was Building 7 and not 5 that collapsed on the afternoon of September 11.

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The burned out husk of Building 5 two days after 9/11. Building 5 sustained massive damage from flaming aircraft parts which ignited fires that burned for hours. In addition, the collapse of the north tower scraped down the side of 5 but its modest nine floors did not structurally collapse.

Here is a separate image revealing the extent of the fires in WTC 5. Despite raging infernos and debris gouging huge holes in the building, and in comparative size significantly more severe fires than the twin towers or Building 7 - the building stood while the other three all collapsed.

In addition, Building 6, which was even closer to the north tower (seen here moments before its subsequent planned demolition months later), suffered even more extreme fire and debris damage, but the building did not fall down implosion style like the towers and Building 7.

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A wider perspective shot of the rubble of Building 7. The Fiterman Hall building and the U.S. Post Office building across the street show little damage. Building 5 in the background is completely charred but still stands.

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The rubble of WTC Building 7 lies in front of the Fiterman Hall building. The building has fallen in its own footprint - another sign of controlled demolition

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Here are a couple of shots for the no planers and 'blue screen' advocates - aircraft engine parts and a truck designated to store them. Claiming that no planes hit the WTC towers is damaging to the movement's credibility and it is one of the first things that debunkers like Popular Mechanics seize upon when building straw man hit pieces.

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Please click here to download a zip file of the complete portfolio of these images. If you spot anything unusual that has not been fully explained please feel free to e mail us and we will investigate.


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