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CSIS: Canada Joins the Intel Op Club
by Kurt Nimmo    Another Day in the Empire
Entered into the database on Sunday, June 04th, 2006 @ 14:39:42 MST


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On its face, the story of the “al-Qaeda inspired homegrown terrorist group” supposedly caught “plotting to bomb ‘hard’ government targets rather than ’soft’ civilian ones such as shopping malls or nightclubs” in Canada, as characterized by the Calgary Sun, is highly suspect, to say the least. It should be considered suspect because the organization heading up the investigation of “12 adults and five youths, all of whom are charged with participating in or contributing to the activity of a terrorist group, including training and recruitment” is the notorious CSIS, or Canadian Security Intelligence Service (Service Canadien du Renseignement de Sécurité), officially created by an Act of Parliament in 1984.

A simple Google search reveals a shady CSIS past, including a calculated effort to tell lies about Canada’s involvement in the CIA’s “rendition” (i.e., torture) flights (see Riad Saloojee, Public inquiry needed for Arar: Is Canada subcontracting torture?) and the slimy act of the CSIS teaming up with the Canada Post Security Inspector to snoop on unionized postal workers, including illegally intercepting the mail and stealing Crown keys to get into apartments and mail boxes (see New Book Shows CSIS, Canada Post Spied On Postal Workers, an April 22, 2002, bulletin released by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers).

It is also suspect that CSIS deputy director Jack Hooper “told the Senate defense and security committee [on May 29, 2006] that a lack of resources has meant 90% of the estimated 20,000 immigrants from the region have entered Canada in the last five years without proper screening,” according to CNews. “Hooper said home-grown terrorists are fast becoming the greatest threat to Canada’s national security. Second and third-generation Canadians are becoming radicalized here ‘including white Anglo-Saxon Protestant converts’ and are eluding authorities because they blend in with mainstream society.” A few days later, Hooper’s warning played itself out like well oiled clockwork, approximately at the same time alleged Islamic radicals were caught building a chemical bomb in London.

Jasper Gerard, writing for the Sunday Times, provides us with a glimpse of what is behind this effort, quite transparent if you have done your homework. “Historians will surely look back on the folly: that a frighteningly tiny number of intelligence officers frantically try to infiltrate cells of Islamic terrorists that spring up in London, Yorkshire, who knows where?” In other words, snoop and subvert operations, once again resulting in gunfire by trigger-happy cops in East London, wounding a suspect (who was lucky he was not executed, a fate suffered by Jean Charles de Menezes inside the Stockwell Tube station), are woefully understaffed and anemically funded, a whimsical notion at best as most intelligence agencies operate without oversight. In fact, as I noted in a post earlier today, these “frighteningly tiny number of intelligence officers” are quite adept at infiltrating “cells of Islamic terrorists” who go on to blow up, by way of pointless suicide bombing, trains and a double-decker bus outside of the legendary Tavistock Institute, an all-war, all-the-time propaganda operation set-up by the likes of the British royal family, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds.

Canada’s version of a neocon leader, PM Stephen Harper, wasted little time squeezing as much mileage as possible out of the supposed foiled terror attack in Ontario, and thus sending the message to all Canadians (and the Straussian neocons to the south) that police state militarization is on track in Canada. “Surrounded by tanks, army trucks and anti-aircraft guns, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told 225 new Canadian Forces recruits and their families Saturday that Canadians cannot escape a dangerous world by turning a blind eye to it,” reports the National Post, a neocon tabloid that suffered a black eye after it ran the discredited Iran zonar story a couple weeks ago. “Speaking at Ottawa’s Canadian War Museum to new recruits from Ontario and Quebec one a day after the arrest of 17 alleged terrorists in southern Ontario Harper said the government will continue its efforts to ensure national security.” One must admit the Canadian variety of neocon has the same knack for exploiting probable intelligence ops as their southern brethren.

Canada, Britain, Australia, swaths of Europe—all are quickly lining up behind the “clash of civilizations” agenda with its attendant police state program for domestic implementation. In Canada, the slimy CSIS, following in the footsteps of East Germany’s Stasi, will enter homes and open mail, thus taking a cue from the neocons here in America as they vacuum incalculable petabytes of personal data with the eager help of multinational telecom corporations and snoop on the usually enfeebled opposition, down to insignificant antiwar hippies handing out peanut butter sandwiches outside of Halliburton’s offices in Texas, obviously an act of treason.

It now appears, rather frighteningly, that these burgeoning intel orgs, apparently merging into one huge intel monolith, or possibly a less formal collaboration, are ramping up to finger all Muslims in their respective countries, attributing unspeakable crimes to them through state sponsored false flag terrorism, and eventually tracing this massive conspiracy back to the nations figuring prominently on the Straussian neocon and Israeli Likudite hit list, beginning with Iran, in short order, and eventually expanding outward to encompass Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.