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Archive for the Month of August, 2005.
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August 5, 2005

ACLU Urges Supreme Court to Review Case of FBI Whistleblower - Vanity Fair Profile Reveals New Facts About FBI's Termination of Former Translator Sibel Edmonds

Homeland Security to conduct gas tests in Midtown, subways - Six separate experiments are planned over the next three weeks, with specific dates dependent on the weather, and the subway portion planned for the final three release dates.

The Nick Berg Cover-up: Officials Refuse to Answer a Simple Question about Him - Ever since I heard about Nick Berg’s beheading in Iraq last year, along with the fact that he had been a student and later an OU employee, I have suspected that he was the white American male who bought the 9/11 hijacker’s ticket from the OU library, that he was acting as a CIA covert operative when he did it, and that they set him up to be killed in order to let the secret die with him.

Rangel speaks out on Iraq war and Project for the New American Century - The Project for the New American Century documents how Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Rumsfeld and his former deputy, Paul Wolfowitz, in the 1990’s, had outlined a plan for domination of the Middle East and its oil resources. The group included John Bolton, recently appointed as U.S. ambassador to the U.N. who has expressed his utter contempt for the world body. The attack on New York on September 11th, 2001, provided the excuse they needed to implement the plan.

US may deny visa for Iran leader's UN address - The Bush administration is considering taking the unprecedented step of preventing a visting head of state from addressing the United Nations in New York by denying a visa to Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran's new elected conservative president.

Did the GOP steal another Ohio Election? - The Republican Party has -- barely -- snatched another election in Ohio. And once again there are telltale symptoms of the kind of vote theft that put George W. Bush in the White House in 2000 and then kept him there in 2004.

August 6, 2005

Big Oil warns of coming energy crunch - International oil companies have advertising campaigns warning that the world is running out of oil and calling on the public to help the industry do something about it.

Halliburton secretly doing business with key member of Iran's nuclear team - Scandal-plagued Halliburton, the oil services company once headed by Vice President Dick Cheney, was secretly working with one of Iran's top nuclear program officials on natural gas related projects and, allegedly, selling the official's oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor, according to Halliburton sources with intimate knowledge into both companies' business dealings.

U.S. SCIENTISTS GO TO HOLLYWOOD - What a quandary. The U.S. has a shortage of students attaining education in science. Ah, but the military is stepping to the forefront.

UPDATE FROM LEONARD PELTIER - As I sit here in my solitary confinement cell at USP Terre Haute, and reflect over the past month’s events, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude for each and every one of you who have so diligently stood by me in this time of crisis. As you already know by now, on June 30, 2005, I was transferred from Leavenworth Facility, to Terre Haute USP.

London CCTV Evidence: Please Yank My Chain - Dick Fojut has written Ken Livingstone, mayor of London, and several British publications demanding the police and the Israeli security company Verint release CCTV video footage of the London subway bombings. Of course, the British government will do no such thing, as the United States government refuses (nearly four years later) to release the video footage (taken by a nearby security camera) of the supposed plane hitting the Pentagon.

Father, Who Lost Son at WTC, Claims Bush Administration Hiding Key Financial Documents Leading To Culprits of 9/11 - William Doyle has become one of the main lightening rods of the 9/11 truth movement, saying President Bush and his cronies are the biggest stumbling block in getting at the real truth. Involved as one of the plaintiffs in a trillion dollar 9/11 lawsuit, he wants the American people to know Bush is hiding vital documents that could lead to the truth.

The U.S. removes the Nuclear Brakes: Transforming the Nuclear Bomb into a "Legitimate Weapon" for Waging War - Under the cloak of secrecy imparted by use of military code names, the American administration has been taking a big - and dangerous - step that will lead to the transformation of the nuclear bomb into a legitimate weapon for waging war.

Justice Department effort to eavesdrop on airline passengers challenged - The Justice and the Homeland Security departments submitted several proposals to the FCC in May and July seeking authority to monitor the electronic communications of airline passengers. The proposals would allow Justice to record all electronic activity without a court order, identify any user by seat number, and automatically interrupt or shut down any communication.

