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The Delusional World of Neocon Make-Believe
by Steve Watson    PrisonPlanet.com
Entered into the database on Monday, May 15th, 2006 @ 14:05:58 MST


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If Laura Bush doesn't believe something does that make it untrue?

Laura Bush's latest comments reveal just how deluded and out of the reality loop the Neocon puppets are.

Interviewed on Fox News Sunday, Laura Bush said she did not think people were losing confidence in President George W. Bush, despite a series of polls showing support for him at its lowest point in his five-year presidency and among the lowest for any president in the past 50 years.

"I don't really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people, I see their responses to my husband. I see their response to me," she said.

Bush's current rating has slipped into the 20s and he is reportedly the most despised President in history.

The reason Laura Bush finds it hard to believe the people of America want rid of her and Mr Laura is because every audience she encounters is screened beforehand to ensure they are purely 100% supporters.

As we saw recently with the Rumsfeld/McGovern encounter should any protesters or non-supporters slip through the net and manage to voice their displeasure or disagreement with the government, they are simply removed by burly security personnel as a matter of course.

The only reason former CIA analyst Ray McGovern was allowed to stay to question Rumsfeld's lies was because Lord Rumsfeld allowed it. He did this because he knew it would look good to have McGovern appear to be in the minority.

McGovern was booed for simply asking an unscripted question, this highlights the fact that everyone else in the room was pro Rumsfeld/Neocon/Bush. for proof of this listen to the guy who begins to ask the question that follows McGovern's, it's vomit inducing.

This has been normal practice for years. Remember when Alex Jones was arrested for asking George W Bush a question?

The Bushes and the criminals hired as part of his administration are so used to being praised and worshipped at manufactured public gatherings and showcases that they have actually begun to believe everyone in the country loves them.

They live in a delusional world of make believe created for them by the shadow men who really run the government. Bush, his wife and Rumsfeld are the pawns on the front line that are used to get a job done.

When something unscripted happens and momentarily shakes them out of this la la land they seem genuinely bemused and do not know how to respond.

We have seen several times how when Bush is asked an unscripted question he panics and simply does not know how to answer. He has even become angry on occasions snapping that the question should have been provided in advance.

Of course in Bush's world he is not a bluebood from Kennebunkport in Maine, he is a real Texan cowboy who clear brush and works on a ranch.

In his world he didn't go AWOL from the National Guard, he is a crack fighter pilot who lands jets under mission accomplished banners.

Evidently there are a lot of things that the Bushes do not believe in in their world of make believe. Adhering to the laws of the Constitution being top of the list.