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Seven Dipshits In A Warehouse
by Paul Joseph Watson    PrisonPlanet.com
Entered into the database on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 @ 17:08:58 MST


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The latest terror cell to wage "ground war" on America

Just when you thought the predictability of the latest triumph in the war on terror couldn't get any more ludicrous - you're reminded that the Neo-Cons like to keep the propaganda simple and straightforward, never deviating from well-honed tactics.

In Friday's article on the Sears Tower arrests I predicted that, "One of the repeating elements to emerge from every major terror sting or forged terror alert is the use of retarded individuals as patsies, informants and go-betweens."

"Don't be surprised to learn of a connection to a retarded individual over the next few days."

So it follows that yesterday it emerged from a New York Daily News report that the alleged ringleader of the plot Batiste "needs psychiatric help," according to his own mother.

Click here - The Daily Show: The Miami Seven

The Daily Show's John Stewart classified the Miami terror cell that were about to "wage a ground war against America," according to Gonzales as "seven dipshits in a warehouse," following a farcical press conference in which Gonzeles was cornered into admitting that they had no links to any Al-Qaeda members and had no weapons or explosives to carry out any acts of terrorism.

Today, lawyers for the defendants outlined an argument that the government had used entrapment to essentially imagine into existence a deadly Al-Qaeda terror cell that had never existed in the first place.


Those 'terror' plots in full.

by lenin
Lenin's Tomb

So, first of all, the 'Miami Seven': They were not 'Al Qaeda' - the only connection to 'Al Qaeda' that these men had was that an intelligence mole called himself an 'Al Qaeda' operative (that's called entrapment; they had no explosives; they are not even Muslims (which would be enough to get one arrested); the best the government has is an alleged expression of a wish to target the Sears tower. One of the arrested was a Guardian Angel. There was no plot. It was a government provocation. It was entrapment. Nevertheless, Time insists they were a 'threat' cos they were wannabes n the guys who blew up the tube were wannabes n that proves they were a 'threat'. Yeah, but the guys who blew up the London underground were something more than 'wannabes'. They were people who had explosives of some variety and used them. Those guys were 'am so' not 'you wish'. Nevertheless, Alberto Gonzales said these seven guys were intent on launching a "full ground war" against the United States.

Meanwhile, that alleged Canadian plot is hidden from proper scrutiny by a full media blackout, their lawyers report mistreatment. The alleged plot has been reported to involve everything from an attack on the Prime Minister to an airplane attack to truck bombs in Toronto's financial district. It is alleged the men possessed explosives - but if they did so, this is because they were delivered by the Mounties. The group had allegedly been a "relatively innocuous little group of rank amateurs", and were able to grow only because the government allowed it to grow from 2004, and very probably infiltrated the group. So, you might ask: why would two Western states attempt to goad groups into participating in terrorist activity?


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