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Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis
by Paul Joseph Watson
Entered into the database on Friday, May 26th, 2006 @ 17:11:25 MST


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The crypto-fascist surveillance state says 'show us your papers'

The police and government of the United Kingdom are trying to make it as inconvenient as possible to live your life without presenting ID at every turn in order to force Britons into relinquishing any notion of personal privacy.

On a recent trip to the US I was taken aback by how many times I needed to present my ID in order to do anything - rent a canoe, buy beer, even buy cigarettes.

It's just not like that in the UK. The legal age for buying alcohol is 18. I was going into pubs at 16 and getting served.

Yesterday, for the first time in my entire life I was told I couldn't purchase four cans of Budweiser because I wasn't able to present ID. This was on my 24th birthday.

When the man behind the counter asked for ID I looked at him incredulously and pleaded to his common sense, "but I'm 24, do I look like a 17-year-old?"

I was wasting my breath. He said the police were spying on the shop and demanding they ask everyone for ID to prevent underage drinking.

This is how the national ID card will be rammed through without dissent. Not through hyping up fear of terrorism or feigning to stop illegal immigration (while Blair facilitates secret amnesty deals for kickbacks and releases) or crime (while Clarke presides over the release of thousands of dangerous criminals), but by simply making it just too damn inconvenient not to carry a bulky 'internal Soviet' passport, eventually released by the government's caring solution of a personal cattle tag.

A government engaging in escalating criminal actions and becoming more and more secretive should not be watching and tracking us as if we're all criminals. A full run down of why the 'so what if you have nothing to hide?' argument is a total fraud can be found here.

In the midst of this Blair has also presided over the wholesale ransacking of every basic tenet of human freedom we would expect to hold in a free society.

Under new passport laws introduced in March, people seeking to renew will have to submit to iris and fingerprint scans years before an ID card is even scheduled to be introduced. Furthermore, applicants will be mandated to attend an 'interview' with a government official to make sure they are an unthinking obedient slave who doesn't pose a threat to the sprawling stinking power monopoly of 'New Labour' and their crypto fascist surveillance state.

The Liberal Democrat party is encouraging people to renew their passports now in order to have "10 years more freedom" without the necessity of applying for a national ID card.

Something tells me that if we don't change the course we are on, in ten years time we'll be waking up to a Britain that looks like it lost the war against Nazi Germany in 1945.