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Plato's Retreat sex club customer and voyeur John Bolton
by Wayne Madsen    The Wayne Madsen Report
Entered into the database on Thursday, July 27th, 2006 @ 10:14:45 MST


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One time Manhattan's Plato's Retreat sex club customer and voyeur John Bolton: Now spying on and intimidating UN staff, diplomats, and journalists.

As recessed-appointed US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton's name comes before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today for confirmation today, comes word from UN sources that Bolton's tenure at the UN has been marked by spying on UN staff, other missions to the UN, and journalists assigned to cover the UN. Bolton has not only turned the US Mission to the UN into a virtual neo-con nest in the middle of Manhattan but an operation that works hand-in-glove on all UN matters with the Israeli Mission to the UN. Bolton's staff also reportedly uses journalists with Fox News and other neo-con media outlets to identify and harass journalists from news organizations at the UN that do not kowtow to the neo-con party line. Bolton's tenure at the State Department was also marked by his illegal use of domestic National Security Agency wiretaps to intimidate his adversaries at the State Department, including then-Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Bolton has also reportedly let it be known that he is using his UN ambassadorship as a stepping stone for the Secretary of State position in what he views as a Republican administration following that of George W. Bush. Bolton has also worked closely with US ambassador to Lebanon Jeffrey Feltman, especially in past Iraq-related operations involving the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans. Feltman reportedly views himself as a natural to replace Bolton at the UN in a post-Bush Republican administration.


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