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Dear Steve Herrmann, Editor, News Online

The BBC NEWS website’s article “After the invasion: Iraqis speak” reads:

"The BBC News website spoke to four Iraqis and asked them for their memories of the invasion, what life has been like in the country since and what they feel the future holds."

By chance, the four people have something in common...

FIRST PERSON: "I do not think the occupation is necessarily the problem"

SECOND PERSON: "I would not call it an invasion, I would call it a liberation"

THIRD PERSON: "When the fighting was over we came back. We were amazed when Saddam's statue came down and we said to ourselves: "Now things are better"

FORTH PERSON: "Now, I think things here are now slowly becoming stable and we finally are starting to have a working government. They are trying to find solutions to stop things getting out of hand, like after the shrine bombing"

Just a few months ago a poll undertaken for the Ministry of Defence, showed:

82 per cent of Iraqis are "strongly opposed" to the presence of coalition troops;

72 per cent do not have confidence in the multi-national forces;

67 per cent of Iraqis feel less secure because of the occupation;

less than one per cent of the population believes coalition forces are responsible for any improvement in security;

It must have been quite difficult for the BBC to find these four Iraqis who seem belonging to a very tiny minority if we have to believe to the Ministry of Defence’s poll.

Any self-respect left at the BBC?

Kind regards,

Gabriele Zamparini