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How Immigration Is Being Used To Destroy The US By The Elite
by Transduction    The Conspiracy Zone
Entered into the database on Monday, April 03rd, 2006 @ 16:36:47 MST


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Illegal immigration has been the hot topic on the news this past week. Everyone has been talking about the 500,000 people that gathered in Los Angeles to protest the immigration law which has been proposed by Congress. In this article I want to explain why immigration is being used as a tool to divide and conquer the United States.

Throughout history, divide and conquer is a technique which has been used to destroy many tribes. Groups of people who were traditionally hostile to each other were put in the same place, and this caused them to slaughter and kill each other. This trick was done very successfully by European nations in Africa, and the effects of it can still be seen today. The same thing is occuring in the US. People who are not American citizens want to live and work here. Many of them don't pay taxes because they don't have a social security number, and leave the tax burden on American citizens.

Now, while illegal immigration can refer to anyone who comes into the US illegal, the bulk of this issue has been directed at hispanic people. Many people tell me that they should be able to work in the US and make better lives for them and their families. My response to that is why can't the governments of Central America stop enslaving their people and create a democratic society, so they won't be tempted to flee here?

Some people may read this and think I'm a racist. That isn't true, although that is what the corporate controlled media would like you to believe. Racism has nothing to do with this issue, and I hate when people bring it up. The issue is corrupt governments and corporations. They are the real enemy, not the illegals. When companies hire illegals to do work for $3 an hour, though that may be a lot of money compared to where they came from, by US standards that is poverty.

Thus illegals are slaves. Many of them try to live the American dream by going out and leasing cars, houses, and other items. Many of them get in debt with credit cards and other loans. Because of their low wages and lack of education, they are put in a situation where they cannot get out. They might as well have chains around their arms.

Many middle class Americans believe that George W. Bush cares about illegal immigration. Many think that he wants to stop it. Many of these same Americans hate hispanic people and use race as an issue to get them to leave. In reality, Bush needs illegals to come to the US. More have come here since he became president in 2000. Illegal immigrants help drive down the wages and push the US towards a third world country.

With jobs going to India and China, and illegals entering the country in record numbers, the middle class will be destroyed in about 10 to 20 years, if not sooner. America will become like China, Mexico, or Russia. Either you're rich, or you're poor. This is how it has been in most civilizations for thousands of years. America was different, now it is going back to the old system of doing things.

All you Americans reading this who want fight illegals or kill them, read this carefully. You are doing what the government wants you to do. When the illegals start rioting, and fights break out, this gives the military industrial complex the only excuse it needs to declare martial law and bring in a police state. Bush and his cronies hope an all out civil war breaks out. With an estimated 12 million illegals or more, it is very likely.

Don't think for a second that certain elements of the US government didn't know illegal immigration would become a problem. They knew it would be a problem, and that is why they allowed it to reach the level it has reached now. The need the US to crash and burn, so that "they" can bring in a New World Order. Hispanic hate groups like La Mecha and La Raza who advocate killing whites and blacks are funded by old rich men in New York.

The stage is being set for the US to fall. You have to understand that illegals ARE NOT the problem. It is our corrupt government who allows them to come here in the first place, driving down the wages and pushing the country into a slave society.