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Israeli/Arab Conflict Another Illuminati War For Profit
by Michael Shore
Entered into the database on Monday, July 24th, 2006 @ 18:22:31 MST


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Watch what is currently going on in Israel and you can observe the Illuminati in action.

Three Israeli soldiers are supposedly kidnapped by hamas/hezbollah. No one outside of the inner circle of government knows for sure what really happened and what is going on. Instead of going through diplomatic channels to try and get back the so-called kidnapped soldiers, Olmert and his Israeli/Arab partners in crime immediately escalate this supposed kidnapping event into a WAR FOR PROFIT. The Israelis start bombing in Beirut and other places and the Arabs start bombing Israel.To put into action any military operation takes much planning and could take many months of preparation, which means that this plan was hatched before the Israeli soldiers were supposedly kidnapped. Even the so-called kidnapping can be a part of the plan.

If you understand that the Illuminati control BOTH the Israeli and Arab governments with their multi-TRILLION dollar WAR CHEST, it becomes easier to get the picture of what's going on. So far unfortunately over 200 Arabs and over 100 Israelis have been killed or wounded over the supposed kidnapping of just THREE PEOPLE. Millions of dollars in damages has been caused from the bombings in Lebanon and Israel etc.

Now here's the part that gives away that this whole atrocious killing event was planned in advance. WHO BENEFITS from all this? Oil went to a new record high of over $78 a barrel , so we can definitely say that the Illuminati connected oil corporations are benefiting by billions of dollars, as oil at the pump is on its way to $4 a gallon. This gang of thieves, the Illuminati, needed some kind of event to get the people to accept $4/gallon oil and this is the $4/gallon event. And what does the sick oil soaked Bush regime say about all this? Let the war continue,we're going to make more billions for ourselves.

Here's an article that talks about oil tripling in price if Iran is attacked. People have their heads buried in the sand if they don't think these WARS FOR PROFITS are not about MONEY, trillions of dollars of Iraqi OIL, Afghani{Caspian Sea} OIL, Iranian OIL..

Plus millions {possibly billions} of dollars of property that is destroyed by bombs etc.will need to be rebuilt, so the Illuminati connected construction companies who will get these contracts will benefit, as they have in Iraq and Afghanistan. And of course the Illuminati connected war corporations are right there in the forefront benefiting by more billions of dollars from the new military contracts they will get. How much do you think one bomb costs that is dropped from a plane? Or one artillery shell that is shot from a cannon? Or one missile that is shot at a target? Or one ship that is blown up?etc.etc.etc.

This unfortunately is just the beginning. Will this be the lead event of the Illuminati's march to attack Iran or for them to do another one of their 911 style events in the U.S.A.? How many more lives will be lost or destroyed by the criminal gangs in control of governments, American, Arab and Israeli etc., whose leaders and associates in crime make MONEY from war? And all this killing, violence and destruction is being blamed on the supposed kidnapping of JUST THREE PEOPLE! Does this make any sense at all? It can only be described as insane.

Hopefully people can finally wake up to the Illuminati WAR FOR PROFITS SCAM that they continually perpetrate. Tell as many people as you can to STOP giving their sons and daughters to the criminal armies of these gangsters, who unfortunately hoodwink the public all the time and make billions of dollars for themselves, even if it means killing innocent babies, children and adults.




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