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Bye The Times
from Bye The Times
Entered into the database on Tuesday, May 31st, 2005 @ 18:19:35 MST


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The Media exists for the purposes of the corporate and government elites. These purposes include preventing ordinary Americans from having any say in their own government. The Media survives as a business only because ordinary Americans give them their money. We are the base of the pyramid, holding it all up.

We pay them to destroy our country. We are like crack addicts. We pay them for some vapid thrills, and our lives and the
lives of our children are forfeit. Think: 40 million cable subscribers at say $50 a month. 1 million people cutting the
chains of cable times $50 a month times 12 months means a loss of $600 million a year to cable. With 2, 3, 5 million,
we could force the breakup of the cable cartels in a very short time.

Same goes for newspapers, magazines, network shows (through advertisers), PBS, NPR, etc etc. Given the real purpose of
Media--to keep us out--can you think of anything more effective in changing their policies than removing their income, and
telling them we want a media that informs us?

If we had a free press we would have seen something like this weeks ago: