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Fox News Hannity & Colmes BOTH afraid to discuss Bohemian Grove
from Banderas News
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Bohemian Grove is "the greatest men's party on Earth", according to once-regular attendee Herbert Hoover. The private presidential resort is taboo for left and right talking heads.

Call in and ask either Sean Hannity or Alan Colmes at Fox News during their radio shows about the Bohemian Grove and you're likely to get hung up on, yelled at, or personally attacked. It seems there is one aspect to the elite private resort, it's members which include every Republican President since 1923, many cabinet officials, and directors & CEO's of large corporations, would rather nobody know about, none the less talk about on syndicated radio.

The yearly elite summer encampment party has been kicked off each year for well over 100 years with an elaborate ceremony called the 'cremation of care' in which a human effigy is carried to an alter and burned in front of an enormous stone idol while members wear hooded robes and carry torches, complete with a soundtrack and all. Hard to believe for the uninformed. Disturbing for those who are aware.

Activist and author of The Resistance Manifesto .com, John Conner is relentlessly perusing the mainstream media and trying to get them to discuss this little known topic. "When I first found out about the details of the Bohemian Grove, I was disgusted" explains John Conner. "If my neighbor was doing such a thing, I would call the police. It's completely bizarre, disgusting, and satanic; and I can't believe that our Presidents and a select few high ranking public officials enjoy an annual mock human sacrifice ritual in the redwood forests of Northern California."

What's more surprising is how few people have heard of, or even believe what hear about the activities which go on inside Bohemian Grove, and how well of a secret this secluded elite resort is, and how well it has been contained.

"I'm really disappointed in Alan Colmes at Fox News" expresses Conner. "I can understand Sean Hannity gate keeping and not talking about it, since he's one of the Republican Party's biggest cheer leaders, but I can't believe that Alan Colmes won't talk about this. Conner has been calling into the Alan Colmes Show as well as the Sean Hannity show and asking for answers."

Despite the supposed 'Friday Night Free-For-All' in which Colmes says any topic is fair game, and the call screener asks only a name and town, calls with questions about the Bohemian Grove get cut off almost immediately.

While Alan Colmes simply cuts off callers, sometimes freaking out about the calls, Sean Hannity repeatedly insults the caller and hits the dump button. Michael Savage seemed surprised, and open to listen for a bit before he hung up with disgust after hearing about the ritual.

Sean Hannity rapid fired, "You're out of your mind, you're a sick-o" and concluded "this guy's a nutcase" after John Conner called up the show and wanted to talk about the Bohemian Grove summer encampment party.

"I think Alan Colmes is afraid that Fox News will fire him if he talks about the ritual. He's just a paid punching bag for Sean Hannity on the New World Order's network, Fox News" says Conner.

Click on links to listen to calls:

Alan Colmes freaks out.

Sean Hannity avoids the question and verbally attacks.

Sean Hannity 'very aware' of Bohemian Grove and been invited but never went.

Michael Savage surprised by claims, says he's going to go crazy.

Alan Colmes hangs up immediately and says John Conner is a 'phony' and 'a fraud'.

Rick Roberts freaks out and plays creepy music.

More phone calls can be heard at

What's the big deal about the Bohemian Grove? Why insult the callers and play twilight zone music in the background every time someone tries to bring up the topic? A close look at the activities which occur during the kickoff of the encampment reveals what the gatekeepers in the media are trying to hide. A bizarre mock human sacrifice of which magnitude is beyond words. And membership and guest lists containing some of the most popular names in the world.

In the summer of 2000 filmmaker and radio host Alex Jones snuck into the 2700 acre compound in a secluded redwood forest in northern California and secretly videotaped the cremation of care ritual and released the footage on a DVD titled Dark Secrets, Inside Bohemian Grove, marking the first time ever video has been made public of the bizarre ceremony.

When most people first hear about the Bohemian Grove's ritual they think it's a joke, or a hoax, but see things differently when then realizing that the San Francisco Chronicle has reported on the rituals and delves into the elite nature of the club and that National Geographic published a photo of the 'cremation of care' with the caption, "To purge himself of worldly concerns, a member of the elite Bohemian Club participated in a 1915 Cremation of Care ceremony-complete with candles and a robed and hooded comrade to guide him. This private club of influential men still meets annually north of San Francisco and uses this symbolic ritual to kick off its summer retreat. But today the ceremony involves burning a mummy-like effigy named Care at the foot of the group's mascot: a 40-foot-tall (12-meter-tall) concrete owl." [NOTE: it is not an owl; it is the Demon Molech from the Bible whom people were sacrificed to and does not resemble an owl, they only say it does so it doesn't freak people out.]

In 1982, a reporter from Time Magazine reportedly infiltrated the club only to have the story killed. Dirk Mathison, the San Francisco bureau chief for People Magazine once infiltrated the Grove, only to be spotted by an executive of Time Warner, the owner of People Magazine, and was promptly removed from the property and his story killed. It was scheduled to appear in the August 5th 1991 issue but didn't.

Philip Weiss of Spy Magazine successfully infiltrated the Grove in 1989 and published a piece describing what he had seen. And let's not forget the New York Post reported Gay Porn Star Serves Moguls on July 22, 2004 in a report by Richard Johnson exposing a homosexual film star was working at the Bohemian Grove doing who knows what.

John Conner is on an endless mission to expose the Bohemian Grove and cremation of care ritual along with the elite membership including George W. Bush, and says he's going to bring it into the consciousness of the world, along with The Resistance Manifesto. "They are mocking the fact that they are the 'evil rulers of the world' and if you really want the truth they are worshiping Lucifer and the annual meeting is made up of many Skull and Bones and Illuminati elite, but that's a whole different story."

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