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The Zionist plan for the Middle East
by xymphora    xymphora.blogspot
Entered into the database on Wednesday, July 05th, 2006 @ 13:19:29 MST


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The Zionist plan for the Middle East – and there is one, written by Wurmser and those around him – what been described as the ‘skittles theory’ – see the classic article by Brian Whitaker (the same article with added hyperlinks is here; other articles by the always excellent Whitaker are here; see this one and this one in particular), can be described in the following steps:

1. Syria is forced out of Lebanon (done);

2. Lebanon is further destabilized (an ongoing project);

3. the government in Syria is replaced by one friendly to Israel (most important thing on the to-do list);

4 . the United States fights Israel’s war and overturns Saddam’s government (done);

5. the brutal American occupation forces Iraq to break into three parts, Kurd, Sunni, and Shi’ite (ongoing; and the Zionist need for a long occupation to ensure Iraq breaks up explains the otherwise inexplicable Democrat support for the occupation);

6. Israeli-allied Kurds take over oil lands now inhabited by Arabs and Turkmen (well on its way);

7. the King of Jordan rules the Sunnis of Iraq (nutty, but a Wurmser favorite);

8. the Iraqi oil fields end up in the hands of a ‘moderate’ Shi’ite government (in fact, forces seem to be pushing the moderates out of power);

9. the moderate Shi’ite government in Iraq influences the government in Iran to become similarly moderate, and pro-Western/pro-Israeli (crazy; Zionist meddling is forcing all Shi’ites to become more conservative);

10. the combined influence of Shi’ites in Iraq and Iran forces a Shi’ite uprising over the oil fields in Saudi Arabia, forcing the current Saudi leadership out of control over the oil, and into a poor and powerless enclave around Mecca/Medina (this is the ultimate Zionist goal, to remove the ‘oil weapon’ from the hands of the Saudi princes).

Unstated in this list is the primary skittle, forcing the Palestinians into Jordan, and the last skittles, preparing the way for Greater Israel, including the huge problem of dealing with Egypt.

There are two things to be said about the list. First, it is completely insane. Not just the fact that it amounts to intellectuals playing with the lives of millions of people, all in aid of an immoral Zionist imperialism, but in that so many completely unlikely things have to happen in the right order for it to possibly succeed. Wurmser is not only a madman; he’s an incompetent madman.

Secondly, we can see the real way in which oil plays a role in the plan. Zionists are obsessed with the ‘oil weapon’, and find it intolerable that there is even a chance that the untermenschen could force a change in American policies towards the Middle East. British and American geopolitical strategists have spent the last hundred years adjusting the Middle East perfectly to allow their oil companies to exploit the oil. There can be no more reliable group of allies than the oil shiekhs (who are, of course, well paid for their services). Since everything has been set up to perfection, it is not the oil companies, or sensible American strategists, who want further conflicts in the Middle East, conflicts which will likely destroy the entire system. It is only those who want to break the ‘oil weapon’. Zionists don’t care about the health of oil companies, or what Americans, and the world, will have to pay for oil. All they care about is Israeli imperialism.

Note the prescient paragraph from Whitaker’s September 3, 2002 article:

“With several of the ‘Clean Break’ paper's authors now holding key positions in Washington, the plan for Israel to ‘transcend’ its foes by reshaping the Middle East looks a good deal more achievable today than it did in 1996. Americans may even be persuaded to give up their lives to achieve it.”

How much more are Americans willing to give up?


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