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World Zero Eviction Days: From October 3, 2005
from International Alliance of Inhabitants
Entered into the database on Saturday, September 03rd, 2005 @ 14:34:09 MST


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For the right to decent, secure housing

Fifteen percent of the world population is under threat of eviction for a series of reasons: foreign investment in countries with heavy debts, privatizations of the housing sector, deregulation of rented accommodation, ethnic cleansing, wars and occupation, as well as commercial speculation of natural disasters. Although Target 11 of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal 7 aims at improving the living conditions of at least 100 million people by the year 2020, it is a realistic estimate that there will in fact be 700 million more slum dwellers by that date.

Due to the effects of neoliberal globalization on the cities and the weakness of the United Nations, even this minimal target may be fatuous.

This is the reason why we propose to all associations of inhabitants, tenants and the homeless, co-operatives, committees, social centres, and urban social movements all over the world, the organization of World “Zero Eviction” Days and to support the right to decent housing, throughout the month of October.


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