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Bush Bombing Afghan Villages And Olmert Bombing Lebanon Villages Is All Part Of Straussian Rule
by Joyfulwalker    Age of Tyranny News
Entered into the database on Saturday, July 22nd, 2006 @ 12:40:40 MST


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Straussism is the philosophy of the obscure University Of Chicago philosophy instructor Leo Strauss. The students of Leo Strauss left the University in search of political power; these took root in the Republican party, formed neo-conservatism; became known as Neocons; and have come to rule domestic and foreign policy both from the White House and Jerusalem.

The Current Bombings

The current middle east bombing campaigns both in Afghanistan and Lebanon are part of Straussian Rule which has the following characteristics:

**The elite Few are to rule over the vulgar Many

George Bush and Ehud Olmert are simply doing as Leo Strauss taught: specifically that the strong must rule the weak.

**Justice is merely the interest of the stronger

Strauss provides the insights of the wise Plato: justice is merely the interest of the stronger; those in power make the rules in their own interests and call it justice.

**The rule of the Wise is to be absolute, authoritarian and undemocratic

The rule of the Wise is not to be questioned: one is not to raise questions about classic values such as justice or constitutional principles; hence the rule of the Wise must be unquestioned.

**The State is omnipotent: it manifests militaristic nationalism

Strauss believed that human aggression could only be restrained by a powerful, nationalistic state. He believed that such an omnipotent state can only be maintained if there is an external threat, "even if one has to be manufactured."

**Perpetual war is necessary as a means of peace

Straussians believe that an aggressive, belligerent foreign policy (specifically the kind that has been advocated by neocon groups like PNAC and AEI scholars) is the only road to peace. The "national destiny", as Irving Kristol defined it already in 1983, goes far beyond the narrow confines of a "myopic national security."

**Dissemble democracy

Straussians maintain true democracy, that is a leadership-democracy, for the Few while at the same time feign majority-democracy to the Many. Strauss’ reading of Plato comes down to this: a majority-democracy is an act against Nature and must be prevented at all costs. Under the Straussian autocratic system, dissent is not only dangerous, it is seditious.

**Reality exists in Nature

Strauss did not deny that there is an independent reality. On the contrary, he thought that independent reality consists in Nature and its “order of rank” – the high and the low, the superior and the inferior. Like Nietzsche, he believed that the history of western civilization has led to the triumph of the inferior, something they both lamented profoundly.

**Nature abhors a contract

In Straussian Philosophy, “Nature abhors a contract”. The U.S. Constitution is a construct that exists outside of Nature. The constitution must be purged so that the Natural Right – the Right of the Few to rule over the Many can be exercised.

The Likely Future

The unrestrained bombing campaigns have great significance for expanded Straussian Rule: it is very likely that An Emergency Is Coming In Late 2006 -- And That It Will Be Used To Install State Corp. Rule Over The North American Continent

This coming rule will be Struassian to the core: if the Few were to give the Many, such things as freedom, happiness, pluralism and prosperity, in Strauss's estimation, it would turn them into animals!

The goal of the Wise is to ennoble the Vulgar.

In the Straussian view, what will ennoble the Vulgar?

Only weeping( http://tinyurl.com/mtm8l )worshipping (http://tinyurl.com/lh2p5 )and sacrificing (http://tinyurl.com/mrs2n) ennobles the Many.


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