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Texas City a strike point for nuclear attack?
by Jerry Mazza    Online Journal
Entered into the database on Saturday, January 28th, 2006 @ 15:30:19 MST


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Well, somebody’s up to something again. As reported in Greg Szymanski’s article Houston PD Running Nuclear Disaster Drills As Build-Up of Numerous Law Enforcement Agencies Seen in Nearby Texas City.

The subhead goes on to say, “Army Intel Captain Eric May warns Bush cabal days away from a nuclear strike. The Texas City resident ‘opens up a hornet’s nest’ as he warns local law enforcement about the possibility of nuclear strike, 26 Jan 2006.” Now Jan. 26 has passed but the lingering and weird facts of this drill remain loaded, with a hair trigger. Let me explain . . .

As Szymanski reported, sources in the Houston Police Department (HPD) had confirmed that in recent weeks their officers were taking part in nuclear disaster drills, which added serious concern to the targeting of Texas City by “enemies within” the Bush administration.

Texas City resident and former Army Intel Captain Eric May reported, “In the last week I have multi-checked with my sources in the Houston Police Department and confirmed that the Department has been running nuclear disaster drills. Among my sources, I’ve been calling HPD CID Sergeant John Karshner and HPD Internal Affairs Lt. Felix Garcia, to let them know that the set-up is on.” What makes May so sure a set-up is on? Let’s take a look.

Captain May, who once backed the government’s position while serving, became disillusioned after 9/11. For him, facts surfaced making it “crystal clear” the enemy wasn’t al Qaeda but an “enemy within,” as he puts it, the Bush New World Order Cabal. I believe he’s far from alone in this belief.

After concluding that 9/11 was an “inside government job,” Captain May focused his military training, energy and intelligence to personally try to stop the Bush administration in what he bluntly calls its “phony war on terror.” This may sound like heresy to some, but to many it sounds spot on. Captain May went so far as to organize a “cyber-unit” in his info-war against disinformation. Appropriately, it’s called the Ghost Troop and you can Google Ghost Troop Bibliography for more writings and information on his point of view.

May, as many others, has said that the “al Qaeda scare has been contrived, literally manufactured by the Bush Cabal in the rush to cover-up the real criminals and culprits in the White House.” He points out that every so-called terrorist attack increases both in size and body count. Most seriously, he warns that the next one will involve a nuclear blast on American soil.

Strangely, he reports, that on the night of Jan. 26, no less than the History Channel did a repeat airing of a documentary called Wrath of God: Texas City Explosions, which immediately went on sale for $24.95 in DVD format. The title alone gives you the religious right willies, and makes you wonder about media complicity. Check out the ad copy describing the story:

It was the worst industrial disaster in American history, claiming the lives of 567 people. On the morning of April 16, 1947, the cargo ship SS Grandcamp was being loaded with ammonium nitrate, a fertilizer with explosive properties. As longshoreman loaded the volatile cargo on the ship, one of them smelled smoke. At 9:12 AM, the Grandcamp blew up, sending red-hot pieces of steel hurtling up to several thousand feet away. They cut through everything in their path, killing hundreds, injuring scores more, puncturing oil tanks, and sparking countless fires.

TEXAS CITY EXPLOSION relives the disaster through contemporary accounts and the recollections of people who were fortunate to escape with their lives, as well as the emergency workers called in to prevent the disaster from becoming even worse. The incredible devastation is brought to life through photographs, many of them uncovered specifically for this program.

For one terrible morning, the fires of hell took over a Texas town. THE WRATH OF GOD goes back to that fateful day to tell the complete story.

The last two lines come out of nowhere after the description of an industrial disaster, which maybe wasn’t that at all. But the obvious question is why would the History Channel suddenly rerun this apocalyptic tale as the Houston PD was running a “nuclear terror drill” in Texas City. Well, Captain May has a thought: “What we see in development is simply part of the psychological operations plan, with which a fake terror operation must be administered. They’re preparing the public mindset for the idea of a cataclysm at Texas City. If they can get the public accepting that much as granted, then the job of convincing the public that al-Qaeda [could] blow up Texas City will be that much easier. Now that they’re showing Texas City exploding in history, they’re well on the way to making Texas City explode again.”

Now before anyone labels May as paranoid or a “conspiracy theorist,” not the worst moniker in the world, let us consider some other facts. When a fellow resident of May, a Mr. Jon Watkins, recently visited the Texas City Police Department to share his concerns, he as other citizens, found that there were ongoing “SWAT” team exercises in the area that involved numerous police and government agencies, including the Houston Police Department, the Pasadena Police Department and Homeland Security.

“After leaving the Texas City police station,” Mr. Watkins said, “I noticed one thing really strange. I counted at least 11 different types of official police and government vehicles parked in the police lot. I have never seen this before and it has me a little worried. What are they planning?” Good question, Mr. Watkins.