Israel ranks among most corrupt in West - Israel's regime is one of the most corrupt and least efficient in the Western world. In fact, the only developed country considered more corrupt and less efficient is Italy, according to data published by the World Bank.

The Initiation Rituals of Future Freedom Fighters - We shall transform our childhood tears into bullets of revenge

Media Flagstones Along a Path to War on Iran - The latest U.S. media uproar about Iran's nuclear program is part of a dream starting to come true for neocons in Washington who fantasize about "regime change" in Tehran. More realistically, for the nearer term, the Bush administration is setting the agenda for a U.S. air attack on Iran.

FBI's "National Security Letters" Threaten Online Speech and Privacy - The Electronic Frontier Foundation, joined by several civil liberties organizations and online service providers, filed a friend-of-the-court brief yesterday in the case of Doe v. Gonzales arguing that National Security Letters (NSLs) are unconstitutional. NSLs are secret subpoenas for communications logs, issued directly by the FBI without any judicial oversight. These secret subpoenas allow the FBI to demand that online service providers produce records of where their customers go on the Web, as well as what they read and with whom they exchange email. The FBI can even issue NSLs for information about people who haven't committed any crimes.

U.S. Military Presence Stirs Speculation - Despite the government's continued denials, analysts and activists have raised the alarm over the possible installation of a U.S. military base in Paraguay, especially after Congress granted permission for U.S. armed forces contingents to remain in the country for 18 months at a time.

Chevron paid Nigerian troops after alleged killings - Villagers in lawsuit say 4 people died -- oil company questions if attacks took place - Nigerian soldiers guarding Chevron oil rigs billed the company for $109.25 a day after they allegedly attacked two villages in the volatile country, killing four people and setting fire to homes. The company paid.

Guardsmen Took 'Rent' From Iraqi Businesses - The raising of money for a 'soldiers fund' is found during an investigation of a California battalion.

'U.S. and Zionist Lobby' Seek to 'Blackmail' Iran's New Government - 'Some international media' allied with Washington and 'the Zionist regime,' have launched a propaganda campaign. According to this article from the Tehran Times, their goal is to paint Iran's new president, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, as a hardliner that will be unable to maintain friendly ties to the outside world.

Was He Taken Out? - Former Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who quit government over the Iraq war, has collapsed on a Scottish mountainside.

Virginia Millionaire Buys Himself a Ghost Town - Businessman Has Big Plans for Canadian Mine Site

Historical Evidence Shows Larsen Ice Shelf Collapse Is 'Unprecedented' - In the spring of 2002, a large chunk of the Larsen B ice shelf (LIS-B) on the Antarctic Peninsula broke off and tumbled into the Weddell Sea. A new analysis published today in the journal Nature suggests that the more than 3,200 square kilometer area that collapsed signifies an unprecedented loss in the past 10,000 years and can be attributed to accelerated climate warming in the region.

The Incredible Blight of TV Punditry - When super-pundit Robert Novak stormed off the set of a live CNN show Thursday -- just after uttering what the New York Times delicately calls “a profanity” -- it was an unusual episode of TV punditry. With rare exceptions, the slick commentators of televisionland keep their cool. But we’d be much better off if they all disappeared.

A HALF-TRUTH IS STILL A LIE - by Michael Ruppert Big Oil tells us that actual peak is further away than we know it to be. And the fact that in some cases they are even acknowledging a possible peak in three to five years means that it’s probably here right now. Remember Karen Silkwood?

Big Oil's obscene profits - The news from Exxon Mobil established that the pattern was industry-wide. Royal Dutch Shell, the world's third-largest oil company, reported second-quarter profits up 34 percent. BP's (British Petroleum) were up 29 percent. ConocoPhillips, America's third-largest, reported profits that skyrocketed by 51 percent. But this front-page-worthy news wound up buried by the news media.

Is Rupert Murdoch the Minister of Propaganda for the Bush Administration? - "Society is now formed into a "matrix" of control. People are discouraged from critical thinking. There is relatively little factual information on which to form judgments. The realities of the world situation for most people are controlled by what they see and hear through electronic media. And Rupert Murdoch and those like him control those media. And the revolving door between corporate interests, government programs, and military actions is fast becoming a closed loop."

