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The CRIME that Covered-up the Coup
by Jim Kirwan    Al-Jazeerah
Entered into the database on Thursday, May 18th, 2006 @ 14:30:14 MST


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There’s a corporate dagger that has been leveled at the very heart of all that matters in the USA and the world today. The fact is that the role of government’s around the world have been nullified by those corporate powers that have taken control over the most pivotal points of life and promise within the global community. There is a key to this entire quagmire that can no longer be ignored, which is, the mega-crime committed on 911. So long as this government along with others in Europe and the wider world continue to spew lies about what happened on that day – then nothing can ever be changed!

The enemy of the United States of America is located in Washington D.C., in Tel Aviv and to a lesser degree in London. This cabal has used and abused the events of 911 to create tyrannies and to advance murder and torture on a grand scale, while they continue to act as intermediaries for the Corporatocracy that is the real power hiding behind most governments. It is these essentially private and protected corporate interests, that are using governments worldwide, to crush whatever remains of those freedoms and laws that were supposed to protect people from exactly this kind of take-over. What has happened is that governments everywhere have largely become superfluous, because the real power now lies with the multi-national corporate giants of the Corporatocracy.

911 was an attack upon the Constitution and the people of the United States, carried out by forces that had far greater designs for their private interests than could have ever been allowed under the US Constitution. Without the chaos of 911 that essentially stripped people of all the protections of law, and that turned all discussions into nothing more than fear mongering and terror warnings that we now know, were used to justify the immediate targeting of the entire US population, as potential terrorist sympathizers.

This began with the stolen election that put Bush in office. The Congress and the Courts have both shown themselves to be complicit in furthering those lies that the Bush administration has been spewing from the day they took office. The "Democrats" have proven that they will not offer any resistance to the hundreds of illegal and criminal acts committed by this government during these last five years: Bush alone proudly claims to have violated 750 laws, and this doesn’t count Cheney or Rumsfeld and all the others who have done the same thing.

If citizens of the USA have to abide by the laws of the nation – then how can government not be forced to abide by those same laws? 911 is and was a crime – not the bogus act of "terror" that is being used to justify a new dictatorship of privatized authority. What we have now is a fascist group that ignores the laws that limit them – while trying at the same time to enslave the population. Their goal is to enforce the dictates of private interests whose only goals are total power and complete control. The circumstance cannot be changed until the public accepts the fact that the 2000 election was a Coup and that the 911 cover story was created to redirect the public’s focus; while the true criminals finished killing off the protections of the Constitution: in order that no real questions could ever be asked because of National Security concerns.

The theft of this nation was a very shabby affair carried out by amateurs whose true motives are just beginning to unravel – big-time! Of course had there been a media to cover what was happening, while this was going on – none of this could have continued! Had the media asked real questions – the Supreme Court could not have appointed Bush as "president." If congress had stepped into the Florida vote count, as was their duty under the Constitution, then the court would have had no jurisdiction; but congress remained silent and the Court broke with the Separation of Powers Act – that’s how the USA got its first Dictator!

The people didn’t understand what happened, so they kept silent. Then on September 11th the Dictator pulled off his first direct attack against the people of the United States, and to date – he’s still not been asked to explain his actions on that day. No one who was responsible for things like military defense, intelligence failures, or preparedness has even been fired – and apparently at least a third of the public is still fine with that! We’ve even allowed blatant fabrications about Flight 93 to appear in theaters; posing as a fact, when too much evidence exists that contradicts every facet of that fairy-tale.

People who will not even demand answers from their so-called leaders get exactly what they deserve. In a time of war, it is imperative that the public question everything that leadership does. The American public seems to be otherwise occupied. The public chose to deal with their government from a distance, when that government was supposedly democratic and free. But today there is a full blown dictatorship – where the Republic used to be: If that doesn’t matter to you – then just delete this, and get on with your very important life.

For those to whom the questions matter – it appears that things are still continuing to change despite the schemes and plans of the privateers still masquerading as the Corporatocracy. This is "Mother’s Day," a Sunday, and none of the Sunday morning talk shows even mentioned the fact that Puerto Rico is now bankrupt, or that the US has sent more troops and ships to the Gulf of Arabia. Apparently we’re planning to attack Iran sometime around the first of June; Bush is simply waiting for the necessary excuse to "Open Fire." (It won’t take much, as apparently Americans will believe almost anything because they tend to trust their dictator whenever "wars" are happening). There was no mention of Karl Rove’s indictment that also happened Saturday. There was no in-depth discussion about anything but the illegal use of US troops on the southern borders, another presidential edict – neither congress nor the governors were consulted. The president the vice-president and Rummy need to hold a joint two hour press conference in prime time and let alternative reporters and interested people question what they’ve done – as well as why they’ve acted as they have. If these three criminals can’t manage to accommodate the public, then at least give us Cheney directly, and leave out the middle men!

