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by Son of a Bush    Bella Ciao
Entered into the database on Sunday, March 12th, 2006 @ 18:29:06 MST


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Last night I watched Hardball , MSNBC’S political talking head programme hosted by "journalist" Chris Matthews.

Republicans have gathered in Memphis to conduct a presidential straw poll , sponsored by the GOP Southern Leadership Council . Sycophant Matthews , giddy at the presence of so many Bush robots, was nearly beside himself with glee. ...... The "highlight" of the hour came when Matthews asked poiltical author Roger L. Simon what was the buzz on the floor among the assembled GOP’ers. Simon replied that he sensed a riptide of nostalgia for GEORGE W BUSH. ? GEORGE W. BUSH ? .....

It’s been a great ride all right ..... Two stolen presidential elections..... a war of aggression based on a torrent of knowing lies.... 200,000 + dead .... A civil war in Iraq ..... the looting of the public treasury on behalf of Dick Cheney’s Halliburtion..... Gitmo , Abu Ghraib , extraordinary rendition , gulags worldwide..... Katrina ..... Massive wanton , illegal domestic electronic surveillance in defiance of federal law and the Constitution .... a unitary dicktatorship that is answerable to no authority.... a national debt exceeding 8.2 trillion dollars..... NOSTALGIA ? Matthews has head his head shorn by the Bush kleptocracy , not surprising - he and his master feed from the safe trough...... It’s a sad , pitiable spectacle to behold...

He’s a carnival barker , a neoconman who was recently observed whipping up funds for one of Jack Abramoff’s straw charities . ..... Funds earmarked for DC athletic youth programmes were diverted to sniper schools where Israeli settlers were trained in marksmanship skills. Their intended prey : Palestinans......

Matthews employs two tactics to protect Master Bush’s backside

a ) He continues to insist that "Amurka" loves it’s commander in chief ;

b) He slyly prefaces many of his queries with the false a postulate ie ; "how did a swell guy like Dubya get trapped in the following mess X or Y or Z . "

Imputing good motive to a dicktator who posesses evil intent is a Matthews propaganda tactic. ..... The bigger point is that Matthews’s employer , GE-NBC , do not own the airwaves. Their disinformation agent has no divine right of kings to pollute the airwaves with his brand of noxious Irish blarney. GE-NBC are the tenants . We are the owners of this valuable property. .... The tenants are defacing our property , turning it into a house of ill-repute... Every US citizen has the right to challenge GE-NBC when they seek FCC liscence renewals allowing them to continue to operate their radio and TV properties..... Are there no lawyers and citizens ready to mount the challenge ? The FCC , by law , solicits such challenges . I’ve had enough of these liars......