August 7, 2005

Double-Speak of Nuclear Powers Begs Catastrophe - Unless the world, especially the United States, admits that non-proliferation REQUIRES its own disarmament, and accepts that nuclear weapons are reasonably seen as an insurance policy for outcast regimes, the phrase "Never Again," on everyone's lips since 1945, will prove false.

Roundup® Kills Frogs As Well As Tadpoles, Pitt Biologist Finds - As amphibians continue to mysteriously disappear worldwide, a University of Pittsburgh researcher may have found more pieces of the puzzle.

Two Million Imprisoned = Too Many - On August 13, thousands of people are expected to march in D.C. against rising mass imprisonment in the U.S.

UK boasts world's 'priciest home' - An English mansion, which is on the market for more than £70m, has been named as the most expensive property in the world.

Energy Bill Bestows Huge Windfall on ExxonMobil, New Report Says - ExxonMobil and other oil giants will receive benefits under energy bill beyond direct federal financial help. The bill also loosens environmental protections and limits states' rights on siting and constructing liquified natural gas (LNG) facilities and pipelines, potentially giving ExxonMobil more sway over these decisions.

Michael Fox, Parkinson's, And Aspartame - Michael Fox, Star of Spin City, Family Ties and many movies, suffers from Parkinson's Disease and once asked how a 30 year old man would get this old man's disease. Michael Fox has also been a Diet Pepsi spokesman and informants say he is addicted drinking many a day.

Medical Professionals Bending Ethics for 'War on Terror,' Expert Charges - Medical ethics have been corrupted because doctors and medical bodies have taken direct and indirect part in abusing prisoners detained as part of what U.S. and other officials call the ''war on terror,'' a senior British Medical Association (BMA) official said...

Newsweek: Leak prosecutor's boss likely to be replaced with Bush classmate; 'Skull and Bones' - Newsweek's Michael Isikoff will splash a story in tomorrow's Newsweek which reveals that the boss of CIA leak probe prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald is likely to be replaced by a former Bush classmate at Yale.

Oil and gas shortage hits China's southern manufacturing hub - Skyrocketing global oil prices and rising demand has left China's southern business metropolis of Guangzhou so short of fuel that drivers face rationing at the pump, a state newspaper reported Friday.

Austin's Infowars.com Is Sick of Carpetbagger Bush's Phony Texan Act - Well, Bush is off on vacation, and once again we are being bombarded with "charming" images of the cowboy wannabe carefully posed in western wear between cacti or aboard the Presidential pickup.

Housing problems increase as conflict hits hearth and home - In Baghdad alone, more than 54,000 people have been identified as homeless, according to local government officials.

Environmental damage on Earth seen from shuttle - Commander Eileen Collins said astronauts on shuttle Discovery had seen widespread environmental destruction on Earth and warned on Thursday that greater care was needed to protect natural resources.

Locked Out Of Democracy - As more and more crimes, especially drug offenses, have been defined as felonies during decades of "tough on crime" rhetoric and populist politicking, the number of felony convictions is increasing. Until this year, a half-dozen states—mainly in the South-permanently disenfranchised people with felony convictions. There have been some victories-like when Nebraska and Iowa jettisoned their permanent disenfranchisement laws earlier this year. But in the United States today, 48 out of 50 states still deny voting rights to people based on conviction status. Maine and Vermont stand alone as never denying ballot access based on felony status.

Blair to curb human rights in war on terror - New grounds for deportation published by the Home Office included fostering hatred, advocating or justifying violence, or active engagement with extremist websites, bookshops and networks

We must act now to prevent another Hiroshima - or worse - by Noam Chomsky The explosions in London are a reminder of how the cycle of attack and response could escalate

Noriega, Bolton and Condoleezza Rice’s New Financial Subsidy to Rightwing Cuban America - Last Thursday, in a move that further cheapened the Bush administration’s already tawdry Latin American policy, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice announced the creation of a new State Department staff position to implement recommendations of the U.S. Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, a body which hopes to “accelerate the demise” of Cuban President Fidel Castro’s government. Caleb McCarry, a Republican Party warhorse, and former Vice President for the Americas program at the Center for Democracy (a USAID-funded “non-partisan” organization that works to “promote the democratic process in the United States and abroad”), as well as a veteran staffer at the House International Relations Committee, was her choice to hold the Cuba Transition Coordinator job.

