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Another Israeli Myth Exposed: There Were No Hezbollah Rockets In Qana
by Paul Joseph Watson
Entered into the database on Tuesday, August 01st, 2006 @ 15:24:02 MST


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Meanwhile, northern Israeli residents say they have more chance of winning the lottery than getting hit by a Katyusha missile

There were no Hezbollah rockets and no Hezbollah militants in the village of Qana that was leveled by the Israelis on Sunday night, according to village residents and Red Cross workers stationed in the area. Another apologist fabrication to justify Israeli atrocities has been exposed as a total fraud.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert claimed Sunday Hezbollah were, "hiding places for rockets inside the village and the village itself is a safe haven for those who launch rockets."

Israeli media mouthpieces and drooling Neo-Cons have repeatedly tried to portray Israel's rampant war crimes as a right to self-defense, even in light of mounting atrocities and the deliberate targeting of aid workers, ambulances, UN observers, and women and children who slept in their beds and never woke up.

"There were no Hezbollah rockets fired from Qana - this was the justification given by the Israelis for bombing the shelter and again carrying out a massive bombardment all that night long and well into the next day of that entire village," Dahr Jamail told the Alex Jones Show.

Jamail is a Christian Lebanese American independent journalist who has worked for the Guardian, the Independent, and the Sunday Herald.

"They claim that it was Hezbollah's fault, that they were forced to murder these innocent people because Hezbollah continues to fire rockets into Israel."

"I spoke with two residents at the scene of the bombing, two people who were nearby, who lived in the village and they said of course there were no Hezbollah rockets fired from this village because when Hezbollah does that all of the villagers clear out immediately because people are well aware that once those rockets are fired Israel is going to retaliate with a massive air strike on the entire area."

"So no rockets were fired according to the residents there."

Jamail also verified this contention by speaking to aid workers in the nearby city of Tyre.

"These claims were backed up not only by residents but when I talked to the Lebanese Red Cross they said the same thing - they said no when we go into these villages usually we can find evidence if there is any - we will find rocket launchers, we will find guns, we will even find some Hezbollah fighters," said Jamail.

"One of them who was actually the training manager of the Red Cross down there, he said there was 100 per cent no evidence - that city was clear - there was no evidence of any rockets fired from there whatsoever."

Jamail said that "without a doubt" Israel was intentionally targeting civilians, with a particular focus on medical workers and rescue workers.

He said that the policy was based on blood thirst and collective punishment with an overarching agenda to pull Iran and Syria into the mire so Israel can justify subsequent attacks on those countries.

For those still choosing to live in cloud cuckoo land and believe the fallacy of the 'right to self-defense' argument - consider the words of one resident of Kiryat Shmona, a town on the northern most border of Israel.

“I’M STAYING. [!!!!!!!] I have more chance of winning the lottery than being hit by a Katyusha [missile].[!!!!!!!] We are suffering too much from Hezbollah. They should get in there, finish the whole thing and get it done once and for all.”

More chance of winning the lottery than being hit by a Hezbollah missile. Compare that to the untold horror that has been inflicted on a nation of innocent people whose very day to day existence has been turned into simple question of survival.


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