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"False Flagg" op called Rosetta Stone of 9/11
by Jerry Mazza    Online Journal
Entered into the database on Friday, April 28th, 2006 @ 18:15:53 MST


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You know. A false flag op is when a nation attacks itself but makes it appear that an enemy has committed the attack. This way it stirs its more or less peace-loving people into going to war with the demonized “enemy.” It’s false flag ops 1.1.

And Flagg is not a misspelling of flag but the name of a former FBI agent, Warren Flagg who (along with a former federal prosecutor) helped direct the New England investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks. Flagg was nice enough in a Newsday.com piece by Michael Dorman to mention that “one bag found in Boston contained far more than what the commission report cited, including the names of the hijackers, their assignments and their al-Qaida connections.” Gee, what luck!

How wonderfully thoughtful of the hijackers to leave what Flagg termed this “Rosetta stone” behind so everything could be figured out so quickly and with such ease. You have to admit that was white of those dusky Mid-Easterners. One of the pieces of luggage was said to include “Arab-language papers amounting to Atta’s last will and testament, along with instructions to the other hijackers to prepare themselves physically and spiritually for death.” Boy, this Atta guy thought of everything. But why go blabbing it all in two suitcases? He was supposed to be a terrorist not a PR man.

And if that weren’t enough, Mohamed Attta, purportedly the leader of the gang of 19, and who purportedly piloted Flight 11 into Tower 1, reminded the guys: “Check all of your items -- your bag, your clothes, knives, your will, your Ids, your passport, your papers. . . . Make sure that nobody is following you.” Then, by another amazing coincidence, similar papers were found in the wreckage of another airliner.

In still another coincidence, slugabed Atta and co-conspirator Abuldaziz AlAlmorai checked out of room 232 of the Comfort Inn south of Portland at 5:33 a.m. on 9/11, driving their rented blue Nissan Altima to the airport, arriving in a lot at 6 a.m. with only a few minutes to catch a commuter flight to Boston’s Logan Airport. In fact, their last-minute check-in caused their two bags not to make that flight. What? Yes, start the day with a screw-up and it ends in disaster. Or did it, at least for them?

I mean, as they go off to catch their later American Airlines Flight 11, their bags (or should we call them Baggs to rhyme with Flaggs?) came late to Logan and, ‘mirable dictu’ as Virgil would say, were discovered by the right security people. What’s more, Atta and Almari’s bags had all kinds of goodies in them: correspondence from the University Atta went to in Egypt, Almari’s international driver’s license and passport, a videocassette for a Boeing 757 flight simulator, a folding knife and pepper spray, extra heavy duty weapons they figured they didn’t need.

As agent Flagg would say, “It had all these Arab-language papers that amounted to the Rosetta stone of the investigation.” His sidekick, a former federal prosecutor, who did not wish to be identified publicly (and who could blame him?), certainly supported Flagg’s account. Aren’t you wondering by now why these “turrists” would want to lug their plans, scams, IDs et al, in a couple of bags and dump them in a last minute check-in? Generally, a gate attendant will tell you if your baggage will make your flight or land on a later one. This means you’d be leaving all this heavy-duty info spinning in the wind.

I mean, did Dillinger leave his home address in a bank safe he busted into? Did Al Capone leave a box of chocolates with a card with his name on it at the “Valentine Day” massacre in Chicago? Did John Gotti leave a calling card on Paul Castellano’s bullet riddled body after the dapper don and buddy popped the Gambino crime family boss and chauffeur in front of Spark’s Steak House in Manhattan? C’mon, you’re pulling my leg.

I mean what kind of malefactors would be that stupid, unless they were setting up a false-flag op? Like, “see, everybody we’re the guys that did it, 9/11; we are Arabs, see the writing; hey, here’s a knife, some maps, a CD to fly a 757; hello, don’t look so hard. We give up, ha-ha, but we’ll be dead by the time you read this. And so will some 2,900 people. So you can blame The War on Terror on us as soon as possible, ASAP. Right. Here are the clues.” It’s like Catch Us If Can, the ultimate reality TV show. Oh god, why has thou forsaken us. Cause we’re so dumb.

