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Media Moguls who attended Bilderberg meeting in 2005
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Rottach-Egern, Germany

5-8 May 2005 List

Graham, Donald E., Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company

Pearlstine, Norman, Editor-in-Chief, Time Inc.

Vinocur, John, Senior Correspondent, International Herald Tribune

Zakaria, Fareed, Editor, Newsweek International

Trilateral Commission 2005:

David Gergen, Professor of Public Service, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA; Editor-at-Large, U.S. News and World Report

Donald E. Graham, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Washington Post Company, Washington, DC.

Karen Elliott House, Senior Vice President, Dow Jones & Company, and Publisher, The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY

Robert W. Kagan - columnist for Washington Post

Fareed Zakaria (BORN IN INDIA), Editor, Newsweek International, New York, NY

Mortimer Zuckerman – U.S. News and World Report

CFR Members 2004

Applebaum, Anne E. – columnist for Washington Post

Armstrong, C. Michael – former CEO of Comcast, AT&T, and Hughes Electronic (Hint: Chinagate)

Boot, Max - columnist for Wall Street Journal

Britt, Glenn A. – chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable

Brokaw, Tom – NBC News

Chavez, Linda – newspaper columnist

Couric, Katherine A. "Katie" – NBC’s Today show

Friedman, Thomas L. – New York Times journalist

Hertog, Roger – The New Republic

House, Karen Elliott – publisher of Wall Street Journal

Kagan, Robert W. – columnist

Kaiser, Robert G. – Washington Post

Kalb , Bernard – retired journalist

Kalb, Marvin – retired journalist

Kimsey, James V. – founding CEO of American Online (AOL)

Kondracke, Morton – commentator on Fox News; Roll Call

Krauthammer, Charles - columnist for Time and Washington Post

Mitchell, Patricia E. – President of PBS

Murdoch, Rupert – CEO of News Corporation (Fox News, Fox Studios, etc.)

Parsons, Richard D. – Chairman and CEO of Time Warner; former CEO of America Online (AOL)

Pearlstine, Norman – current editor-in-chief of Time magazine

Rather, Dan – retired CBS News

Rosenthal, A.M. (Abraham Michael) – former columnist for New York Times

Rubin, Trudy S. – columnist and editorial board member for Philadelphia Inquirer

Sawyer, Diane – commentator on ABC

Shribman, David M. – syndicated columnist

Snow, Robert Anthony "Tony" – the "young" clown on Fox News

Stahl, Lesley R. – "60 Minutes" on CBS

Steiger, Paul E. – Wall Street Journal

Thomas, Evan W. III – co-author of "Wise Men"

Tucker, Cynthia A. – Atlantic Journal Constitution

Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr. – editor of American Spectator; author of Boy Clinton

Walters, Barbara - ABC News

Williams, Brian D. – NBC commentator

Zahn, Paula A. – commentator on CNN, former CBS and FOX "journalist"

Zakaria, Fareed – columnist for Newsweek (international edition)

Zuckerman, Mortimer B. – editor-in-chief of U.S. News and World Report

Corporate CFR:

The McGraw-Hill Company, Inc.

Time Warner Inc.