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Neocons Use CNN to Continue Psyops Against American Muslims
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Monday, December 26th, 2005 @ 08:00:25 MST


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CNN tells us about a “covert” FBI snoop program to check “suspicious radiation levels outside more than 100 predominantly Muslim-related sites in the greater Washington, D.C., area, as well as various sites in other cities,” thus providing more anti-Muslim fodder for the undiscerning American public. “It is a waste of time, it is a waste of resources and it is causing us to be concerned about our citizenship, our constitutional rights,” Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told CNN.

Mr. Awad, however, is missing the point—the Straussian neocons don’t give a whit about the constitutional rights of Arabs in America and this “covert” program, obviously a “waste of time” that will turn up nothing, is not designed to protect us from dirty bombs but rather to further stigmatize Muslims as crazed terrorists. Snooping on “more than 100 predominantly Muslim-related sites” is intended to send a strong message—you can’t trust Muslims and you may be in danger if you live near a mosque.

It should be noted that CNN is a branch of the 4th Army PSYOPS group staffed (by) the National Security Council’s Office of Public Diplomacy (OPD), “a shadowy government propaganda agency that planted stories in the U.S. media supporting the Reagan Administration’s Central America policies,” as Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting revealed way back in 2000. OPD is a “vast psychological warfare operation of the kind the military conducts to influence a population in enemy territory,” according to Miami Herald. Although we are assured OPD was shut down in the wake of revelations surrounding the Iran-Contra criminal conspiracy, “the 4th PSYOPS group still operates,” thus demonstrating there is not much in a name or bureaucratic designation.

FAIR continues:

An unofficial strategy paper published by the U.S. Naval War College in 1996 and written by an Army officer (”Military Operations in the CNN World: Using the Media as a Force Multiplier”) urged military commanders to find ways to “leverage the vast resources of the fourth estate” for the purposes of “communicating the [mission’s] objective and endstate, boosting friendly morale, executing more effective psychological operations, playing a major role in deception of the enemy, and enhancing intelligence collection.”

As former Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski informs us, the Straussian neocons currently hold sway over the Pentagon and presumably the 4th PSYOPS group and other disinformation and “deception” operations. Kwiatkowski was assigned to the Pentagon’s Near East and South Asia bureau under the control of the execrable Zionist neocon Douglas Feith. Other appointees hailed from neocon “think tanks” such as the American Enterprise Institute and the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “Along with Feith, all of the political appointees have in common a close identification with the views of the right-wing Likud Party in Israel,” writes Jim Lobe.

Thus it can be assumed CNN—long infested with PSYOPS operatives and the corporate media long ago penetrated by the CIA under Operation Mockingbird—is running yet another propaganda campaign designed to stigmatize Muslims as the Straussian neocons, as the American branch of the reactionary and fascist Likudites, prepare the nation for “world war four” (as former CIA director and neocon James Woolsey deems it).