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by Son of a Bush    Bella Ciao
Entered into the database on Friday, February 03rd, 2006 @ 21:16:50 MST


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There is little doubt that an orchestrated stand down order was issued to NORAD by the highest levels of the US federal government.

Because such a revelation wil never be transmitted via the mainstream media , it is left to the blogs to correct the official story of 9/11 -retailed by the 9/11 Cupcake Commission and their fellow establishment hacks in the big media.

To that end we have examined the activitivities of DicK Cheney and his underling George W. Bush.

This brief study leads us to ask the following questions or bring up the following points of evidence :

1) Dick Cheney has repeatedly stated that he received authorisation from George W. Bush to issue a "shootdown order" of all commercial aircraft menacing the airspace of Washington, DC. The 9/11 Commission claims they have found no documentary evidence to substantiate this claim.

They plainly didn’t believe the testimony proffered by Bush ,Cheney, and Condoleeza Rice who claim they participated in the "shoot-down" phone call or as in the case of Rice overheard plans by Bush and Cheney to scramble fighter jets from Langley AFB in Hampton, Va -armed with the specific order to "engage these errant commerciasl aircraft headed toward DC.

2) The tale of the mystery "shoot down" phone call becomes more dubious because the 9/11 Commission noted that the f-16’s scrambled to DC were never given "shootdown" orders by NORAD commanders. They were told to "tail and ID " - the practical equivalent of a stand down order. Five days after 9/11 Cheney , appearing on Meet the Press, claimed that the Langley fighter piolots were given authority by President Bush to shoot-down incoming commercial aircraft entering Washington ,DC airspace. It is farcical to believe that NORAD commanders deliberately ingored the orders of the commander-in chief during a time of national emergency. There were no "shoot-down orders. The head of NORAD ,General Ralph Eberhardt was promoted and none of his allegedly "rogue" commanders were tried for insubordination by a US Military Court of Justice.

3 ) Who issued the first real shootdown orders ? A patriotic Secret Service officer , lying to the Commander of the 113th Air Wing billeted at Andrew AFB near Washington DC, claimed his chief , vice-president Dick Cheney, had ordered the 113th to protect the the airspace of the nation’s capitol -this time fighter pilots were actually granted authority to shoot down incoming commerial aircraft. The order was issued at 10: 45 am. Both Bush and Cheney deny any knowledge in precipitating the movement of scrambled airplanes at Andrews Air Force Base.

4 ) During his testimony before the 9/11 Commission ,Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta, a Democrat , told the assembled toadies that he witnessed an unidentified young man pleading with the apparently mad Cheney to countermand orders because the commercial aircraft that eventually crashed into the Pentagon was just ten miles away from entering Washington, DC airspace. Cheney ,in typical fashion, lashed out at the young man telling him that the "orders" still stood. The plane that struck the Pentagon hit it’s fatal target at 9: 36 am. By Cheney’s own account he received nor transmitted any "shoot-down orders from Bush before 10: 15 am. Mineta was , in effect teling the commission that Cheney orderd the stand-down that paved the way for the commericial aircraft that struck the Pentagon and killed over 100 people.

5) Mineta also claimed that FAA did not sit on it’s hands for over 27 minutes , the interval between the Logan Airport air traffic controller noticing the supicious activity of the first hijacked airplane and the time NORAD was first notified of this hijacking. Quite to the contrary, the air traffic controller immediately notified Otis AFB that a hijacking was in progress.

6) A Washington Post story , " Cheney authorised shooting down planes" ( 6/18/04 ) made two contradictory findings of fact : a) At 10: 39 Cheney told Rumsfeld that he ordered a shootdown policy of commercial aircraft approaching Washington , DC and that it was his understanding two such aircraft had been "taken out". b) On 10:18 and 10: 20 Cheney called Air Force one to inform Bush or a senior WH official that jets from Langley had been scrambled and were on their way to protect the city armed with the requisite authority to shoot down errant commercial aircraft approaching the city. This version of events spun by the Commission through Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank are a practical impossibilty.

7 ) The 9/11 Commission claims that Cheney issued 2 specific orders to "engage aircraft". One of the "orders" involved Flight 93- that later crashed over Pa. Mineta is quite clear that Cheney had no idea Flight 93 had crashed until being notified of the event -after the fact. In response to a question by Commissioner Lee Hamilton , Mineta stated that there was no specific order by Cheney to shoot down Flight 93.

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