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Mossad works with German passports
Entered into the database on Saturday, January 14th, 2006 @ 16:40:45 MST


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Frankfurt/Main - the Federal Information Service (Federal Intelligence Service) supports the Israeli secret service Mossad after strip packing information with the camouflage of agents abroad. The Federal Intelligence Service equips agents of the Mossad with German identification documents, reported a former leading coworker Federal Intelligence Service to the German telegram service (strip packing).

According to these data Israeli agents camouflage themselves with delicate employments in Middle East crisis areas also with German passports and German legends. At present use the Mossad German travel documents for instance with employments in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It concerns among other things a preparation of possible air raids on Iranian goals, how they are not no more excluded from the Israeli guidance in the atomic controversy with Teheran officially.

"coworker of the Mossad received for such employments increasingly also German legends", said the former struggle-high coworker of the Federal Information Service. The Federal Intelligence Service does not have influence on it, with which secretofficial operations of the Mossad German documents use. "the origins of this practice still decrease/go back to the Federal Intelligence Service founder pure hard Gehlen. Since 11 September 2001 the number of such cases rose however precipitously."

A speaker of the Federal Information Service said to strip packing: "natural gives it a co-operation also with the Mossad. But to any documents, which are possibly passed on there, we do not take a position."

While the Mossad used passports from Canada and New Zealand for secret actions in the 90's usually "in hostile area", the Begehrlichkeiten rose after German camouflage papers, because publicly admits several actions with illegaly acquired papers of other friendly states became. The German papers are dupes of Germans, which will not never leave their homeland with large probability and from the "secondary utilization of its identity a knowledge" to have.

With such documents of identification coworkers of the Mossad in the operational area "long time could work unsuspectedly", it were said. In former times the Mossad used identities of the deceased. That is "no longer possible" in the computer era before the background the speed of data exchange. The use of dupes (for instance documents of identification, driving licences and birth certificates) is not noticeable, if the Germans concerned were carefully selected and "never leave core Europe".

Whether the parliamentary control commission (Kurdish worker's party) of the federal daily is informed about these cases, is not well-known. A statement of coworkers of the committee was not too received first (strip packing)