Police fire on Iraqis protesting at poor public services - Hundreds of Iraqis angry at poor public services rioted in the town of Samawa south of Baghdad on Sunday and police opened fire on the crowd, killing one person and wounding 40, hospital sources and witnesses said.

Ghanaian Workers Heading For Iraq - According to the Arab Satellite TV, Al-Jazeera, Ghanaian workers are heading for Iraq for $100/month jobs.

New Reports Indicate Newsweek To Run With Story That Bush Plans To Fire Chicago Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald - Investigative reporter Tom Flocco is reporting today, through his sources close to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago, that " federal agents are prepared to immediately arrest Mr. Bush if he fires Fitzgerald and seeks to obstruct justice and commit additional treasonous acts regarding ongoing grand jury proceedings against his administration and himself."

CELL PHONE RADIATION MAY CAUSE VISUAL DAMAGE - In a recent scientific study conducted by a team of researchers from the Technion, a possible link between microwave radiation, similar to the type found in cellular phones, and different kinds of damage to the visual system was found. At least one kind of damage seems to accumulate over time and not heal, challenging the common view and leading the researchers to the assertion that the duration of exposure is not less important than the intensity of the irradiation. The researchers also emphasized that existing exposure guidelines for microwave radiation might have to change.

NOTICE FROM TOM FLOCCO - Tom Flocco was warned by a U.S. Intelligence source that a contract FBI Division 5 operative had compromised his website without his knowledge

Iraqi Death Squad Executes American Journalist - A handful of American journalists have died in vehicle accidents or from illness.” In fact, as it now appears, Vincent was the victim of a death squad. “Suspicion for this killing,” writes Patrick Martin, “focuses not on Al Qaeda or Sunni-based insurgents, but on the police of the Shiite-based administration installed in Basra with the support of US and British occupation forces.”

FCC Issues Rule Allowing FBI to Dictate Wiretap-Friendly Design for Internet Services - Tech Mandates Force Companies to Build Backdoors into Broadband, VoIP

August 8, 2005

Military drafts plans for 15 possible terror scenarios - The possible scenarios range from "low end," relatively modest crowd-control missions to "high-end," full-scale disaster management after catastrophic attacks such as the release of a deadly biological agent or the explosion of a radiological device, several officers said.

Israel, Mossad, Iran & Nuclear False Flag Attack - With Congress in recess and Bush on vacation, the exact conditions preceeding the 9/11 attacks are now being replicated. The attack would also be used to further legitimate the building of the genocidal wall in Jerusalem and possibly even an expansion of, rather than a pullout from, the settlements in Gaza and the West Bank in furtherance of total Israeli dominance in the Middle East.

Sherman Skolnick: Was Hunter Thompson Suicided? - Skolnick reports that Thompson was working on an expose of the homosexual pedophile underground which permeates the MSM, Washington, DC, & BOTH political parties, a la the Franklin Coverup scandal of the 80's & 90's.

Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight? - Overweight Risk Soars 41% With Each Daily Can of Diet Soft Drink

SOMALIA: WARMUP FOR TODAY’S IRAQ - You may ask, "What does Somalia have to do with Iraq?" The answer is, "Plenty." In 1993, the United States, under the guise of a "humanitarian" mission, invaded and occupied Somalia. As with Iraq, the world's leading military superpower used its weapons to kill innocent people in their own country.

White Flour and Alloxan! - I was just utterly shocked to have recently discovered another FDA first degree murder! When I studied chemistry forty plus years ago, they were using a fairly benign bleaching agent to bleach white flour. Now it comes out they have started using alloxan! Alloxan is a poison, the most famous spinner up of super oxide free radicals known to science!

