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Economic Crash: Planned?
by Nancy Levant    The Federal Observer
Entered into the database on Saturday, May 28th, 2005 @ 14:58:47 MST


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Diesel-powered trucks, each costing to the tune of $440,000 and paid for by federal Homeland Security Act grants, are setting up shop in our states. It is reported that these “communications” vehicles should help police and “other officials” to better communicate to respond to ”flooding, ice storms, tornadoes, major crashes, terrorist attacks or other disasters.” Law-enforcement officials will have the ability to access the Internet, fax, copy, print digital photographs, and to put officials on the same radio frequencies so they can easily communicate. It is reported that these communications vehicles also contain a conference room and a crime lab. This is the released-for-public-consumption information about these vehicles - and all for the good of American people – just like fluorinated water and the mental health screening of 52 million of our children…

I’ve written many times that the stage is being set for “crisis.” Our military is over-extended and out of the country. Policing groups have been established and set up non-stop in each and every state with names like Neighborhood Watch, COPS (Community-Oriented Policing Services) funded by Department of Justice grants, Citizens Corp; militarily trained police and the blurring of their roles, high tech surveillance equipment in every store and on streets and buildings, Homeland Security, FEMA and the executive orders that allow it to suspend the Constitution and confiscate food, firearms, money, water stores, and even the homes of American citizens, staffed detention camps in America (hundreds of them), RFID technology, satellite surveillance and mapping, the massive buying up of American wilderness areas and watersheds – on and on and on – and the permanent and legislated loss of our right to any kind of privacy, coupled with the herding of American people into deed-restricted settlements while borders are open for all illegal passage. I’ve also read that foreign troops are training on American soil. Something is very wrong, and what is going on has very little to do with what we think of as homeland security. Preparations for crisis are in full swing, but the question is, what crisis, and is the crisis also planned?

What has happened in this country in the last decade is far beyond peculiar and terrifying. Look at our schools. Look at the legislation, and executive orders that have mandated, MANDATED, that our children be rated by degrees of sanity based upon their levels of religiosity, their family economic status, their federal test scores, and compliancy in consensus-style classroom groups. Pregnant women are to have sanity ratings, as well, and “treatment” is imposed legislatively. This is homeland security, or is it setting the stage for population control, which is also a mandate of the U.N. and big conservation?

Folks, something horrendous is afoot – horrendous. The changes sweeping this nation, while our politicians smile and wave, are horrifying. In fact, there have been so many changes that we are simply clueless, and will remain so until “the crisis” hits. I suggest to you that with crisis set to unfold, actions will be set into place that will be unconscionable to American people, and that their response to our reaction is what is being secretly carried out in this nation.

In my opinion, global governance, not terrorism, is the bottom line. Do extremists around the globe want to destroy America? Maybe, but what does that have to do with the mental health screening of every American child and socialist indoctrination in our public schools?

I have also said before that if global governance was such a great thing, why did our politicians go to such extreme measures to cover it up? Why did they hide, and continue to hide, the legislation that has brought Agenda 21 into the very fabric of our culture? And why the hundreds and hundreds of executive orders, issued by several presidents, that have acted directly in mission with the mandates of Agenda 21?

Here’s my guess and magic wand: I believe the crisis is likely going to be the permanent economic crash of America. The big players in the American stock markets pulled out about 2 years ago, many of the big players sold other U.S. assets, and most own homes overseas. I suggest you watch for an exodus out of the U.S. by the American aristocracy. When the markets crash, as they have been poised to do for years, as our nation is completely bankrupt and beholding to foreign creditors, the immediate result upon American citizens is going to be utter chaos. Our money will be frozen. The value of our money will fall to nothing, we will lose mortgaged homes in the multi-millions, and all civil liberties will be suspended. Massive numbers of citizens will be arrested and entire communities will be in lock-down. Mobility privileges will be suspended. Access to food and water will be restricted. Martial law will rule the day until we, the people, accept global governance, which will be ushered in - no ifs, ands, or buts - with the final crash of the United States.

Planned? You bet. Remember that we have been told, over and over again by our leader, “It’s a new world!” Bill Clinton told us the same. So Did Bush Sr., and many others before him. And if you simply look at the tens of thousands of commissions, partnerships, memorandums of understanding, treaties, and massive gatherings in foreign countries that have evolved and taken place over the last 3 decades around the issue of globalization, it doesn’t take a genius to see the graffiti on the wall. Global governance is here. America is just waiting for a highly orchestrated kick in the head that will force her to full compliance. Those are my two cents. May God bless American patriots and children.

~ About the Author ~

Federal Observer contributing columnist Nancy Levant is a former high school English teacher who is now a home schooling parent and advocate. She is opposed to exposing children to large campus cultures that are historically and poorly controlled by government employees. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.