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Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff: Acclerated Development Of Inter-Country Travel Permitting System Is Well Underway
by Jan Allen    Age of Tyranny News
Entered into the database on Wednesday, September 20th, 2006 @ 16:04:27 MST


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Provided below are selected quotes from Michael Chertoff from the Transcript of Secretary Michael Chertoff U.S. Department of Homeland Security Before the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs indicating that development of an internal travel permitting system is well underway.

Mr. Chertoff also related another significant development that of 'fusion centers' which are database centers used for a pooling of information on peoples obtained from a number of databases sources including ChoicePoint’s records, federal agencies, state bureaus and local governments.

Travel Credentialing And Permitting System Well Underway

"We must accelerate efforts is the development of secure travel and identification documents. We must develop standard, secure credentials that give us a high degree of confidence that an individual is not using false or stolen documents to enter our country or access our transportation systems or sensitive critical infrastructure."

"A number of initiatives now underway will allow us to do this. Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, we are working together with the Department of State to develop a secure credential for individuals traveling between the United States, and Canada and Mexico. This card will be wallet-sized, contain security features, and allow real-time security checks at land border crossings and certain water border crossings."

"We are also working with states to develop standards for secure driver’s licenses under the REAL ID Act. Driver’s licenses are one the most common forms of identification used in our country. We must have clear guidelines for how these documents are produced, who gets them, and what security features they must contain."

Fusion Centers Are Being Massively Deployed: They Are The Eagle Eyes Of The Homeland Security State

"We intend to expand these valuable partnerships even further by substantially increasing federal participation in state and local fusion centers across our country as part of an interagency effort to better share intelligence with state and local governments. DHS intelligence personnel already work side-by-side with their federal, state and local counterparts at fusion centers in New York, California, Georgia, Louisiana, and Maryland. Our goal is a two-way flow, with every level of government pooling intelligence."

"By the end of 2008, working with our other federal partners, our goal is to have intelligence and operations personnel at every state and major metropolitan fusion center in the United States, sitting in the same room, sharing and analyzing information and intelligence in real time."

The Unending War On Terror

"Today, our nation is at war. We are fighting an enemy who will not rest until its dark vision of the future is achieved. We cannot relent from this struggle. We cannot become complacent. And we cannot forget what happened on that September morning five years ago."

Commentary by Jan Allen

The facts are very clear here: The United States has had a passport system for visitors to come and for citizens to leave. What is so strikingly new, is that Mr. Chertofff is setting up a credentialing system to permit travel within the country. A related political cartoon demonstrates the concept behind the new internal-travel permit system.

The 'fusion centers' are a prime example of state-corporate rule over the people in as much as data from ChoicePoint flows through into the fusion centers. ChoicePoint's data is a large part of the Homeland Security State’s intelligence. The 'fusion centers' are data mining and travel tracking centers that keep watch over the peoples.

I raise a question is one more secure or less secure since the nation has been at war?


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