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Zarqawi Dog and Pony Show Rolls On
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Sunday, June 18th, 2006 @ 17:25:29 MST


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Once again, the intel op known as “al-Qaeda” has posted an internet communiqué, this time threatening to “avenge” the killing of the al-Zarqawi stand-in patsy. It’s simply amazing the corporate media reports this nonsense without critical comment, or laughing out loud, as they reported without comment the professed fact two 500lb bombs dropped on al-Zarqawi’s “hideout” vaporized walls, produced a large crater, flattened a palm grove, and yet his body was essentially unscathed.

Obviously, Allah works in mysterious ways.

Before the al-Zarqawi stand-in was killed for the sake of a gruesome photo op, relished by the Pentagon as it produced huge enlargements of the stand-in’s waxy corpse during a “military briefing” in Baghdad on June 8, we were told al-Zarqawi was more interested in killing fellow Muslims and accusing them of collaboration with infidels than ejecting the United States from Iraq.

“In his last audiotape, al-Zarqawi accused Hizbullah, which spearheaded the guerrilla warfare against Israel’s 18-year occupation of a buffer zone in south Lebanon, of having ’serious ties’ with the Jewish state,” reports the Associated Press, an absurd claim to say the least, as Hezbollah was organized to fight against Israel’s illegal invasion of Lebanon. “Nawaf al-Mussawi, the Hizbullah politburo member in charge of international relations, said al-Zarqawi was a U.S.-Israeli tool used against Arab resistance groups. al-Zarqawi’s call for Hizbullah to give up its weapons—in line with the agreement that ended Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war and a 2004 U.N. Security Council resolution—is proof, he said.”

As an intel op run by American and Israeli intelligence, al-Zarqawi was tasked with creating sectarian discord, per Oded Yinon’s plan to balkanize the Arab and Muslim world. “Hizbullah has maintained close ties to several Arab Sunni militant groups, including the Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which it has provided with financial support and, allegedly, military training. Both groups have been able to bridge the centuries-old Sunni-Shiite ideological divide with Hizbullah because they focus more on political interests than on religious zealotry,” a nightmare for both the Likudites and neocons.

Meanwhile, we are expected to believe al-Zarqawi toted a “treasure trove” of information from one “hideout” to another in his last days. “Coalition forces have carried out 452 raids across Iraq using information gained from the attack that killed terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and 104 insurgents were killed during those actions,” the Pentagon told corporate stenographers at the Bush Ministry of Outrageous Nonsense, Fox News division. “Maj. Gen. William Caldwell, a U.S. military spokesman in Baghdad said the raids led to the discovery of 28 significant arms caches.”

According to a remarkably indestructible document ostensibly found in the wreckage of the al-Zarqawi “hideout,” obviously printed on kevlar paper—or a material similar to the passports of the nine eleven hijackers Satam al-Suqami and Ziad Jarrah, a wonder material able to withstand explosive forces capable of destroying aircraft black boxes and pulverizing tons of concrete—”al-Qaeda,” as a translation provided by National Security Adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie would have it, shall overcome its “bleak situation” by involving the United States in a “war against another country.”

In other words, the coming shock and awe campaign against Iran will be attributed to “al-Qaeda,” at least in part, and its heir apparent, Abu Ayoub al-Masri, née Shaikh Abu Hamza Al Mohajer, the new and improved al-Zarqawi. Abu Ayoub al-Masri, who will soon become simply “Masri” in the corporate media, is perfect for the job, as he was supposedly “a direct associate of Al Zarqawi and facilitator of foreign fighters from Syria,” according to Gulf News, for as we know, of course, resistance fighters in Iraq, with the exception of a few disgruntled “dead-enders” and former Ba’athist stalwarts, are from Syria and Iran, as Iraqis are too busy searching for rose petals to toss at their liberators, that is when they are not looking for clean water to drink.


Zarqawi successor is a US creation

Lady Bird
Roads to Iraq

As I said before, Zarqawi was a myth created by the Americans, the greatest mystery about Zarqawi was the fact that the bulk of his victims were Iraqis, not Americans, strange coincidence that his agenda to divide Iraq has been similar to that of the invaders.

As Iraqi writer, Haifa Zangana said:

Even if Zarqawi did not exist they, [the US occupation] would create one, and if he died, they would make another Zarqawi to keep Iraq under their control.

The “fine-tuned” new Zarqawi is created

We heard about US military identified Zarqawi successor, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, as they called him, they even published his autobiography.

One problem here and it is:

Nobody in Egypt among terrorists experts, Egyptian security, not even fanatic Muslims knows such a man or such a name:

Identity of Zarqawi’s successor remains enigma

The Egyptian security services have not heard of any Egyptian by this name, but since his name has been released, we are researching and investigating the matter,” a security source said.


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