The public needs to change the subject, as it’s clear that neither the congress nor the courts will ever actually investigate 911. Popular Television and film have been making propaganda for this government at a rate that surpasses all that was ever done previously for any other war. Why? Because they want to keep the fear alive, they want to keep the public terrified and insecure – which is exactly the opposite of what a government is supposed to do. Look at New Orleans; they did exactly what no one wanted along the entire Gulf coast. No relief, no help, no food, no shelter – and still they have failed to act in the majority of cases. Where is that investigation, now that the next hurricane season is almost upon us? 'Brownie’ quit, but no one was fired – and nothing has changed except that now FEMA has proven to be completely incompetent, along with our Jewish run Homeland Security – that too is apparently worthless – the largest agency in the federal government composed of 22 separate agencies, that had to cost hundreds of billions, and already it’s completely worthless – brilliant strategy – again!

Police departments around this country have taken on the look of Marines in combat – security personnel of every flavor use every opportunity to insult and interrogate the people they are supposed to be protecting – the same people that are also paying for their gruff existence. Look at all the secret and illegal acts the White House and the Department of Defense committed both on and after 911. The PATRIOT acts are blatantly illegal, and were written well before 2001, by those who created this deadly and criminal charade. The public never questioned this. Why hasn’t the entire national intelligence bureaucracy been dismantled and reformed, why haven’t the FBI, the CIA and the NSA been totally reshuffled? What about the Department of Defense and all those career generals, admirals and staff in the Pentagon. We’re losing the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and yet Bush is keeping the idiots throughout government, those same people that made failure the order of the day! Of course he hasn’t fired them, because they're his idiots, they’re his loyal fools, and he can’t do much if he begins to lose his loyal thugs – and Bush knows that – all too well!

Now we are told that the president decided to monitor all our calls – trillions upon trillions of calls in four years of spying on the public: During all that time how many were arrested or charged for anything like the kind of security breach that would have involved 300 million people in 'plotting against their own government’? All of the above and more was possible, because people bought the idea that 911 was an act of war by foreign forces and NOT a mega-crime against the people of the USA.

There was an attack alright, but what happened on 911 was home grown treason designed to capture Americans by using bogus terror tactics to get us to relinquish all our freedoms, for a type of "safety" that no person on this planet has any right to expect. The USA has become the premier rogue nation in the world today, under false pretenses, that were dipped in innocent blood and the criminally of outrageous lies. Look at the levels of criminality within the government, the scandals, the complicity, the lies that underpin the bribery, the insider trading (on 911 as well as after): the patterns of collusion, cover-ups, embezzlement, and fraud on a grand scale as well as outright treason. All of this is written large for all to see – yet still – too few even notice what has happened.

The government of the United States seems to be following orders from the State of Israel. Israel demanded that Iraq be defanged and we obliged! Now Israel wants to crush Iran – and we’re in the process of doing that, despite the fact that there is no justification for our interference there. Americans have died for these polices, and even more will die in Iran – not for American interests but for those policies of private corporate business interests who want to silence any opposition to Capitalism at any cost. Iraq and Iran are both left-over policy failures from the Western power’s decision to insert the Jews into Palestine at the end of the Second World War.

Peace in Palestine is the key to everything else in the Middle East – yet almost every compliant act of ours, that continues to favor Israel in that effort, has only further inflamed the region and the world. Now there is no dialogue, no hope for a viable settlement, and only more death and destruction on-tap for the Palestinians. In that illegally brutal occupation of a conquered and unarmed population, the United States has managed to undo a hundred years of integrity and leadership, in order to appease the desires of a State that is not one of ours. Israel does not adhere to human rights, to UN resolutions, to nuclear oversight, or indeed to the needs or rights of any other nation but their own. The US has backed Israel against the world, at a tremendous cost to US taxpayers, for virtually no return on that investment, and without any justification whatsoever for continuing to do so. Some say 'blackmail’ is involved, but that hardly seems credible given all the degrees of competing interests in the world today. . .

Yet - like some third world puppet-state the USA is going to again defend the State of Israel, and again jeopardize the peace of the world, while again sacrificing even more American lives – simply to appease Israeli Lobbies in Washington and elsewhere? What happened to American interests – because what is good for Israel is not necessarily good for the United States! If this president had any balls he would aid the Palestinians for humanitarian reasons, insist that Israel tear down that wall, and negotiate an end to the dispute over Palestine by enforcing a return (with American troops) to the original borders originally agreed to. If Bush were a true leader, instead of just another an impatient politician drunk with power - he would prove his power by assisting the people of Palestine to feed and house themselves, while demanding that the Jews withdraw from all the illegal settlements they built on stolen land.

As for the American congressional puppets, those imposters that have illegally accepted so much money from AIPAC and others – these are those who parrot the party line on terror and keep the lies in place. If they really wanted to know about 911, then they need to look no further than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – if as they say – they really want to know the TRUTH!

Jim Kirwan, kirwanstudios@sbcglobal.com

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