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Is Karl Rove Producing Fox News?
by Donna    News Hounds
Entered into the database on Thursday, June 15th, 2006 @ 15:18:03 MST


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The entire program of Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 - 1 p.m.) seemed custom designed to make the Bush administration look like everything was right with the world.

It began with a segment from reporter Andrew Stack, in Baghdad, who spoke about how the Iraqi Security Forces were stepping up in Baghdad in Operation Forward Together. Then we had Bill Krystol on to speak about how Bush is committed to victory and how Bush has to convince people who don't think we can win in Iraq that we can win.

Hemmer then ran a film clip of Condoleeza Rice who said that we were bringing terrorists to justice and justice to the terrorists and we heard thunderous applause. Krystol then said that Rove said that Iraq is the central issue and they can't run away from the war in Iraq.

A few minutes later we heard about a new operation in Afghanistan. Operation Mountain Thrust which had a combination of Afghan and coalition troops together to force out Al Qaeda and Taliban forces.

Later in the show Hemmer had a segment where he said Hillary was booed and John Kerry was applauded for the stances they took on the war in Iraq. Ed Rogers who was an aide to the Senior George Bush said that he was glad that Democrats were having this argument and he brought up the 'cut and run' Republican talking points many times. He went on about how thousands of Iraqi's would die if we cut and ran now. (Comment: Of course no Democrat has called for us to cut and run but to have a designated withdrawal period, but on Fox cut and run is accepted without question)

Then we had a little more on the operation in Afhanistan, Operation Mountain Thrust.

Around 12:34 the discussion was about Operation Return to Sender where illegal immigrant felons were rounded up to be sent back to their country of origin. Around 12:43 Operation Together Forward in Baghdad was brought up again. A short time later they spoke about the scandal ridden United Nations.

Comments: I felt like I had just seen a slickly produced segment of something put out by the Bush White House. Interspersed between all the rah, rah, the president is doing great stories were the typical Fox News Alerts after Fox News Alerts about various criminal activities, but the political agenda was like something right out of 1984.


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