In fact, Mr. Watkins said he had taken a taped interview of Captain May’s warnings broadcast on Greg Szymanski’s Investigative Journal, and he had “passed it on to the proper authorities.”

In conjunction with these activities, Captain May received an email from one of his Ghost Troop members, today. The man, who shall remain nameless, works at the huge BP oil facility in the Texas City area. He had this to say to May:

I just wanted to let you know what’s going on at BP. When they moved 400+ people out of the plant and into the new office building a couple of months ago, they appointed me and some others as Building Monitors. We had our first meeting this afternoon all of a sudden. We are supposed to be in charge of our appointed groups during an emergency evacuation, fire, explosion, etc. At our meeting today, they told us that there will be a practice drill for the building next week sometime (our first). Before we left the meeting, they told us to get our ducks in a row before we leave work this week. It sounded to me like it might take place Monday morning. After reading your email about Texas City on January 30th, I’m starting to wonder if this drill and your date of Monday is a coincidence. They are supposed to start up some units next week, but I can’t get a definite day out of anybody.

So, BP personnel are dancing through hoops suddenly over possible “emergency evacuations, fire, explosion, etc.” Does that add anything to the psychological ops situation, not to mention the possible reality? And why do all this around a small town that suffered so much some 60 years ago, the disaster probably still burned in its memory? It seems sadistic.

And why is this drill overlapping the Charlotte drill I recently wrote about, "Another nuke exercise – your next 9/11?" about to be run from Fort Monroe in Virginia, an “as if” Charleston were hit by a 10-megaton nuclear bomb. I mean that’s 1,000 times more powerful than what hit Nagasaki. That’s not something a terrorist could carry in his backpack or a suitcase. What’s going on?

Mounting Activity in Other Areas

Well, for several things, we know from May and Szymanski that besides the activity in the Houston metro-Texas City areas, other reports have been mounting from Bank of America branch managers in Houston and Los Angeles areas that Homeland Security agents, those little teddy bears, allegedly have been holding employee instructional meetings in the past two weeks, explaining how to deal with customers in the case of, you guessed it, a “pending national disaster.”

What’s more, employees allegedly have been told to keep their lips zipped about orders handed down from Homeland Security, claiming it is for national security reasons. The alleged capper is, in addition to remaining silent, employees are not to distribute valuables from safety deposit boxes. This includes gold, silver and firearms in the case of emergency. Let me repeat that allegation. Don’t distribute valuables from safety deposit boxes, i.e. gold, silver and firearms in case of emergency. Keep everybody broke, lost, and unarmed. Now, while all this “stuff is going on . . .

The Senate Wrestles With The “Nuclear Option” Again

Now everyone knows, as Captain May points out, that the “Nuclear Option” really refers to the threat by the Republican Senate to end the long tradition of Right by the Minority (in this case the Democrats) to filibuster candidates that they don’t wish to see appointed, say, er, Judge Alito, crypto-fascist and misogynist, would-be Bush appointee.

But the all-important truth, and I’m paraphrasing May, is that the “nuclear option” involves discussions by leaders of the US Congress above and beyond the ‘front story’ of choosing a Supreme Court justice. What is really being debated is whether to “go ahead” with the plans to nuke an American city. If they do that, they have 9/11 redux, and have a reason, a self-starter for World War Three, egged on by a collaborative media that convinced Americans that the Bush boogeyman, Osama Can’t Find-Him, had “done it again;” great god almighty, how does he do it?

What’s more, as Captain May points out, the Republicans get to lock the door on inquiry as the still-powerful American populus hangs in 9/11 loose ends, with a continuing failed war and presidential abuses abounding, all tolerated, by the way, by the non-leadership of both parties.

And do you hear that boot? That’s the stomp of the Homeland State on your neck. They’ve been setting it up since 9/11, which was our own tragic Reischstag Fire. And when that boot comes down, we’ll finally realize what many pointed out, including the affable Harry Belafonte, a WW II Navy vet, that the Bush Boyz are following in the steps of the old goose-stepping Gestapo. Tough stuff, to say and swallow, I realize. And I apologize for upsetting people.

Yet the fact that the “Nuclear Option” is under discussion, in contrast to “nuclear drills” being run hither and yon, with Texas City square in the 9/11 crosshairs; the fact that this discussion is occurring is a real ray of hope. It shows that the matter of potential mass murder in Texas City, Texas, or some other American city, is still open for debate and rational comment by an American Congress. Hopefully, committing high treason and mass murder is not a done deal. Let’s hope the senators who make those decisions really understand what’s being debated and decided upon. It could be the future of the world, a part of which is America. After we’ve had an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, disaster, a New York City, New York, disaster, we don’t want a Texas City, Texas, conflagration to be the match that lights it all. And speaking of explosions, next week the Enron trial starts in Houston.

Jerry Mazza is a free-lance writer residing in New York. Reach him at gvmaz@verizon.net.