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Neocon Plan to Wreck the Economy
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Sunday, April 09th, 2006 @ 15:46:14 MST


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If we are to believe Sterling Seagrave, “co-author of Gold Warriors and an extremely well-connected financial source in both the US and China as well as Europe,” the White House, that is to say the Straussian neocons in control of the White House, have ordered the Federal Reserve to print a whopping two trillion in funny (or not so funny fiat) money. “The U.S. Treasury is allegedly running printing presses 24/7 to accommodate that order” and this “probably explains why the US Treasury Secretary resigned several months ago and was replaced by a Bush flunkey, and why Greenspan resigned from the Fed several weeks ago, not wanting to go down with the Titanic…. We have been predicting this over the past two or three years, as the inevitable consequence of the Bush administration’s bizarre policies, although we were not certain exactly when it would occur.”

If accurate, this will mean your already worthless money will be even more worthless and hyper-inflation will eventually decimate what remains of the so-called middle class. If Seagrave is correct, the neocons are engineering a New Serfdom for the vast majority of Americans, most who remain utterly clueless about what the Straussian neocons have in mind for them and their children.

“The war in Iraq, and other unwise decisions that caused Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neil to quit the Administration in protest over the lack of a sound policy process, have drained the piggy bank,” Seagrave continues. “Bush may well be printing money, and he is probably also selling off ‘futures’ like crazy. We could have a major crisis prior to 2008 that demands a restructuring of the government along with a very rapid re-appreciation of what our national strategy needs to be.”

Seagrave, however, does not provide an explanation why Bush would do such a thing, although he notes that the “White House apparently hoped that by the time anyone found out about the flooding of the market with dollars, they could stage an event, such as an air attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, that would distract the public entirely.” Of course, an attack on Iran (more details on this revealed by Seymour Hersh) will not be launched primarily as a distraction—it is a key objective of the Straussian neocon plan.

In addition to the obvious fact the government is now rife with criminal embezzlers and thieves (note the few trillion missing from the Pentagon), the criminal Straussian neocons plan to restructure American society and warp its once lofty ideals (already seriously eroded through neoliberal globalism) via economic strangulation and perpetual conflict, first in the Muslim Middle East and then, as promised, elsewhere (China and Russia are at the top of the list).

It should be remembered the core Straussians are basically Trotskyites and Leon Trotsky advocated “permanent revolution,” that is to say a radical change through Stagism, or the Theory of Stages (a crucial tenet of neoliberal globalism). Of course, Trotsky was a communist and supposedly believed in the proletariat taking power through violence and overthrowing the bourgeoisie. The Straussian neocons, however, are not interested in a revolution of the proletariat—they are interested in elevating themselves to the very pinnacle of state power and ruling as Machiavellian princes over the benighted masses.

“The ancient philosophers whom Strauss most cherished believed that the unwashed masses were not fit for either truth or liberty, and that giving them these sublime treasures would be like throwing pearls before swine,” Shadia Drury, a leading scholarly critic of Strauss, told Danny Postel. “In contrast to modern political thinkers, the ancients denied that there is any natural right to liberty. Human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, they held, is not one of freedom, but of subordination—and in Strauss’s estimation they were right in thinking so.” As the Straussian would have it, the masses are “selfish, slothful, and indolent” and “can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe,” or for that matter an economic depression coupled with perpetual war, as Orwell envisaged (”Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia”). The attacks of September 11, 2001, a “new Pearl Harbor,” were the beginning of this Straussian revolution, an event many Straussians believe was squandered because “democracy” got in the way (and because people naturally avoid a perpetual state of war in favor of peace, even partial peace).

Strauss borrowed a lot from the “Marxist of the right,” Alexandre Kojève (a student of the Nazi lover Martin Heidegger), and the Nazi jurist and advocate of totalitarianism, Carl Schmitt. “Kojève lamented the animalization of man and Schmitt worried about the trivialization of life,” explains Drury. “All three of them were convinced that liberal economics would turn life into entertainment and destroy politics; all three understood politics as a conflict between mutually hostile groups willing to fight each other to the death. In short, they all thought that man’s humanity depended on his willingness to rush naked into battle and headlong to his death. Only perpetual war can overturn the modern project, with its emphasis on self-preservation and ‘creature comforts.’ Life can be politicized once more, and man’s humanity can be restored…. The combination of religion and nationalism is the elixir that Strauss advocates as the way to turn natural, relaxed, hedonistic men into devout nationalists willing to fight and die for their God and country.”

Drury continues:

If America fails to achieve her “national destiny”, and is mired in perpetual war, then all is well. Man’s humanity, defined in terms of struggle to the death, is rescued from extinction. But men like Heidegger, Schmitt, Kojève, and Strauss expect the worst. They expect that the universal spread of the spirit of commerce would soften manners and emasculate man. To my mind, this fascistic glorification of death and violence springs from a profound inability to celebrate life, joy, and the sheer thrill of existence.

Our current crop of Straussians, well ensconced in the White House and the Pentagon, are in the process overturning the “modern project” and a not so modern project, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This will be accomplished through economic catastrophe and engineered war. Deprived of opportunity, income, and even food—and for those unable to provide for themselves, consider the Super Dome in New Orleans as a grim reminder—the masses will do whatever is required, especially if darksome devils and frightful Islamic enemies are unrelentingly portrayed at the ready with dirty nukes. In dire straits, with the prospect of wheelbarrows of money to buy loaves of bread as inflation shoots skyward by the hour, people will do almost anything asked of them.

I don’t claim to be an economist. On the other hand, as a novice student of history, I understand how government manipulates people through economic manipulation and engineered crises. I believe the Straussian neocons are fascists masquerading as “conservatives” and even a cursory examination of their cobbled together philosophy—a large dose of Straussian “ethics,” a dash of Trotsky’s perpetual revolution, a pinch of Jacobin militancy and debauchery—and a general overview of history reveals what they have in mind for us. I believe they are capable, through their sock puppet Bush the Minor, a “dry alcoholic” and Manichean nihilist parading as a “conservative,” of looting the treasury, siphoning off trillions from the Pentagon, and engineering the crash of the economy in order to realize their vision of a Machiavellian hell on earth where they rule and the superstitious masses, infused with coarse nationalism and religion, are expected to follow.

Of course, they are insane and will ultimately destroy the planet.

However, one must ask, are we insane as well to let them get away with it?


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