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Army raises maximum age again for new recruits
by Will Dunham    chron.com
Entered into the database on Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 @ 15:35:03 MST


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The U.S. Army, aiming to make its recruiting goals amid the Iraq war, raised its maximum enlistment age by another two years Wednesday.

People can now volunteer to serve in the active-duty Army or the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard up to their 42nd birthday, officials said.

It marked the second time this year the Army has boosted the maximum age for new volunteers, raising the ceiling from age 35 to 40 in January.

The Army Reserve is a part-time force of federal troops who can be summoned to active duty. The Army National Guard is another part-time force whose soldiers are under the command of state governors for use in emergencies but also can be mobilized to active duty.

Julia Bobick, an Army Recruiting Command spokeswoman, said the decision to raise the maximum enlistment age "is not an act of desperation" but rather the latest prudent step intended to attract qualified recruits.

Older recruits must pass the same physical standards and medical examination as younger ones, the Army said. However, those between 40 and 42 will face additional cardiovascular screening, Bobick said.


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