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Israel is Killing Incubator Babies and the World Says That it is OK!
by Jesse
Entered into the database on Friday, July 14th, 2006 @ 11:38:32 MST


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When Israel punishes every Palestinian person for the actions of a small percentage of Palestinian people they are being racists of the worst kind. They treat all Palestinians as if they were one person or one cooperative organization. That is racism.

Practicing collective punishment on the Palestinian people is no different than if we in the U.S. placed all African Americans in prison because there are several high crime African American communities.

Actually Israel’s actions are worse because they involve murder. Israel destroys life sustaining infrastructure. Their recent attack on Gaza destroyed an electric plant resulting in the shutting down of the water station. Gaza is without electricity and without water. No electricity means hospitals can no longer help people. This, my friends, is called murder. It means any life sustaining medical equipment in the community can not run. This too, my friends, is called murder. It means people who need this life saving infrastructure die. It means babies in incubators die. Remember when the Bush I administration lied to the world about Iraqis killing Kuwaiti babies by removing them from their incubators? The world was outraged even though the Bush administration was lying about this and the world went to war with Iraq! This was the deciding factor for the U.S. Senate. But When Israel kills babies in incubators the world says that it is OK!

Say what you want, call me what you like, but I object to the murder of innocent people. I know many people refuse to believe that there are any innocent Arabs on this planet but I defy you to show me a baby or small child that is evil. I object to baby killing.

So where are all our pro-life people who seem to object to killing unborn babies but see no problem with killing them once they are born? Where are all the Christian pro-lifers who seem to loose their voice when real live babies are threatened? Tell me…who is printing all the free passes for Israel? Think about it!

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