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Katie Couric: the Pretty Face of Corporate Propaganda
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Thursday, April 06th, 2006 @ 11:42:47 MST


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In America, the corporate media loves to toot its own horn and showcase its celebrity propagandists. For instance, consider the “news” that Katie Couric, CFR member, who “was trained in hard news, and she still occasionally does a solid job of grilling interviewees,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times, will leave NBC and head for CBS, where she will be an “anchorwoman,” managing editor, and the “new homecoming queen of news,” or rather government script reading.

CBS is owned by the “entertainment” leviathan Viacom and was previously owned by Westinghouse, manufacturer of military and nuclear hardware. Frank Carlucci of Carlyle Group fame was director of Westinghouse from 1989 until it merged with CBS in 1997.

Entertainment and sex appeal are paramount in corporate news and Couric, known for wearing short skirts and showing off her legs, is an ideal choice to feed America its daily dose of transnational corporate and governmental propaganda.

It is rumored Couric is dating one of the Reyes brothers from Reyes Holdings LLC, a Republican billionaire who owns a large distribution company that services McDonalds. The Reyes brothers are no strangers to the corporate media—they sit on the board of the Tribune Company, owner of the Chicago Tribune, WGN, the Chicago Cubs, the Los Angeles Times, Newsday, the Hartford Courant, the Baltimore Sun, the Daily Press, and many other media outlets. In short, Katie Couric, in her professional and personal life, is a consummate insider.

In regard to the news, we can expect more of the same, only it will be delivered with sex appeal over at CBS. One has to wonder if workers at CBS will cut away the front of the anchor desk, as they did when Couric appeared on Jay Leno’s show “to expose her legs while she interviewed American Idol judge Simon Cowell and Austin Powers star Mike Myers,” according to the Wikipedia write-up on Couric, thus demonstrating that the “Couric Effect” and tedious sexuality as a form of entertainment is more important than the