Spray can prankster tackles Israel's security barrier - Israel describes it as a vital security barrier, while the UN says it's illegal. But as far as the guerrilla graffiti artist Banksy is concerned, the 425-mile long barrier that separates Israel from the Palestinian territories is a vast concrete canvas too tempting to resist.

Black Recruits Say No, Bucking Historical Trends - While African-Americans have traditionally made up a significant percentage of the US Armed Forces, the numbers of Black enlistees is on the decline, reports the Dallas Morning News.

Patenting a Pig - This appears to be Monsanto’s first step toward acquiring ownership of the animal kingdom. They have aggressively pursued already ownership of various grain and vegetable crops with the same kind of manipulative patent application language.

Atomic Waste Mishandled, Records Show - The operator of a Florida nuclear plant appears to have shipped radioactive waste to ordinary landfills, municipal sewage treatment plants and some unknown locations in the 1970's and early 80's, according to internal documents and government records obtained in lawsuits.

Ex-Employees Faulted Halliburton Role in Iraq - Others besides Bunnatine Greenhouse have testified that Halliburton, the biggest holder of American rebuilding contracts in Iraq, has deceived the government and cheated taxpayers.

'Thoughts read' via brain scans - Scientists say they have been able to monitor people's thoughts via scans of their brains.

Fears over health risk to children of mercury in tuna - Concerns have been raised following the case of an American child who developed learning difficulties after eating a portion of tuna a day. Doctors who conducted blood tests concluded the child was suffering from mercury poisoning.

War Plans Drafted To Counter Terror Attacks in U.S. - Domestic Effort Is Big Shift for Military

Pentagon Military Cult Owns Retirees for Life - The Pentagon has reasserted its control over old retired "cannon fodder" a/k/a military veterans, claiming that "retired soldiers are mobilization assets for life."

Parliament Square Demockracy - this afternoon police arrested another five protestors under draconian new legislation that bans any protest not agreed with police in advance. the ban applies to just one or more people in a large exclusion zone around parliament and government buildings. a prospective protestor is supposed to apply to police a week before the demo, and they have the right to ban the protest, or enforce all sorts of restrictions on it without any independent judge, effectively giving them political power over citizens in this area.

Journalist Stands By His Story That Bush And Others Indicted But Retracts Story About Potential Firing Of Chicago Special Prosecutor - Investigave reporter released story about the firing of U.S. Federal Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald by mistake over on line mix up with web master.

Prominent Chicago Judicial Watch Dog Claims U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens In Chicago To Mediate Resolution Concerning Grand Jury Indictments Against Bush And Other - Sherman Skolnick, the long time 'judge buster' and advocate for judicial honesty, claims Newsweek story will hit news stands Monday, claiming Bush will fire Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Skolnick also contends Bush has been given two options: either resign or stop the grand jury.

Authorities Getting Ready To Throw Anti-War Protestors From Bush Ranch For Trespassing - Cindy Sheehan, who lost her son in Iraq last year, won't leave Crawford TX until she's arrested or personally meets with Bush. No trespassing signs are now going up near to the location where the group of about 50 anti-war protestors are camped out near the President's ranch while he vacations. In the event Sheehan and the group are told to leave, they have obtained legal counsel to protect their free speech rights.

August 9, 2005


Pentagon Plans to Send More Troops to Iraq - Although much public attention has been focused recently on the prospect of reducing U.S. forces next spring and summer, defense officials foresee the likelihood of first increasing troop levels.

Killings of civilians by U.S. troops angers Iraqi government - "Of course, the shootings will increase support for the opposition," said Farraji, 49, who was named a police general with U.S. approval. "The hatred of the Americans has increased. I myself hate them."

Mother, Who Lost Son In Iraq, Says She'll Be Arrested Thursday For Protesting Near Bush Ranch And Being Called a Security Risk - Cndy Sheehan, who arrived in Crawford Saturday with a small group of about 50 anti-war protestors, now faces the possiblility of being jailed for trespassing. Coincidentally, the threat of a Thursday arrest comes on the day Condaleeza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld are arriving in Crawford for a visit with Bush.


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