But Flagg Asks the BIG Question

Yup, Agent Flagg goes on to ask . . ."How do you think the government was able to identify all 19 hijackers almost immediately after the attacks. They were identified through those papers in the luggage. And that’s how it was known so soon that al-Qaida was behind the hijackings.” Wow, is that how they made the connection? And so fast?

I was wondering about that. And how a couple of months later FBI Director Robert Mueller said on CNN, that there was no factual proof these were the guys. But hey, maybe he didn’t have his coffee that morning. The thing is what if you, we, America, were set up that day? Er, say what?

What if the clues were put there to cover the tracks of the real Bad Bush Boyz, not these lap dancer hounds, boozing and coking joy boys, trained at American military bases, conspicuously leaving a paper trail so blatant it’d make Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs look like canary eggs. And yet these same document droppers were barely able to get to the airport on time? They must have been exhausted driving up to Portland just to fly back to make this smoke screen where supposedly there would be less security to halt their efforts.

But wait. Can we be sure when they got back to Boston, if they did, that they even got on the planes? They weren’t on the manifests. Their DNA would have been boiled to a crisp in the hits. And was it clear they even flew the planes?

It’s like the old Schnozzola, Jimmy Durante himself would say: “What a revoltin’ development this is.” It’s revolting in every way, James. Nothing like we’d ever seen before. Except maybe in the “Sinking of the Maine,” “Operation Northwoods,” “Operation Mongoose,” “The Murrah Building Blow-Up” in Oklahoma City, The Cuba-supporting lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, and so on. Yeah, it’s the Cubans. They did it all. Let’s go smoke ‘em out. Our cigars are bigger than theirs.

Flagg Is Doing Okay Now

Guess what. After 22 years on terrorism and other cases, Flagg retired from the FBI before 9/11 and is now set up in his own Manhattan-based investigative firm, Flaggman, Inc. Clever, hah. He stays in touch with the Boyz at the FBI, both old buddies and prosecutors. In fact, he first heard about the old Rosetta stone (I mean luggage)’s importance to the whitewash (I mean investigation), on Sept 28, 2001, after attending the funeral of John O’Neill.

You remember O’Neill. He was the FBI chief of terrorist head-hunting who, frustrated by having his Osama-chases foiled time and time again, quit the FBI after 30 years of service. Unfortunately, he died in Tower 2. Yes, O’Neill died trying to help people out of the building, kind of guy he was, and maybe knew too much as well.

At the funeral, Flagg met a young FBI agent that he had helped train. The young agent had since left the agency for Dubai, gulp, and told Flagg all about the Suitcase Revelations. Name of the father, son and holy molly. Flagg rang up his old prosecutor buddy and got confirmation of the young guy’s account.

“I was devasted because word had already leaked out of the hijacker’s identities,” Flagg opined. Then in a quick change of spirit added, “But I was also excited that the FBI had so much evidence so quickly.” Frigging miracle.

Too bad the government couldn’t put all its previous intelligence together and stopped the whole thing, seeing how it had been laid out before 9/11. Too bad NORAD fell apart that day. Too bad that five simultaneous terror hijacking drills were going on, that up to 22 planes filled the air controllers’ screens, and nobody knew what the hell was real and what wasn’t. Too bad, right.

But hey, the Bad Boyz left lots of breadcrumbs like suitcases along the way that led right to the White House: Dick Cheney in the Control Room, George Bush in a Florida school listening to kids read a goat story, the Pentagon and Donald Rumsfeld ducking the missile, NORAD, the CIA, FBI, Israeli and even Chinese black ops. And they lead to others in the US entrusted with protecting us who instead turned on us and took part in this Great American Tragedy. “What a revoltin development this is.” Yes James, you’re right again. So let’s revolt, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

And last but not least. Did you know that Flagg said it really was the second bag that identified all 19 hijackers? Got that? Though he didn’t comment on the fact that at least seven of the “hijackers” have been noted alive, well and kicking in the Middle East. But hey, that’s what a “False Flagg” op is all about, blaming the homegrown havoc on people you want to attack. Mmmm, gimme that Afghanistan, gimme theme pipelines, gimme Iraq, gimme that oil, gimme da Mid-east today, gimme da world tomorrow. Mmmm. Where’d I hear that song before?

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer living in New York. Reach him at gvmaz@verizon.net.