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The Toronto 17
by xymphora    xymphora.blogspot
Entered into the database on Sunday, June 04th, 2006 @ 13:49:45 MST


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It will be entertaining to watch the case against the 17 ‘terrorist’ suspects arrested by police in Toronto slowly unravel. We’ve been down this same road before, with the post-September 11 arrest of 19 suspected terrorists in Toronto, a case which fell apart. There is already a page of doubts on the latest arrests at YayaCanada.com. The main crux of the official case, the fact that the ‘terrorists’ ordered a large quantity of fertilizer, has been revealed to be a police sting operation, something the police didn’t bother to mention when they crowed about the arrests. Isn’t it just a bit odd that, in this day and age, ‘terrorists’ living in downtown Toronto would think they could get away with ordering tons of ammonium nitrate without attracting any official attention? All the alleged terrorist equipment they had will have innocent explanations (cell phones?; soldering irons?; walkie-talkies?), with the exception of the handgun, which will probably end up leaving a net result of one minor firearms charge. The – ahem – National Post is ready with the Zionist spin, predictably depicting this incident as part of ‘Canadian Jihad’. CSIS, Canada’s low-rent CIA, just prior to the arrests announced that Canada is developing “home-grown terrorists”, and with a Conservative government, replete with a Christian Evangelist minister in charge of security, this is probably some sort of program to increase power for CSIS and similar incompetent government groups, as well as another excuse for Canadian troops to continue to murder Afghan civilians.