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Corporate Media Reports Selectively on Palestine
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Thursday, March 02nd, 2006 @ 14:42:17 MST


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As a primary example of how the corporate media in the United States and Europe ignore Israel’s continued theft of Palestinian land, consider the remarks of Israeli Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz: “When we talk about Israel’s permanent or future borders it includes the Jordan Valley, Maale Adumim, Gush Etzion, Ariel, Kedumim-Karnei Shomron and Rehan-Shaked,” Mofaz declared during a speech this week in Jerusalem. “The areas he mentioned comprise 20% of the West Bank, home to 3.5 million Palestinians, many of them refugees from what is now Israel,” notes the International Middle East Media Center, one of several news outlets to cover the speech.

A Google News search reveals that coverage of Mofaz’s declaration of additional theft of Palestinian land, a violation of international law, was not covered by the corporate media in the United States and Europe, although the story was covered by newspapers and websites in Jordan, Lebanon, and elsewhere in the Middle East. “Mofaz’ statement collaborates statements made several weeks ago by acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who said that Israel would ‘take the Jordan Valley’. Their party, the Kadima Party, is expected to win in Israel’s March 27th elections, after which it is predicted that they will engage in some highly-publicized ‘pull-outs’ from some small, isolated West Bank outposts, while firming their hold on the areas detailed by Mofaz.” In short, the so-called “centrist” Kadima Party and its plan to steal more Palestinian land and “transfer” (ethnically cleanse) its inhabitants is supported by the Israeli people. For some reason this is not considered newsworthy by the corporate media.

Meanwhile, the corporate media is all over Paradise Now, a film directed by Israeli-born Palestinian, Hany Abu-Assad. The New York Sun, MSNBC, Newsday, the New York Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, Variety, the Observer, Salon, and a dozen or more Jewish publications are reporting on a petition effort against the nomination of the film in the best foreign film category. “Film industry experts said it was unheard of for an Oscar nomination to be withdrawn,” reports Reuters. “The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is already debating how to present the provenance of the film. The academy’s Web site had listed it as coming from ‘Palestine,’ drawing Israeli complaints as the state does not yet exist,” and never will if Shaul Mofaz and other “centrist” Jabotinskyites have their way.

Pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian “bias is inherent in the professional news media structure and is absorbed by the reporters who don’t want to be criticized by the pro-Israeli editors and publishers who manage these media operations,” explains Ray Hanania. “The news media also goes to great lengths to dissect Israeli actions to the point of anti-Arab precision. There are two kinds of Israeli attacks, one involving Israeli soldiers who are sent in to oppress the Palestinian civilians. All are considered ‘defensive’ and therefore ‘justified’…. The second is the kind involving the fanatic settler movement. Israeli settlers are among the worst fanatics in the world, even though the media seems consumed only with the so-called ‘Islamic fanatic.’ These Israeli settlers have been engaged in a hate war against the Palestinians with the goal of killing Arabs and stealing their lands.”

But lest you consider this sociopathic and genocidal behavior confined to a few hundred thousand rabid settlers, consider the comments of Illan Pappe, a Jewish Israeli revisionist historian: “You can see this new assertion talked about in Israel: the discourse of transfer and expulsion which had been employed by the extreme Right, is now the bon ton of the center.” In short, ethnic cleansing of the sort engaged in by Nazis and maniacs such as Ratko Mladic is now the subject of polite conversation by the Israeli mainstream, a few million people sick and tired of violent Palestinian reactions to decades of unrelenting apartheid and brutal Israeli policies devised to cut up Palestinian land and dispossess Palestinians in the process.

Since the Straussian neocons seized the government by way of a Supreme Court coup d’état in 2000, the Israelis have experienced a continual green light to steal Palestinian land, kill thousands of Palestinians, and erect a prison wall around what is in essence the largest open-air concentration camp on the planet. “It now appears that the primary policymakers in the Bush administration have been the Likudnik neoconservatives all along,” Stephen J. Sniegoski wrote in 2003. “As I have noted, Likudniks have always sought to deal in a radical fashion with the Palestinian problem in the occupied territories—a problem that has gotten worse, from their standpoint, as a result of demographic changes. A U.S. war in the Middle East at the present time provides a window of opportunity to permanently solve that problem and augment Israel’s dominance in the region.”

Indeed, since Bush invaded Iraq, the Jabotinsky Likudite party and its “centrist” Kadima bastard child have reacted with increasing brutality in response to continuing Palestinian resistance to more than a half century of occupation and theft. Shaul Mofaz’s recent comments underscore the fact Israel has no reservations talking openly about its intention to steal all of Palestine and eventually stampede the Palestinians into neighboring countries. Of course, when the final act of this massive crime against humanity finally begins, the corporate media will tell us the Palestinians have nobody to blame but themselves.