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Archive for the Month of August, 2005.
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August 1, 2005

Bush, China, Two Deficits, and the Ongoing Decline - Bush has thrown the U.S. government deeply into the red by combining a massive trillion dollar tax cut for the rich with stupendous imperial "defense" expenditures sold to the populace on a shifting set of false pretenses that merged the imperial occupation of Iraq (a key Bush II project from day one) with something called "a war on terrorism." Boldly linking his twin imperatives of Empire and Inequality, Bush has used fear and deception to cover the gaping disconnect between (a) his claim that we are all united in a war for our shared survival and (b) his stupendous giveaways to the privileged few.

August 2, 2005

The Peak Oil Crisis: A Mid-Summer Review - If one puts all this together, it is hard to escape the conclusion we just may be very close to Hubbert's peak right now and, some day, 2005 will be declared the year of peak oil.

August 3, 2005

CAFTA Passes: Dirty Tricks and Devastating Consequences - CAFTA and NAFTA are not simply agreements; rather, they set up authorities that trump federal, state, and local laws and constitutions. When our elected officials signed CAFTA into law, they signed over a piece of our sovereignty. The U.S. Constitution gives Congress and only Congress the power to regulate trade. NAFTA, on the other hand, sets up a tribunal to rule on all maters of trade

August 6, 2005

Big Oil warns of coming energy crunch - International oil companies have advertising campaigns warning that the world is running out of oil and calling on the public to help the industry do something about it.

A HALF-TRUTH IS STILL A LIE - by Michael Ruppert Big Oil tells us that actual peak is further away than we know it to be. And the fact that in some cases they are even acknowledging a possible peak in three to five years means that it’s probably here right now. Remember Karen Silkwood?

August 10, 2005

Watching the Economy Crumble - Good News! Soon You'll No Longer Need an Expensive College Education to Work in the US - The US continues its descent into the Third World, but you would never know it from news reports of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ July payroll jobs release.

August 11, 2005

The American Dollar, R. I. P. - Everybody has started to pick on the poor Americans:

Gas Prices Start to Affect Food Prices - High gas prices may not only pinch your wallet at the pump but also at the supermarket

August 12, 2005

Realtors say home prices are "close to a peak," with condos to fall - In South Florida, housing analyst Jack McCabe said the housing market has reached its pinnacle and as interest rates increase over the next year, prices will begin to decline. The hardest-hit market will be new condominiums, McCabe said.

August 13, 2005

Gas at $3 a gallon, wanna bet? - The majority of people who place bets on gasoline expect prices to keep surging this year.

August 15, 2005

Illegal Aliens - America's New Slave Class - President George Bush, a man who has never soiled his hands with a hard day’s work for a day’s pay in his life, promotes illegal alien migration by saying, "They do work that Americans won’t do." What he really means is--corporations welcome illegal aliens so they can work for slave wages which aids his corporate friends to help buy more Lear Jets and drive Rolls Royces along with a third home in Aspen, Colorado.

August 17, 2005

The Saudi oil bombshell - In a newly released book, investment banker Matthew R Simmons convincingly demonstrates that, far from being capable of increasing its output, Saudi Arabia is about to face the exhaustion of its giant fields and, in the relatively near future, will probably experience a sharp decline in output.

August 18, 2005

World Running Out of Time for Oil Alternatives - The world could run out of time to develop cleaner alternatives to oil and other fossil fuels before depletion drives prices through the roof, a leading Dutch energy researcher said on Thursday.

U.S. author forecasts $5 gas by next year - An oil expert and author who correctly forecast $3 per gallon gasoline in the United States this year says the price will reach $5 next year.

A SECRET IN THE NEWS: THE COUNTRY'S PERMANENT POOR - If the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped steadily for twenty years it would be front page and leading broadcast news day after day until government took action. That 32 million of our population have their housing, food, and clothing "index" drop steadily for more than 30 years is worth only an occasional feature story about an individual or statistical fragments in back pages of our most influential news organizations. An unnecessary poverty class is shameful in "the leader of the free world" and the richest one at that.

August 19, 2005

Running On Fumes: A Journey to the End of Empire - The rising price of gasoline troubles Americans, because it threatens our sustaining, cultural illusion of our freedom of mobility -- a commercial con job that, over time, has served to transform us from the citizens of a sprawling republic into de facto slaves of the corporate classes. Our masters have the mobility -- we have a long commute.

August 21, 2005

Disturbing news on the economy - With corporations sitting on more than a trillion dollars in idle cash, with tax breaks helping create astonishing increases in wealth at the top, the people who make this economy work deserve some cash of their own. They also need it.

August 22, 2005

Bankruptcy filings surge as deadline nears - Rushing to beat an October deadline, when the biggest overhaul of the bankruptcy law in 25 years goes into effect, rising numbers of Americans seeking to have their debts erased have filed for protection.

Health System Discriminates Against U.S. Blacks, Poor - Studies - Black and poor Americans receive less life-saving medical treatment than their white and well-off compatriots, health researchers said in separate studies suggesting that inequality is worsening.

August 25, 2005

UN finds global inequality rising - A UN report has found that the world is more unequal today than it was 10 years ago, despite considerable economic growth in many regions.

August 26, 2005

Estate's Rites - The estate tax represents a profoundly American idea: Although parents should be able to pass on wealth to their children, great concentrations of personal wealth should not grow unchecked from generation to generation. As Franklin Delano Roosevelt put it, "Inherited economic power is as inconsistent with the ideals of this generation as inherited political power was inconsistent with the ideals of the generation which established our government."

August 27, 2005

Oil's Peak: The End May Be Nearer, It Seems - ...the Saudis are about to hit their peak production, if they haven't already

The Privatization of Our Public Universities - Tuition at these public institutions has been going up quickly in the past decade, reversing the long-held public policy that tax monies should pay for most of the tuition and the rest of the expenses of public higher education. Quietly year by year, privatization of a public good has been growing.

Revealed: How Bra Wars devastate world's poor - Campaigners say that the scrapping of textile trade rules eight months ago has the potential to destroy the economies of tsunami-hit countries such as Bangladesh, while the EU quotas are only designed to protect rich countries such as France and Italy, rather than help those worst hit by the situation.


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